Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wreck Me by J.L. Mac

How to explain Damon... he's funny (sometimes in a dirty way,) "yes. Though I like the idea of you being panty-less around me, I would not deny you undergarments." He's a total a** man, "Damon smacks my a**. No doubt he is thinking the same thing I am. "Need to give Brian a raise." he mumbles to himself. I snicker inwardly. He likes my a**. Total a** man." He likes to care of what's his, "So do I, and my woman worrying about money when I have an a**-ton of it isn't something I can be proud of. I'm taking care of your finances. End of discussion." He's bossy, "you need to learn how to walk in heels. You're my woman. We will be going to parties and fundraisers all over this town. You will be expected to wear heels. Now. Put these on." He likes to surprise his woman, "It's in your hands now. Everything is being renovated and updated. You'll need to order inventory and speak with the decorator." He can be sentimental, "you're wrong, baby. You aren't losing the store. I bought it so you can manage it. If you and Sutton work out something then he will stay on the pay roll too. And as far as me? I just want you to want and need me like I want and need you." Damon has captured my heart in this bookie, although some things he did was well I didn't like them but Damon is Damon and you can't change his ways. 

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