Sunday, April 28, 2013

Obsession: Darkness Falls by Ivory Quinn

Gabriel I liked right off he seems courteous, "it is now. Your coat was also soaked with coffee and I simply cannot allow you to return outside in a wet coat. You'll catch your death of cold. It's already been purchased, so there's little point in arguing." He seems respectful for her well being, "it's too soon." He gritted his teeth. "I have too much respect for you to do this. Just let me...calm down and then you can move and then I'm going home and we can meet again when I'm a little more under control." He's even one to replace panties, "he quietly tucked the scraps of fabric into his pocket, promising himself he'd look up the maker from the label and order replacements." He says sweet things, "oh I'll have you all right..." He murmured, leaning down to capture her with a scorching kiss that drowned her senses. "I'll have you any way you'll let me." I mean he is REALLY considerate, "you do now. If I go to town on you again, you won't be a happy bunny in the morning. Trust me." Gabriel would really give Noelle anything her heart desires, "I could care less how much the car costs. You can be insured on the whole damn garage if you want to. I'm counting to ten so I don't lay into you for being an idiot." Um... the ending I hated it I really did, I'm more of a HEA and this did not have it, ugh! 

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