Friday, April 19, 2013

Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley

Gwen is seriously something else that girl made me crack up, "Ginger. A pain in my ass. A pain in my ass since the day she cut off all the hair on my Barbies. She was three. I was too old for Barbies but they were mine. She couldn't leave them alone? What's with cutting their hair?" Hawk and Gwen have a weird relationship but he's still all 'alpha':
                                "Clue in, Sweet Pea, I keep tabs."
                                "You keep tabs?"
                                 "You're mine so I keep tabs."
                                 "I'm yours?"
                                 "Babe, I'm effin' you aren't I?"
See weird relationship. In parts of the book I think Gwen and how she is overpowered Hawk and his 'alphaness' "yes, you told me you end things but you live in Badass world. I live in the Real world and in the Real world, when a woman says it's over, it carries the same weight as when a man says it." He still finds ways to be all 'alpha' though, "Lawson knows me, so does Tack. I promise you, Sweet Pea, I have to do what I have to do to deal with my woman, not a man in your yard will lift a finger to help you."

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