Friday, March 29, 2013

Demon by Laura DeLuca

Lord Justyn is still a sweetheart as much as he was in 'Phantom' "I've moved a dozen times in my life. I've left friends and family behind more than once, but I don't think I could ever bare to leave you." There was one scene that made me laugh so hard I almost peed myself (doing that a lot lately with some of the books I'm reading not sure if that's a good thing yet haha) (Just going to do dialogue in the scene not what's going on):
                           "Hey, you friend...he gay? Boy who dress like dat have to be gay."
                           "No, not at all. He's my boyfriend."
                           "If he no gay, he must be kinky. You sure he no swinging on both sides of da fence?"
                           "Pretty sure."
                           "I not understand what nice girl like you do with freaky boy toy like dat." 
Ugh Livy that girl needed to be up-slapped a couple of times, she's rude, obnoxious, and I just plain hated her, "This isn't high school, Becca! We aren't going to be friends. And I'm not going to stop until Justyn is mine and you run back to New Jersey with your tail between your legs. Is that clear enough for you deary? Don't try to make nice with me again." Total Biatch! This book is an emotional read (Yea just realized I'm reading a lot more of those lately too, not sure what my mind is trying to tell me) and I enjoyed every second of it! 

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