Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BLOG TOUR REVIEW/GIVEAWAY: Beautiful Freaks by Katie M. John

I really enjoyed this book! It broke my heart in some places, but I enjoyed all the stories of the different characters and where they came from and how they came to Eve and her establishment, (or how Eve came to them.) Although it was Kaspian and his journey that I enjoyed the most. It was nice to see he had a sense of humor, I thought that he was a stiffler for awhile there:
                                            "First cigarette, Kaspian? It gets better with practice, I find that the case with most things." 
                                            "God it's awful!" Kaspian said through laughter. 
                                            "So you are capable of laughing then? I was beginning to think maybe you couldn't, like you had an affliction or something." 
Eve can be scary as shit sometimes, I mean I was just starting to like her after reading about her own story then I found out some deep secrets she had. "I have a heart Kaspian; it's a soul that I lack. And in my heart, I hold you. My heart is a fortress made of pride. No bullet can penetrate it, no blad kill it. It is here that I hold you. Safe." I can't wait to read more of this author's work I truly enjoyed it! 


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