Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Drowning in Fire by Arielle Caldwell


Even though Ahlic is an asshat I do love the conversations he and Nerita have:
                              "I will do as you ask on one condition. I won't run off or try." I stared up at him.
                              "Please tell me your...condition." He was mocking me.
                              "I want to know more about you; how you became so f***ed up in the head."
Gavan I loved getting in his head and his thoughts "...and I wanted to take her right there, right then. Damn it, Shurni! I rolled my eyes and glanced at him." The things he says and does amuses me (most of the time) "If you're going to backtalk, I'll just have to do it another way." He pinched my behind, making me squeal out." I love how blunt Nerita is, "We can't do that again until after Eurona. You'll take all my energy away. I'm sore but I can walk." Even though Ahlic is still truly an asshat throughout the books I have to give him props for trying to change, but I still hate him, "No, but I'm trying a different approach. Scaring you shitless didn't do anything, work with me, okay?" Nerita is one of those girls who you think bottles things up, but nope the woman has a temper on her especially when the subject is Gavan, "No! He let me walk away! He let me leave! He didn't come after me! All I ever was to anyone was a definite way to defeat Ahlic, no one cared about me personally! Please leave now. I don't want Ahlic to come in and kill you." That damn cliffhanger what the hell was up with that!! 

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  1. Love the review!! Thank you and so glad you enjoyed it girl!!