Friday, February 22, 2013

Awakened by Inger Iversen

Inger has obviously figured out my weakness (no it's not for vampires) but for hot shirtless men, you have one on your cover you bet your arse I'll read your book! So if you haven't read the first book "Few Are Angels" and haven't read my read my review about it then you obviously don't know how much I love Kale, and I probably love him more in this book, because DANG the man is on a mission. He's also more temperamental in this book and with good reason, and it saddens me to say this but well I enjoyed it, I've never seen someone be as moody as him and it was fun to read about:
                                "Or maybe I want to send you back to Laurent with a message." 
                                "Do I look like some errand boy to you?" The bald man stepped from the shadows. Anger marred his face. 
                                "You telling me that you aren't Laurent's whipping boy?" 
I just love Kale in general people, there really isn't a reason why the words that come out of his mouth amuse me, turn me, and leave me wanting more, "I'm good. Luckily I'm chory, and I don't have to worry about freezing me 'nads off. Maybe we could hurry this up? I'd like to get this show on the road sometime tonight." Laurent though didn't like him in book one sure as hell hated him in book two he's such a total ASS! "Laurent called his name. "If anyone other than me enters that room, end them." Like seriously man get over yourself! I loved when Elle and Kale were together they had so much playfulness and it made me happy (yes I'm a sappy person who likes butterflies and roses and romance) "This is very inappropriate, Kale," I said with a smile. With his own sly grin, Kale lifted himself all the way up and stood beside the bed. He held his hand out to me." The best thing about this book (well besides the plot) was the fact that there were perspectives from all the characters (well except Laurent's point of view I could care less about that ass anyway) and I like books who have more then one point of view of a character it allows us inside their head. 

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