Saturday, February 23, 2013

Auracle by Gina Rosati

Even though the story is about Anna I love Seth he's just I don't he's like me in some insane sort of way, "If Taylor took the time to know Seth, she would realize he's a complicated guy with unresolved anger issues, according to the school psychologist, or as Seth calls him, That Douchebag." Anna I loved as well with her quirky remarks, "I'm going all out and making canned soup," I tell him. "Because the he can just drink his damn dinner." I love being in Anna's mind especially on a certain subject, "...This is Rei you're thinking about: your neighbor and best friend since the beginning of time. Why do you care if he's wearing a shirt? You're not checking him out, are you? Seriously! How would you feel if you thought he was checking you out? Well, actually, I'd feel kind of flattered." Taylor is such a bitch! Oh my God! "This is fugly, this sucks, absolutely hideous, wouldn't be caught dead wearing this." Rei I loved that boy to bits as well, "At church with a backpack full of vodka and condoms," he smirks. "I'm sorry that's just..." he shakes his head. "Never mind." I mean seriously some of the things he says are funny to me, even if they're meant to be sincere, "I care." He lowers his voice. "Just because I don't want you to unbutton my pants doesn't mean I don't care." The conversations between Rei and Anna are also seriously entertaining: 
                              "No, but she pierced my belly button. I discovered that when I went to the bathroom."
                              Rei grins. "Do you need to get that out, too?" 
                              "Um, no. Actually, I thought I'd leave that one in." 
                               Rei stops mid-earring. "Really?" 
                               I grin at him. "Kidding." 
                              "Oh. Not that you couldn't leave it in. I mean..." 
This book is a page turner that keeps you guessing until the last minute and I loved it! 

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