Monday, January 21, 2013

Long Road Full Speed Ahead Blog Tour: Review

Ugh! For starters Grayson, he just doesn't know when to shut up and this upsets me so much! Not to mention the fact that ever since we've met him he's been a total ass. "To say that he lost his shit would be an understatement. He screamed at me saying I just wanted to go get f***ed by everyone and that I was a slut. He said if I stayed then we were over and he was done with my dumbass." A lot of emotions came out of me while reading this book, I mean I can be a mess after reading books but they had nothing on this one that I was seriously a mess. I try to stay away from people when I read just in case I burst in to tears, or start swearing and telling some characters to eff off but since I'm at my aunt and uncle's house they saw my mascara streaks down my face (it was kind of embarrassing) and they asked what was wrong and I explained about the book, and how the emotions just overcame me, and well my aunt actually wants to read the book my uncle just looked at me like I was an alien, but anyway getting away from the review here. The book was intense (not in a bad way just in a way that I wasn't expecting) There were some times I couldn't handle the intenseness (not sure if that is a word but it is now.) I really couldn't get over the fact at how much of an ass Grayson is it just I can't... "Grayson." I wrapped a towel around me and stepped out. "You threw me through the coffee table last night." I really couldn't imagine going through the things Grace went through, it's reading a book like this that makes me truly grateful at how sheltered I really was. I also couldn't imagine going through an abortion, perhaps it's just my beliefs coming up but I really couldn't do that. (No I'm not judging Emily for writing about the topic, I actually applaud her I really wouldn't have the guts to write about something that tough.) I think Corey helped her through some things, and she truly didn't understand/realize how important he really was to her. "Missing him during the bad times was something I hadn't acknowledged until now." I really can't wait to hear/read more from Emily. She truly has a gift to make your mind think and to make yourself put you where the character's shoes are, I also hope there's another book coming after this one as I need it. 

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