Monday, January 21, 2013

Bitter Kisses by J.A. Lynch

Once again Julieanne's stories grip you from page one, and once she told me the story was about Antoine (yes the one from "Within the Shadows" and "Escaping the Shadows") I knew I had to read this twelve page novella, as I loved him in the other books she's written. Yes, I love him just the same or perhaps more then I did before, "I assume you are expecting other company!" Antoine blurted out as he casually rested his back against the trunk of the willow. "Bizarre how all this works isn't it. Here I stand, smack in the center of some kind of war between you, an angel and him, the dark one. This I cannot miss." He laughed as the chariot came in full view of them." Yep still just as cocky back then as he is now. Cocky S.O.B. I actually cried at the end of this one I don't think any of Julieanne's books have made me cry and yet this one did. 

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