Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Autumn Dawn by Lizzy Ford

Lizzy always writes a novelette to go with a certain book of the Witchling trilogy (which I am super grateful for by the way) as her cliffhangers really kill you with unanswered questions. "Many have tried" the air continued. "your mind and you face were hidden from you. You lost everything even the use of part of your body. To pass the trial, you must start with a blank slate." I love the two brothers Beck and Decker FINALLY getting along, it really made me happy. I can't really say what else really made me happy as it would totally be a total spoiler but I can say I screamed and giggled like a little school girl. My joyous moment was when a certain someone said this to another certain someone "I do want you. I'm keeping you." Dawn is still a total bitch and really needs to die, so much aggression I have toward her its not funny. 

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