Monday, March 31, 2014

Love You Anyways by MJ Fields

Anyone who knows me knows Lucas and I have had an up and down relationship...alright mostly down but shockingly the boy surprised me and has somehow wormed his way into my good graces (*gasps*). I know guys who would have thought! I mean Ashley is just a cold hearted bit**, "then I heard my wife say. "Your husband is lucky to be dead so he doesn't have to watch you and my husband play grab a** for another...." I mean Lucas he's still a sexually active boy that is never gonna change but he's mainly doing the nasty with Tessa (*gasps again*) and this had made me extremely happy, "I pulled her pants down without a fight. "For someone saying no do you care to explain the lack of underpants?" I spread her legs wide and dropped to my knees." And there's this teasing side I loved about him as well, "how long are you gonna make me be your little boy toy baby?" I'm glad that two people that I loved/hated found happiness. 

Ivan's Captive Submissive by Ann Mayburn

I loved this book I seriously did! I loved Ivan, I kept thinking I want him as my man, "the warmth of his breath bathed her ear as he whispered, "don't worry, beautiful girl. In addition to being an opportunistic extortionist, I'm also a Dominant." I mean he is like possessive, "if anyone touches you beyond eating your sweet cu** while I watch and with my permission, I will kill them for daring touch what is mine." I mean it's apparent that Gia feels safe with Ivan, and Ivan will do anything to keep her safe, "she snuggled closer against him, her brow drawn down in distress as something troubled her in her sleep. He leaned closer and placed his lips against her smooth forehead. "Shhh, easy moya sladkaya." He gives the sweetest compliments, "he made a pleased sound and brushed his knuckles down the side of her throat. "You are exquisite. Beyond compare. I am so very proud to have you as my woman tonight." I mean he is so protective it made my panties wet, "what are you talking about? Has someone offended you? Tell me who it is and I will deal with them immediately." The protective growl in his voice and change in his stance from relaxed to ready to fight made her swallow." I can't wait to see what else this author can bring to the table.  

Alpha's Strength by Rebecca Royce

Cyrus he's demanding, "I don't know that I'm somebody you should know. But you are going to know me. Count on that." It's really apparent that he'd do anything for Betsy, "she might not like it here. Someday, when she was officially his, if she wanted to move he'd let her pick any place in the city she wanted. Anything to make her happy." I mean he'd give her the world, "you like the silk, princess? I'll drape you in it. When I let you get dressed." I mean he can be an a** some of the time, "your temper shows how human you still remain." He shook his head. "I'm the Alpha of this pack. I don't discuss pack business with anyone if I don't want to. Things that relate to us, I'll be happy to bring to your attention, but this is me as the Alpha. I don't talk to you about it. Ever." But then there's the animal side, that is also caring, "Cyrus stroked Betsy's leg, not caring if anyone noticed. Another day of being so completely desperate to make love to her and he might decide to take her in public. Screw anyone who wanted to watch. He'd make sure they got a good show." I loved reading this book and I'm looking forward for more. 

Search by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Jared, I was shocked to see a different side of the fun loving boy that I fell in love with, he's more harsh and kind of an a**, "that just makes it better. She lets me eff her then goes crying to Toby. Effing perfect." Grandma Georgina bless that woman's heart, "she made some sort of grunting noise. "You will be moving. I don't know anything about this cousin, but a Lauren doesn't live in such squalor." I mean Jared that boy is more crude then normal in this book, "not a big deal? And I didn't just sleep with her. I lost count of how many times we went." Casey we learn is a little bold when it comes to Toby, "we were both wearing only underwear, and I moved to take off mine. He pushed away my hand and did it himself, slowly sliding them down my legs. I did the same thing for him, but I took him in my hand before his boxers reached the carpeted floor." I mean Toby he doesn't hide the fact that Casey really affects him:
                       "I don't think I could ever get enough of you." 
                       " Yeah. I can kind of tell." I could feel how hard and ready he was. I wondered if he'd ever be fully sated." 
And Toby seriously has no qualms about being nude in front of Casey, "you're no fun." He stood up, giving me a full frontal view of his body. He was aroused and just as gorgeous as always. I tossed his boxers at him." The ending wasn't bad, not a major cliffhanger and I was quite pleased with Toby and Casey and where they were at and that's really all I cared about. I love these characters all of them even if they get on my nerves like Jared did, but he pulled his head out of his a** and got his sh** together. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Playing it Close by kat Latham

I knew Liam was a good guy when he offers his extra underwear so can stay warm, "don't fancy the chances of these staying up, either," He dropped them, went back to the bag, held up a pair of gray cotton boxer briefs, his gaze never straying south of her face even though he was squatting level with her girl parts. "How about a pair of my pants? I promise they're clean." I really do love how these two interact especially when they're about to get naughty for the first time: 
                  "What's not?" He ripped open the packet, then looked around for somewhere to put it. "Sh**. I didn't think about this. I'm not littering Eden with condom packets." 
                  She tilted her head. "Plural?"
                 At least he had the good grace to look sheepish. "I was very hopeful."
                She laughed and shook her head as she took the foil from him. "Suit up, Poseidon. I'll hold this till we get back to our rock."  
                 "Poseidon, huh?" He rolled the condom down his thick length and then lifted her again, finding exactly the spot that'd driven her wild moments earlier. "Does that mean you're impressed with the size of my trident?" 
He's also honest and isn't scared to go into the 'unknown' where Tess is concerned, "and why are you hiding the truth from me? You said it's a woman thing. Tess, I'm a grown man. Women's bits don't scare me. Being kept in the dark? That scares me." I really loved reading this book it kept me entertained from page one til the end. 

On the Surface by Kate Willoughby

Tim that boy has some control issues where Erin is concerned, "unable to help himself, he leaned over and kissed her lightly on the mouth, once, twice. Her eyes opened slowly and she focused on his face and her expression was part confusion, part uncertainty. He kissed her again with a little more intent." Tim, he always knows what to say, "you're right. I could never leave you after sex because then I'd miss your early morning spoon ritual." She remembered that morning vividly...his hand on her butt, squeezing. Her face pressed against his broad back. That rock-hard a** of his." He also has a animal side that I loved a lot, "his rigid length felt so good against her sex, "possessive much?" Also he's the type of person to realize he's an a** the moment he's being an a**, "eff. he felt like the biggest a**hole in the world. What could he possibly say? Not a effing thing. Nothing he could say, barring "I changed my mind. Let's go make a baby right now," was going going to make the situation any better." But once he got his head out of his a**, he finally states what he wants, "hey." He put his hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes. "You may not be sure, but I am. I want you to get pregnant. I want us to make a baby together. Why the heck do you think I've been jumping on you every night like clockwork?" I enjoyed reading this book, Tim was something else and I loved him.

Inspire Me by Jenna Dales


Raine is just a flirty boy, "he eased back on the step stool but didn't let go of her knee. "Maybe you should hit me again." I mean he does have good intentions but where Lily is concerned that sh** goes out the door, "still kissing her, he kicked the step stool back and levered her knee up so he could step between her spread legs. One step and he'd pin her on the counter. He really should give her another chance to walk away. But where his T-shirt had pulled out of his jeans, she curled her fingers behind his belt into the waistband and tugged him closer." Lily that girl loves to give compliments but it's Raine's butt that gets most of them, "you have a nice butt. But it's almost as white as mine." Sometimes Raine has to remember to take things slow, "his co** surged painfully against the buttons of his jeans. God, the things he could do to her to really get her purring. He tightened his hands into fists to hold back the impatience. One step at a time, he knew that." Overall I loved the interactions Lily and Raine would have:
                        Here eyes widened again as she stared at his raging erection. He let her look her fill as he prowled around the bed to the night stand. He yanked out a brand-new box of condoms - a big box- and thumped it on the table after extracting a foil packet. She smirked. "You're pretty confident, aren't you?" 
                           "I got another box in the glove compartment of the Coupe. And a six-pack in my wallet. I ain't gonna run short again." 

The Ace by Rhonda Shaw

I loved this book, and it's characters. Jerry stole the show, he was so snarky, "he laughed as he turned back to Chase and Maddie with his arm still around her. "It's okay, guys. She's just embarrassed to show her excitement in front of an audience, but, believe me, she's ecstatic to see me." He knows when to give compliments when they are due, "you're a funny woman," he said as he eyes her with what looked like interest." I mean once the boy makes his mind up on something it is gung-ho to that goal, "done with the flirty games, Jerry decided on the spot he was changing his mind. He was going to test the waters with her, and he absolutely was going to get his hands on her." Did I mention those compliments he likes to shower Karen with? Well sometimes they could be his horniness, "you look so hot tonigt," he said in a low, raspy voice. "It took everything I had to keep my hands off of much as I could." Karen I think likes taking care of Jerry it's just not one of those things she wants to admit out loud, "well, why didn't you say something?" She smacked his butt as she got up and reached for her panties and top. "Get dressed and come out to the kitchen. I'll make you a snack." Jerry is also one of those guys who likes to push the envelope, "are you going to stop me?" he asked as he released himself from his boxers." I enjoyed this book so much all the characters were lovable, snarky and pure entertainment to read.

Tap Out by Michele Mannon

Caden can be an a** but I knew I loved him the minute he got all protective over someone that he didn't particularly care for, "Caden tensed. No matter how much he disliked Sophie, she didn't deserve to be taken down by the likes of Bouvine. Caden was going to have a fist talk with that a**hole. "Was she hurt?" he murmured, his tone sounding threatening even to his own ears." The boy is cocky, "I'd say our lockin' lips had gotten us somewhere. Hell, I'm in your bed right now. Bet I could be inside your panties in a heartbeat. Noe, that would really be somewhere." Sophie sure does know how to make a man stop in his tracks, "Caden laughed. She reached over and cupped the rigid length of him through his sweats. His laughter stopped." I mean when these two are together they sure like to be adventurous, "we'll see them way before they can see us. Keep your eyes on the horizon, honey." His hands found the buttons of his Bermuda shorts. He opened them and was working his co** out of his boxers before she could even say the word horizon. "Drop your panties and get on up on the hood." I loved how the two characters had a love/hate relationship and I loved to see it grow.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Taken With You by Shannon Stacey

It's okay Hailey I'd be sneaking a peak if I were in your shoes, "Hailey could tell he was walking away from her, so she opened her eyes to watch him go. Even if she tried to put aside being under the influence of his touch on her neck, she had to admit he had a nice a**. Exceptional, even." Matt he's such a nice guy and I loved the boy, "don't feel bad for caring about my dog. And he'll be outside at least twenty minutes. I'm up, so have a coffee with me." Hailey the girl knows how to keep her man interested, play at his wildest fantasies, "just as he got to her, Hailey turned and went up the stairs. With each step, he was gifted with a teasing flash of skin and, by the time they got to the top, he had his shirt and T-shirt off." I mean just like Hailey like's his a** he's in love with hers, "smart-a**." He slapped her a**, making her jump. "Remind me to tell you about my fantasies more often." This was a fun and entertaining story to read.

Love in Straight Sets by Rebecca Crowley

I loved Ben and I loved how he was around Regan, I especially loved the reactions he had towards her, "okay," he croaked, dragging his hand out from under hers on the pretense of hugging the hem of his shorts - which were rapidly becoming too tight in the groin. He cleared his throat and tried again. "I'll be there." Regan I really did love her she knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to go after it, "you're the only one I want," she whispered. "Now kiss me." I mean on the tennis court she's confident but not so much off, "she felt her face flush, at once thrilled and made shy by approval that showed in every part of his body. "I'm really bad at sexy talk. Pretend I just said something sultry and clever about being a dirty girl who needs to get cleaned up, okay?" I mean she's also the type of person to blurt what's on her mind, "she turned to him, still holding the magazine, unsure what to make of this strange development. "You jerk off to photos of me looking like an angry bit**?" I enjoyed reading this book there was romance, entertainment and laugh out loud moments. 

By His Desire by Kate Grey

Keith that boy is all bada**, "a wicked gleam came into his eyes. "I want you in my bed and at my mercy. And I want to ruin you for your vibrator." You know Sarah she secretly has some lady balls and I was proud of her in some parts, "I don't know if we need to or not. I just know that I want to. If you don't, of course that's okay. But if that's the case then I'll be heading home today." I mean Keith can sometimes be an a**, "fine. You'll get your instructions at dinner." He ended the call, and then immediately regretted his abruptness. There was nothing stopping Sarah from changing her mind." I mean there were some parts that were funny that really shouldn't have been funny, but still were, "then her face cleared, and she gripped his pants and boxers in both hands and drew them down over his hips. His erection sprang free and almost hit her in the face." I really enjoyed Sarah and Keith's adventure. 

Mine to Take by Cynthia Eden

Trace isn't one for pleasantries the boy just likes to get on with business, "he tapped his chin. "You're not here for pleasantries, you're not here for sex, then why have you come looking for me?" I mean he is like all bada** alpha, "screw the money." He rose from his desk again. Stalked toward her. Her head tilted back and her hair slid over her arm as she looked up at him." I mean he is all power and the boy oozes sex, "he didn't release her. "You said you didn't have a lover." Good. He didn't want to think of her with some other basta**. Her gaze held his. "You will, Skye." He's also not a morning person, "I don't take visitors," he said, rolling from the bed. "Especially not this damn early." Ford should know better. Skye slept on, undisturbed. "Tell him to get lost -" I mean he has some expectations when it comes to him and Skye, "I found you. You're going home with me. You're going to dance, and we're going to eff and laugh and be happy. Do you understand do you -" I'd say this was one hell of a read! 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Like Honey by Liz Everly

Grayson has a little obsessions with a**es and Jennifer's in particular, "he liked her a**. Heart shaped, firm looking, with just a bit of a sexy jiggle." I mean the boy really enjoys her a**, "he turned her over. "I just want to see that a**," he said. She had no choice but to comply. She was a simmering mess under his skilled hands. Compliant. He ran them up and down her back and then to her firm a**. Soft skin beneath his calloused hands. "Yes," he said. "So perfect." I mean the girl gets a thrill when her man is home, "his hands moved all over her, as her legs held him closer. Skin on skin. Breath on her neck. She arched against him and almost purred. "Mmmmmm," she said. "You're home." I mean Gray can voice his feelings which is always a good thing in a relationship, "oh, that, it's um, really hard for me to concentrate about anything when you're naked in my bed, and I've just gotten some very good head and watched your gorgeous face as I pleasure you. In fact," he said, and placed her hand on his co**. "I'm not thinking about anything right now except effing you." I loved this book it really was a great read. 

Leverage by Jessica Wilde

This is the first book of Jessica's that I have read and I can tell you that it's not going to be the last. I loved Lucas, "he stumbled and almost dropped me, but thankfully the bed was right there and he set me down carefully. "The first?" he asked incredulously." I mean he's so protective of Ash even if it's her brothers making her upset, "save it for when you get here, a**hat, so I can be close enough to put my fist to your nose for talking to your sister like that." I mean he's everything I want, "don't look at me like that when your brothers are just down the hall, baby. Otherwise, I'll get my a** kicked for sure with the things that I'm planning on doing to you." And if there's one thing Lucas doesn't like is being interrupted especially when he's with his girl and it's her brothers calling, "he answered the call, but didn't give any type of greeting. "She's here with me and I'll kill you if you even think about taking her from me." He ended the call just as quickly and tossed the phone onto the nightstand." Jessica writes all these characters that you can't help but love and I'm looking forward for the rest of the series. 

The Summer He came Home by Juliana Stone

Cain I absolutely loved him, "hey," he whispered against her lips. 'Babe, we need to stop now, or I'm not gonna be able to." I mean seriously he has everything to love about him, "woman, I just kissed you. Trust me. You don't want to say no any more than I want you to." I loved his thoughts, "he had no idea why she was getting so worked up, but he sure as hell like it. She was sexy when she was mad." And I loved how honest he was, "her lips were parted, their bruised softness swollen and sexy as hell. He sat up with her straddling his lap, and he threw his shirt onto the ground. "I'm a goddamn mess for you, Maggie." I really loved reading about Maggie and Cain and I think I'll like this series. 

The Billion Dollar Bad Boy by Jackie Ashenden

Oh Donovan what am I going to do with you? "You can leave my brother out of this. I'm in charge of this deal. I'll handle it." With a quick, hard movement, he pulled open the car door. "Now, Ms. de Winter, if you would be so good as to get in the effing car, we can get to this effing party." He's so damn bossy as well, "just get on your knees." His eyes glittered impossibly green. "And do it right now." I mean some of the conversations that Donovan and Victoria have are pretty funny to me:
                    The expression on her features could only be termed as long suffering. "You're going to talk about your genitals again, aren't you?"
                  He grinned. "Of course I'm going to. As we've already established, men are simple creatures. And I'm on of the simplest there is." I always love reading these books they always find a way to entertain me. 

Mine to Claim by A.C Arthur

I love me some shifter stories, especially if they're new adult. Aidan I loved right off, "you need something," he said now that he was standing only a breath away from me." I mean the boy knows what he's doing, "once again my back was to the wall, his hands had moved around my waist, down to cup my a** cheeks. He squeezed so hard I wanted to say something, instead it came out as a muted moan as he continued to kiss me." And he's so possessive, but he does it sweetly, "his smile was so breathtaking I did almost faint this time. "It means mine. You are mine," he finished with a touch of our lips." I enjoyed reading this book and I can't wait to see what is to come for these two characters because I have a feeling their story isn't quite finished. 

How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days by Kate McKinley

I loved this book, I loved this book, I LOVED THIS BOOK! But I mostly loved Lucas, "Miss Welby's priorities are perfectly understandable," be said lazily, as though her blunt dismissal hadn't offended him in the least. He flicked his gaze in her father's direction. "Leave us, Welby. I'd like to speak with your daughter alone." I mean the boy is just cocky, "you astonish me, Miss Welby. I would have thought the reason was quite clear." He leaned down and placed a hand on each armrest, caging her in. For a brief moment, it felt as though all the air had been sucked from the room. She could scarcely draw in a breath. Her heart fluttered at his nearness, but she didn't lean back. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction. "I want you in my bed, of course." I mean the boy only has one thing on his mind, "Lucas swept his gaze over the gaggle of maids once more. "Let's discuss this in a more private setting." In his bed, their naked bodies tangled in the sheets, perhaps." I mean I think it's so cute how he needs to teach Pippa some things:
               He took her hand and placed it on his falls. "Do you feel that?" 
               She swallowed and nodded, curling her fingers around him through the fabric of his breeches. He was hard, like iron, and thick. "Yes." 
               "It needs to be inside you," he said matter-of-factly.
He also has no qualms is stating what he wants to do, "I want to come inside you, Pippa," he whispered in her ear. The warmth of her breath brushed against his cheek, and he nearly lost control. "I want to give you my children. Would you like that?" I really did love Pippa and Lucas.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bound to Love by Sally Clements

Oh Jake I loved you, "you should have thought of that before you said you'd join me." The taxi slowed as he whispered in her ear, "Because I'm well and truly distracted, believe me." Sometimes he just needs to need let her hair down, "her hair was tied up in an elegant topknot. He pulled the pins from her hair, releasing it to tumble in a riot of flaming curls dawn her back. "There's my woman again." I enjoyed reading Tempest and Jake's story it was a wild ride. 

Freedom by S.A. Wolfe

Dylan is like a damn animal when it comes to Emma's safety, "did her hurt you? Is that why you're scared?" Dylan's bellow startles me, and I pull back from his hands." I mean sometimes he has ulterior motives, "what?" I ask as I open the door and flip a light switch on. I motion for her to walk in then stare at her perfect, little a** and get a little pi**ed thinking about her ex." He always states what's on his mind, "Jesus Christ, woman, you're giving me a major boner," he says with a slight groan." Also he doesn't appreciate waking up alone, "you left the bed too soon," he murmurs into my ear while his erection pushes into my lower back." I loved being on Dylan and Emma's wild ride they're both characters you can't help but fall in love with.

Winning the Player by Leesa Bow

I loved this book and I loved Hunter, "let me know if you need my help," Hunter said to Maddy. He turned to me and lowered his gaze in a wanton manner, and when he looked up those blue eyes sliced through me." Aubree sure has some naughty memories of Hunter, "especially a bare-chested Hunter, with jeans unzipped and revealing how much he wanted me." I mean these two have loads of chemistry, "the firm length of him pulsed beneath my thigh. Blood rushed to my face. Hunter's lips curled into a devilish grin. "Come here," he murmured. I hesitated. "I only want to kiss you." Hunter he's not the type to beat around the bush, "do you want to eff my brains out?" His lips twitched, hinting at a smile." I hope Maddy and BJ get a story. 

The Playboy's Dark Secret by Madeline Ash

Sometimes you have to let others know you're in the room although I totally would have allowed the boy to strip naked, "bunching the shirt and using it to mop his face. Rafi stared. The sight of his naked chest made her gasp, but when his hand hit his belt, loosening through the loops, she hauled in enough air to say, "Um," quite loudly." And She's a thigh girl, "nutri-grain thighs," she answered, no louder. "Ironman thighs. Power. Muscle. Endurance. I'm a thigh girl." And Dean well the boy has some smooth moves, "maybe I'd like to know that I'm not the worst you've had." Oh. His hand slipped down her bottom to between her thighs. She shuddered as his thumb circled her center, lazy, seductive. "You're not that." I mean I loved these two, "she shuffled closer against him. "I'm kind of relying on you for protection." Thank God he'd packed a hal-empty box of condoms when he left England. "I've got more in the bathroom." I really liked reading this book. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Haunted by her Dragon by Julia Mills

It doesn't take much for Lance to be happy when his girl is involved, "he reveled in the half-lidded, sexy look of her eyes and her kiss-swollen lips, knowing he and he alone had done that to her. The blush on her cheeks was an unexpected bonus that had his chest swelling with pride." With Lance I notice he doesn't always have a stick up his bum where she is concerned and we see a different side of him, "he would have laughed out loud at the look of disappointment in her eyes if his co** wasn't so hard he was sure he could pound nails with it. "Now, get your pretty little a** dressed, and I'll be sitting over by the door," he wiggled is eyebrows for effect, "enjoying the view." I really do love this series and I'm excited for more.

Push by Claire Wallis

Oh Emma I loved you, "someday I will have to meet these gentlemen," I mock. "It's a rare breed that is willing to jack off to a box on tampons. They sound like people I might like." I mean I love the relationship David and Emma have especially while they text each other:
                Yes. Not interested in your porn either. Not without you anyway.
                I'll be home in twenty.
I mean as the relationship goes on I see Emma wanting to do things that would make David happy, "I gather my things and head to the bathroom, pulling my favorite green dress from the closet as I go. I was wearing this dress the night I went up to his apartment and straddled his lap in front of his friends. When he picks me up tonight, I want him to see it and remember our first night together." I was surprised by the cliffhanger but I guess that, that's why the title of the book is 'Push' I can't wait for the second installment to see how everything plays out.

The Billionaire Biker by Jackie Ashenden

Sean that boy is just full of surprises and there's one thing we know off the bat the boy does not like being taken off his guard, "the shock suddenly vanished from his face as anger sparked in his dark eyes. "What are you doing here?" he demanded. Then he looked sharply at Jax and Donovan. "What the eff is going on?" Abby I loved that girl she knows how to put on a front, "now, I think we'll take all the shirts and maybe the ties, too, hmmm?" Jesus, so she was just going to move on as if nothing happened. It should have made him happy and yet all he felt was pi**ed. And turned on. And pi**ed that he was turned on." I mean Sean he should be glad Abby plays things off but the boy just gets irritated, "so we have sex on the damn table and all you're worried about is being late for this effing party?" I loved this story and I loved Sean and Abby and the fact that they have a past together makes it one interesting ride.

That's a Lie by Victoria Klahr

Josie sure knows how to get Seth's attention, "I like these," she whispered with a small sensual grin, still playing with the piercing. I groaned, completely turned on and eager for more from her." Sometimes it takes his girl to bring him back to reality, alright, alright it always takes his girl, "Seth...," she calls to me softly. Her voice is in the distance, in another world that I'm no longer in. The caress reaches my neck, and I feel myself being pulled back into reality. "That's enough, Seth. Come back to me." I mean the boy wants to protect her in everything including in the bedroom but sh** he's just passionate about some things, "no! I don't give a eff about that. I'll knock you up any day." He can be persuasive as well, "move in with me, Pu**y Cat," he says again, his nose up my neck and into my hair. His sexy voice rumbles in my ears and makes me weak in the knees. "Then you'll always have your clothes. You won't have to worry about me ruining them from effing you the way I want to." I'm bittersweet about seeing the ending of Joise I really loved her but I'm glad she got what she needed and found strength.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Her Desert Treasure by Larie Brannick

Right from the start we see Jake a considerate guy, "aw, hell. Please don't cry." Before she knew what was happening, two strong arms wrapped around her shoulders and pulled her close." Sometimes he has to clarify himself to Meg, "he lifted his head and stared into her eyes. "I haven't had one single brotherly thought about you since the moment I saw you. Is that clear?" I mean the boy is really considerate, "oh, God, Meg, did I hurt you? Was I too rough? Honey, I'm sorr-" Jake started to ease out, but Meg place her fingers on his lips and shook her head." I mean with Jake, Meg can be herself and unwind and even tell a joke, at Jake's expense but that's okay, "Meg shut off the dryer and let her gaze roam from his face to his chest and down. She cocked an eyebrow. "Unarmed huh? That thing looks like it could go off any second." Anytime cowboys are involved it's one hell of a story, and this was one hell of a story! 

Risk of a Lifetime by Claudia Shelton

Two words for JB, 'Oh My!' That's how alpha and sexy that boy is, "no need. If you want the key, I'll give it to you." He walked into her space. Braced his arms on each side of her against the kitchen counter. Leaning toward her ear, his breath whispered through her hair. "Do you want the key, Marcy? Should I leave it on the table?" I mean Marcy and JB are just wow together, "did you now?" His hand popped onto her rear and stayed. "I missed you, too." I mean the guy has the best ideas, "sounds good to me. I'll just lay here like a man of leisure." He grinned. "In fact, I'd like my meal served in bed." This book not only had some naughty but it had a little bit of sweet, and lots of mystery now add those traits together and you get one hell of a book. 

The Best Medicine by Tracy Brogan

The best thing that I loved about this book was Tyler there are no words for that sexy beast, "Tyler put the plates on the table and came around behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. "Yep," he said, kissing the side of my neck." I mean the boy just has smooth moves, "his laughter was another warm caress. "Then you'll have to put on a bra, because, trust me, your chest is pretty distracting too." I mean when Evelyn and Tyler are together they're something else and Tyler is really considerate:
                 "Oh, that sucks. I'm sorry. But when you start feeling better, you're going to want some soup or popsicles or something. I have some time now, so I'll run to the store. Can you think of anything that you might need?" 
                  I looked back over my shoulder at him. I was about to cross a boundary no woman has ever wanted to cross. "There is, but I just can't ask you."
                His smile was patient. "Try me." 
               "Tampons." He burst out laughing. The jostling of the mattress made me clutch my gut again. "Stop shaking the bed."
               e stood up but leaned over. "Ok. What else do you need?"
Perfect boyfriend material right there. Yeah this book was a joy to read. 

Her Dragon's Fire by Julia Mills

Steamier and naughtier than the first book. Aidan that boy always has his thoughts in the gutter when it comes to Grace, "yea, we do," he chuckled. "Pizza would be great!" Now if he could keep his mind, as well as, other parts focused on eating pizza and not on the irresistible woman on the other side of the door everything would be great." I mean the boy is just a beast, "Aidan barely kept his composure on the way to the kitchen, walking with an erection hard enough to pound nails was difficult to say the least but when he had scented Grace's arousal it took all of his considerable control to not fall on her luscious body and give them both the release they wanted and needed." I mean the boy enjoys some yummy parts on Grace, "his hands slid under the cheeks of her a**. He lifted her as he backed her against a nearby tree." I can't wait to see whose up next for a book.  

Too Much by Lea Griffith

Jeremiah he's one hot man, "you'll show me what, Day? That fine a** you've kept from me for three years?" I mean he is demanding, "you can't talk, can you, Day? You missed my heat, didn't you, baby? Tell me." He leaned down and whispered at her ear. "Did you miss my co** in your mouth? Your pu**y? Your a**?" I mean he lays things all out there, "don't. You came here, to me, last night and you gave yourself into my hands." He unlocked her legs from his waist and set her down gently. "Then you lay in my bed all night, breathing softly and looking so damn sexy I couldn't sleep, my di** was so hard." I really did enjoy reading this book. 

The Outlaw's Obsession by Jenika Snow

Jagger I liked him, "but then I saw the prospect about to touch you, and all I could see was red." Sonya looked down at her hand on his shoulder and noticed he was shaking slightly. "I could have killed him right then and there for even thinking about touching you." He's just so damn honest, "baby, I have never wanted a female the way I want you." He placed his hands by her head on the wall, in the same way he had done all those days ago when he had forced himself to walk away from her. "And you are not just club pu**y to me, Sonya." He moved one of his hands and pushed her hair off her shoulder. "My bear wants you for more than just a few hours, baby." I liked how Jagger talked about his bear it was like it was another person inside of him, "I love having you this way, baby, buy my bear is a stubborn and possessive effer, and needs to claim you this way." 

An Unsuitable Husband by Ros Clarke

Oh Emile good lord I loved him, "he gave her a look. "Oh yes. Dinner at Le Terroir. After-party at my flat. That'll be you and me. Naked." I mean I loved Emile and Theresa together:
                      Not the hint of a blush or even a hesitation. "I have some underwear I thought you might be interested in seeing." 
                      Merde, she knew how to drive a man crazy. He cleared his throat. "I can revise my plans to include underwear." 
I mean I loved these two together:
              "Tight. You know, it would be good if you didn't shave between now and then."
               He rubbed a hand across his jaw, already dark with stubble. "You like it rough, cherie?" Thoughts of just exactly how that roughened skin would feel against hers made her mouth go dry.
I loved reading this book. It was humorous and a fun read. 

Unfixable by Tessa Bailey

Sweet baby Jesus Shane, "this, babe." Shane's mouth skates up the side of my neck as his hips begin to roll suggestively against mine. The rhythmic movement causes the seam of my jeans to push and drag over a spot I've been sorely neglecting of late, and I moan. "This. Us. Me moving inside you. You're thinking about it." I mean some scenes were just funny, "his eyes widen a little bit, probably at me having the audacity to laugh when he has a king-size boner in his pants, but something shifts in his expression." I mean the boy can be an animal, "Shane releases my mouth to watch me. His eyes are glazed, he's biting his lip hard and growling in his throat, as if the sight of my hands working his belt is a massive turn-on." I mean he can be bossy but the boy allows his girl to do some things, "there you are, babe." he breathes the words, watching me tug his pants down lower. "Make demands on me. Do what feels right." Shane made this book so enjoyable and I loved him hardcore! 

Marked by Hades by Reese Monroe

Theo had his turn for a book and now it's Justin's turn which I was jumping for damn joy! Right off the bat the boy is protective and wants to take care of Yvonne, "his intense stare triggered gooseflesh on all of her skin, exposed or not. Another stomach rumble. His jaw clenched, and he said, "let me get you some food." And you don't touch his woman, "Justin roared to his feet and rammed into Halena. "You did not try to vanquish Yvonne." He clutched her throat and squeezed." I mean he can't say no to his girl, "there was no denying his Mate. He lifted her leg and hitched it on his hip. She sucked his neck, humming her approval. He angled her just right, and then they were one." I loved Justin's book more than Theo's because the boy is bada** and well I just loved him. 

A Night of Misbehaving by Carmen Falcone

A quick, short, fun read. Oh Brent I loved when you get all possessive and protective, "you can't go out with her because she's mine. I'm going on this date instead of you." Sometimes Brent needs to explain some things, "Georgia. We're talking in a restaurant without kids or crayons in sight. There's alcohol and your legs look shaven and smooth. This is the definition of a date." With a wink, he rested his case." I mean the boy is just all sorts of sexiness, "soon." He spooned her, the hardness of his co** finding it's nest between her thighs. He pulled her hair, stretching her neck toward him, and started a trail of kisses that sunk her resolve like quicksand." I really did enjoy reading this book! 

Resisting the Rancher by Roxanne Snopek

I loved this book I loved Celia and Jonah and those two together are PERFECT! Jonah I think it's great he's starting to come forth with his feelings for Celia after a long time, "Celia!" Jonah reached the barn door ahead of her and barred it with his body. He held up a hand. "You're not a dumb kid to me." I mean he may be a family friend but where Celia is concerned he's still a red blooded man, "he leaned over Celia's shoulder, watching her fill out her paperwork. And accidentally getting a nice view down her top. Red lace and cleavage, too, this time. Accident, my a**. His thoughts were about as cooperative as that last heifer had been." I mean the boy has some moves, "he walked up to her, his steps slow, deliberate. When he reached her, he placed both hands on the exam table, one on either side of her slim hips. He bent down, forcing her to lean backwards. When his lips were right next to hers, and her thighs were caught in his, and his groin snuggled up tight against hers, he smiled." Sometimes the boy has to explain things to his girl, "I had to," he answered with a low chuckle. He nudged her with his hip. "Feel that? That's what happened last time, too. Scared the crap out of me, I'll tell you." 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Wild about her Wingman by Robin Bielman

Troy is just a darling and I loved him, "it was no bother." Troy lifted his head and cast the sweetest look at his niece. "We were just on our way home from Build-A-Bear. Bridget there is a new addition to the family." let's just say Erin isn't to thrilled with the site of blood:
                  "Is it still bleeding?" 
                  He smiled and all the tension in his shoulders faded. "No, but you've got a pretty nasty cut, and it could start up again if you're not careful." She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, the rise of her chest drawing his eye. Her T-shirt said 'keep calm and climb on.' His grin grew wider. Yeah, he wouldn't mind doing that.
 Troy that boy is just a damn teddy bear, "Troy cracked up. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and nuzzled his nose in her hair. His laughter washed over her. All her armor folded. "God, you're irresistible." I mean when these two are together they are like animals, well Troy is:
                  "Good thing I threw some snacks in my backpack. I'm starving."
                   "Me too." He moved against her. Not in a hungry-for food way, but in a hungry-for-her way. 
This was a cute read and I enjoyed it. 

Fiance' by Fate by Jennifer Shirk

What a cute story, I loved Jack and Sabrina:
                        She looked back up, willing her eyes on his and not his body. "Uh, Jack, where exactly did you sleep last night?"
                         A lazy grin swept over his rugged face. "With you." 
Jack he has some damn fine smooth moves, "he chuckled, finding her reaction to being touched by him particularly interesting. "I'm hardly going to take advantage of you in broad daylight in the middle of  work. Unless you want me to, of course." Also they tend to find themselves in compromising positions, "Jack lifted his head and let out a swift curse. Sabrina's cheeks ignited as she re-tucked her blouse. His sister laughed, but covered her mouth too late. "I know what you guys were doing was G-rated, for now...but I'd like to keep it that way with the kids around." I really do enjoy stories like this, it was a great fun read.

Destry by Lola Stark

Let's just say I love Lola's cowboys as much as I love her inked hotties. I mean Destry his mind is all man, "she'd torn her skirt trying to jump in my truck. She'd also given me the perfect excuse to get a hand on her a**. Only problem with that was the hard-on I'd been sporting. She wasn't helping any, crossing and uncrossing her legs." I mean together Destry and Amelia are animals, "my hand wrapped around his denim covered erection. A growl tore through his chest, and before I could blink, my torn panties were hanging off the chair beside us." Sometimes a girl just needs to coax her man into doing things, "I've seen your rear. It's a very nice one. Now, show me." She tried to poke her head around to see." Can't wait to see the other characters get a book. 

Hard Time by Cara McKenna

This book was different from others I've read and I loved it. I loved Eric, "I haven't been with anybody since I got out," he murmured." I mean the boy knows he's good looking and he's cocky, "you been pining for me?" he asked, and his eyes narrowed in the most charming cocky way." I mean I love the relationship Eric and Annie have:
               His hips shifted in time with his kiss. I waited for pressure, for his hands pushing me back, for his weight on me, his heat. I waited, and waited. I fisted his collar and hood, all but hauling him onto me. "You hard for me?" I asked against his cheek. 
                 "Course I am." 
                 "Are you big?" The softest, must frustrated laugh vibrated against my lips, then he pulled away enough for our noses to touch. His lips brushed mine as he spoke. "You'll have to find that out for yourself sometime." 
I mean the boy sometimes needs assurance on some things, "his big hand, big thumb tucked under his waistband, pushing it down. Big co**. He wrapped himself in a fist, eased it up and back. "You like it?" he murmured." 

Up from the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Cat she still knows how to tease her man properly, "then his head lowered, but before his lips brushed mine, I turned away. "Not until you say you missed me, too," I teased." I mean I love her corny jokes, "I slipped my arms around him, breathing in his scent and reveling in the hard feel of his body as he pressed me close. "You'll ache with something else as soon as we're alone," I whispered." *Sighs* I love Bones, I really do, "he snorted. "I've been ready, luv. It's you that takes the longest, as always." I've only read the first and last book of this series because well I'm not much for suspense and I like to know the outcome before I read the other books haha. 

Once upon a Billionaire by Jessica Clare

I really do love this damn series! Maylee I loved her so, so much, "I think I would be Hufflepuff," she said, her voice quite serious. "They seem to be the happiest ones. Quite homey, Hufflepuff." I mean the girl is just funny, "I'm good with handling delicate things." Great, now his mind was thinking of those small hands playing with his hair and touching all kinds of delicate things. Inappropriate. Inappropriate." I mean his thoughts are seriously funny, "he came with a grunt, his hand rough as he stroked himself to orgasm. Effing pathetic that he had to jerk himself off in a hotel bedroom at the thought of his assistant." I mean Griffin the boy just doesn't do well with manners, "you look very appropriate today, Maylee. Well done." Instead of giving him one of her brilliant smiles, she gave him a frown." I mean he can be very passionate, "eff the emeralds." His hands moved to her shoulders, and he gently steered her further into the room. "Come to bed." He can also be considerate, "I wasn't sure how far you wanted to...proceed. Me jerking off on your belly and rubbing my cum into your skin is probably not what you had in mind for a make-out session." I really do love this series, the books are always entertaining. 

Hell on Wheels by Julie Ann Walker

Nate and Ali have a past and well I think Ali just has a love/hate relationship with the boy, "the one person she didn't want to share a glass of wine with, especially a big glass of wine. Sufficiently lubricated, she didn't trust herself not to attack him, tie him to the bed, and sit on his face." I mean Nate sometimes just gives vague answers, "your touch. I like it too much." Hell now it'd be her going out of her way to avoid physical contact. Which was just as well. He was only a man after all, with her within arm's reach - not to mention actually touching him - his hold on his usually stalwart restraint was tenuous at best." I mean Ali needs more than that and boy does he give it to her, "yes, damn you! Yes, that's why I always keep you at arm's length. Because anytime I get near you, all I wanna do is peel away your clothes, lay y'down on the nearest horizontal surface, and plunge balls-deep inside you until your squirmin' beneath me like a worm on a hook and beggin' to never stop. There! Y'happy now?" I mean she also knows how to make the boy stop talking, "she squeezed her inner muscles, his eyes crossed. Literally. "That works," he managed to pant. Oh, man, did it work. "But Ali, would you...." I liked reading this book wasn't in love with it but I liked it well enough. 

Dazed by Kim Karr

I must say Jagger has some swag when it comes to the ladies, and one in particular, "so about lunch tomorrow. I thought you should know - I really want to see you gain. It's not just about your uncle." I mean River that boy can only get you so far in life but I know that Jagger is grateful to be related especially when it comes to getting a chance with Aerie, "he bites his lip and the sight takes my breath away. "That makes me one lucky bast**d to be his cousin." He's teasing me back. I'm already catching his stride." And the boy just can't get enough of his girl, "his hand moves up to my face and his thumb moves back and forth across my cheek. "You have nothing to be sorry about. It just gives me another reason to ask you out again." He pulls back to look at me. "Aerie, will you go out with me again tomorrow night?" Also when these two get to going they're like damn firecrackers, "a single hand slides to my hip, then he wedges his knee between my legs, and his other hand lifts my chip and his lips attack mine. "Good." My hands flit under his coat to untuck his shirt." A quick read that I enjoyed reading! 

So Much to Learn by Jessie Star

Oh Tally, I loved you! Sometimes the girl just had to spell things out for Jack, "I can't put out!" I finally screeched. "You have to teach me how to put out. Sex, Jack, sex and all that comes before and after, do you get me?" I mean the girl has some jealousy issues she didn't know she had, "so," I cut across him, my tone vicious enough to make him rock a step back from me in surprise, "apparently it's totally obvious that you're into Haley." Jack knows how to make Tally stop talking altogether, "oh, you are so-" I was aiming to say 'funny' but the word got swallowed up as Jack lowered his head and kissed me fiercely." I mean the boy doesn't even care if she marks him, "tipping his head down to look at it Jack simply smiled and said, "That'll be one hell of a hickey come tomorrow morning." Then kissing me lightly on the mouth he got off the bed and held out a hand to me. "Come on then," he said, "we both need a shower." Sometimes Jack has to reposition them, "I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations his hands were summoning up and felt Jack suddenly grab me by the hips and pull me up so the next moment he was half sitting, half lying, leaning back against the couch armrest and I was straddling him. "Relocation?" I asked, opening my eyes and smiling down at him, aware of hammer pressing against me." I loved reading this book it was cute and the characters were people you fell in love with. 

Charred Hope by Lizzy Ford

After everything that's happened it's still good to see Chace has his priorities in order, "a lot, I'd say." He smiled. "Still wanna drag you off and eff you." But Skylar that girl has some tricks up her sleeve to keep her man on her toes, "she grinned, not caring how upset he was at the moment. "I know just how to cheer you up, dragon," she murmured. "Hey, cabin. You got any sexy lingerie around?" I mean Chace the boy is still distracting, "Chace was eyeing her like he was ready to eat her or toss her back into bed, they'd spent the night making love. "Would you stop?" she asked with a playful laugh. "You're distracting me." And I'm proud of Skylar she knows how to take control, "she shoved him onto his back, landing on top of him. Skylar began fluttering hot little kisses across his face and neck. Chace laughed at the tickling sensation and wrapped his arms around her, rolling her onto her back. He settled on top of her, between her thighs, his arousal growing hard." I'm hoping Mason or Gunner gets a story because I loved those two as much as Skylar and Chace.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wish Upon a Tiger by A.T. Mitchell

Erik, I really loved him, "you'll get a bed and a warm meal," Erik said knowingly. "We're a tight clan. These boys you see behind me have been with me long enough to work like a well oiled machine." He turned around, and pointed to them one by one. "That's Harry, Zee, Christian, and Egil." I mean he's quite the looker as well, "and my, his body showed it! Much as I tried, my eyes kept wandering to Erik's rock hard a**, up the muscular trunks of his legs and toward his broad shoulders. Front and back, he was ripped, the kind of rugged strength that can only come from wrangling raw nature." He can voice his thoughts with no problems, "I'm talking about your sweet scent. Smelling you, seeing you, knowing you're in heat...eff!" He cursed, soft and fierce simultaneously. "Lock me in my room tonight. Bolt the door. If instinct takes over, I might do something we'll both regret, and I promised to keep you safe. Here's the key. You can let me out in the morning." I mean Erik is all animal where Jenna is concerned, "Gods, if anyone tried to hurt or steal her away from me, I'd slash their throats and watch them bleed on the ground. Jenna was the first woman in my life who I wanted to kill for." And Erik teaches Jenna that not sexual things need to happen in the bedroom, "eff yes. Not everything amazing happens in the bedroom. And when I want what's mine, I'm gonna take it anywhere I please." 

Bring me Fire by Emily Stone

Josh can be overwhelming at times, "was it possible that he was somehow better looking when he was angry? "You need to leave," he said. "Right now. I don't want to hear any more excuses or apologies. There's nothing else to say." Sky she likes to show Josh that she appreciates him, "she moved her hand down his torso, toward his groin. She watched his face, the way he let his eyes fall closed, the thick lashes dark against his skin. His lips parted slightly and he took a deep breath. "But I can make you feel even better," she whispered, entwining her body around his." I wish the sex scenes weren't really blacked out, because well I like my sex scenes and I ain't shy in admitting it. But other than that I thought the book was a fun read.