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Memphis Black by M.J. Fields

Memphis isn't a shy boy, not at all, "he is standing at the toilet when I hear him start to pee while I am right there, like, right in the same room. “Oh my goodness! You are—” Memphis would give his girl anything including his body parts, "he slowly drags my hand to his stomach and then down … there. “Take them with you.” He uses my hand to grab his … balls. “You should have them.” Great start to a new series I can't wait to see the rest of the band get their stories, they're all funny and unique.

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Transcending Darkness by Airicka Phoenix

Title: Transcending Darkness Author: Airicka Phoenix Genre: Contemporary Dark Romance Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours
One: Sign the contract. Juliette Romero had a debt to pay, a debt that wasn’t even hers. But it was the only way to keep her family safe and all she had to do was sell her body and soul to the devil. Killian McClary wasn’t called the Scarlet Wolf for nothing. He’d been the head of the McClary Organization since he was fifteen and had built a reputation for being a ruthless son of a bitch when it came to running the city’s underbelly, not to mention merciless when it came to punishing those who betray him. He didn’t believe in weaknesses. Only results. Juliette, with her shy smiles and hot little body was a weakness unlike any other and yet he was powerless to resist one more taste of her sweet flesh. Two: Become his for a year. When given the choice between her life or her body, what could Juliette possibly do, but submit to a man whose very name invoked fear in the hearts of others? She just never anticipated falling for his dark, hungry eyes and clever hands, or the way the beast in him made her feel oddly safe and cherished. But what will happen when Killian’s dark past finally catches up to him and threatens the woman he can no longer imagine himself without? What will happen when both sides find themselves caught in a web of passion, lies and broken promises? Can Juliette tame the wolf or will her love for him devour them both? Three: Don’t fall in love. Boundaries will be crossed, loyalties will be tested and lives will be changed forever.

Self-proclaimed romance addict, Airicka Phoenix lives in a world where unicorns, fairies and mermaids run amok through her home on a daily basis. When she's not chasing after pixies and rounding up imps, also known as her four children, she can be found conjuring imaginary friends to play with. 
Airicka is the prolific author of over eighteen novels for those who crave strong, female leads, sexy alpha heroes and out of control desires. She's a multi genre author who writes young adult, new adult and adult contemporary and paranormal romance. For more about Airicka and the realm she rules with an iron fist--and tons of chocolate--visit her at:
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RELEASE DAY BLITZ: The Lost by Cole McCade

The Lost by Cole McCade

Date of Publication: August 25, 2015


She's known it her whole life. She knows it every time she spreads her legs. Every time she begs for the pain, the pleasure, the heat of a hard man driving deep inside. She's a slave to her own twisted lusts--and it's eating her alive. She loves it. She craves it. Sex is her drug, and she's always chasing her next fix. But nothing can satisfy her addiction, not even the nameless men she uses and tosses aside. No one's ever given her what she truly needs.
Until Gabriel Hart.
Cold. Controlled. Impenetrable. Ex-Marine Gabriel Hart isn't the kind of man to come running when Leigh crooks her pretty little finger. She loathes him. She hungers for him. He's the only one who understands how broken she is, and just what it takes to satisfy the emptiness inside. But Gabriel won't settle for just one night. He wants to claim her, keep her, make her forever his. Together they are the lost, the ruined, the darkness at the heart of Crow City.
But Leigh has a darkness of her own. A predator stalking through her past--one she'll do anything to escape.
Even if it means running from the one man who could love her...and leaving behind something more precious to her than life itself.

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About Cole McCade

Corporate consultant by day, contemporary romance author by night.
Mid-thirties. Coffee addict. Cat lover. Bibliophile. Technophile. Definite sapiophile. Native Southerner. Runner. Country boy turned city suit. Shameless collector of guitar picks, vinyl records, and incense holders. Aficionado of late-night conversations over live music in seedy bars. Browncoat with a secret crush on Kaylee Frye.
Fascinated by human sociology, and particularly by the psychology of sex and gender – and their effect on relationship expectations, the culture of dating, and what it means to fall in love.
Non-smoker. The picture's just a stock photo. A rather broody, dark one for someone who isn't all that broody or dark, but sometimes forgets to smile even when he means to.

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Note: This book contains material that may be triggering for some readers
"State your name."
Cold, clipped words, blending into the noise of the police station. Leigh lifted her head from a fixed study of her clenched fingers. Colors whirled around her in a lurid carnival nightmare, too bright, too blurry. On a bench on the far side of the room, a wasted and broken scarecrow woman picked at a scab on her wrist with a certain habitual listlessness, oozing diseased red-brown blood over liver spots. Her tendons were rails under her skin, and the dull gleam of cuffs chained her to the bench. She raised her head and stared at Leigh with yellowed eyes that captured her with a sort of empty, terrifying promise.
Across the desk a policewoman waited, with that compassionate impatience only a half-step from pity and shoulder-to-shoulder with disgust. Her flat blue eyes said she'd been trained to care, but couldn't be bothered anymore. Leigh swallowed and tugged her hoodie close against the tinny air-conditioned chill. Her mouth had dried to a tacky, sticky mess, gummy pills of lipstick beading on her lips, and her tongue was a bloated and useless organ, this swollen pink thing pushing pointlessly against her teeth.
"Leigh," she ground out. "Clarissa Leigh…" Her married name scratched sandpaper syllables against her throat. "…van Zandt."
"And Miss van Zandt, do you know why you're here?"
She nodded, her neck a creaking wooden puppet-hinge. "I do."
"Your family's been worried about you."
"I know."
She knew what she should do here. Bow her head in shame and contrition, maybe even sniffle. But she looked for the emotions and they weren't there; just scraps and tatters, clinging to the empty place where they belonged. She had no feeling left, hollowed out and lost and wondering how she'd ended up here. This didn't feel real. Instead it was a dream where everyone leered in fisheye close-up, their smiles all teeth and stretched red lips and manic glee. She wanted to run, but somehow she'd gone too numb to do anything but sit here surrounded by the stink of fear-sweat, stale beer, and that particular police-station smell of urine soaked into concrete for decades on end.
"What happened to you?" the officer asked. Leigh didn't answer, and the officer's pen tapped against the forms on her desk, rat-tat-tat, rat-tat-tat, Morse code for I'd rather be anywhere but here with this spoiled little runaway princess. "It's been four years. You were declared legally dead."
"That's all right." She closed her eyes with a laugh that ripped her guts up into her mouth, and buried her face in her hands. Dead. Dead.
Yeah, that was about right.
"Miss van Zandt?"
Stop calling me that.
"Miss van Zandt. I need you to focus on my voice."
Stop calling me that!
Leigh took a measured breath and opened her eyes. Her shoulders squared. The bolts on the back of the hard, ass-biting chair dug into her shoulder blades. "I am focused. I can hear you just fine."
"Eyes are dilated." The officer—her nametag read Maroni, could there be a more clichĂ©d name for a Crow City cop—leaned across the desk, peering at her face. Then she beckoned to the aide hovering over them like a mannequin. "I've seen this too many times. Drugs and prostitution." She talked about Leigh like she wasn't even there. "We'll have to clean her up before her husband gets here."
"I'm not on drugs. I've never been on drugs."
Maroni's pen-clicking stopped. Her disbelief was a heavy thing, push-push-pushing until Leigh nearly laughed.
"You're not on drugs."
"Then what happened?"
There it was. The first hint of exasperation. Of frustration, stitched into knitted brows and the purse of lips in just the right shade of I can't be a woman, I'm a cop mauve. Because like anyone normal, anyone who wasn't fucking broken to pieces and liked being that way, Maroni needed to make sense of this. Needed to quantify it in a world where the rules worked as normal and everyone wanted to chase that dream of happiness that wasn't anything but desperation painted over of a frantic tally of things. Things of plastic, things with value created by people whose upper lips curled when they looked down at little girls like Leigh, and demanded she account for herself in sane, rational ways that made proper sense.
Sorry, Officer Maroni.
I'm not the kind of thing that makes much sense.
Maroni pushed a harsh sound through her teeth. "You had a job, a husband, a newborn son. You had a life other people would kill for, and we find you here on the streets. Were you pressured? Kidnapped?"
"No. None of that." Leigh shook her head.
"You'll have to explain, then."
"I left." She trailed off, lips parted; no words came for long seconds, until she managed, "I…I was afraid."
"Of what?" Maroni tried to catch her eye, but Leigh looked down at her hands, at her chipped pink fingernails dipped in the sparkles of shooting stars. "Miss van Zandt. If someone was hurting you, you need to tell us now so we can take appropriate steps to protect you."
"No. No one hurt me. Not like that."
"I'm afraid you'll need to be more clear. What were you afraid of?"
She struggled for an answer. Struggled for something this woman would accept, something that would make her sigh with sympathy and pity and relieved disdain that said there, but for the Grace of God…
But again, she found nothing. Nothing but the truth, and Leigh shrugged as she looked up at the policewoman and wondered if she had daughters who might one day be like Leigh, daughters who would cut stark red lines of fingernails in the walls of flesh that caged her in the shape of pop culture's perfect woman.
"Of the inevitable monotony of it all," she said.
And smiled.
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Blog Tour
Title: Burning Ember (Harbingers Of Chaos #1)
Author: Darby Briar
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 27, 2015
The last thing she needs after running from one monster is to land in the lair of the Devil.
Twenty-one year old Ember flees her past with soot on her face, ash in her hair, and a promise. She’ll never let another man take away her freedom and treat her like she means nothing. But that is exactly what Maverick Gunn, leader of the notorious Harbinger’s of Chaos Motorcycle Club seeks to do from the moment his lethal gaze locks on her. He burns her with every look. Every touch. Every word. Ember’s only hope is to convince him she’s nothing like the woman who blackened his soul before he drags her down into the darkness with him.
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BE cover
About The Author
Darby Briar is an American author who loves writing stories about men with broken souls and women who don’t know their own strength. Most of her stories are dreamed up in the early hours of the morning, while driving, or while listening to music. She’s a business woman by day and a wife, mother, writer, and reader the rest of the time. She’s a lover of fiction whether it be a movie or book, but prefers stories with some romance, and ones that include a happy ending. Darby grew up in Utah and still lives in the northern part of the state. She’s married and her and her husband have three adorable kids.
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love p

I hated Mav when he was an a**, "he doesn’t say anything for what seems like eternity. “The old ladies are comin’ in to discuss details for the party tomorrow. Make sure you and the other girls make yourselves scarce when they get here.” My chest tightens. So he considers me one of them. A clubpiece. I nod and he lets my hand go." When Mav is sweet, he is sweet, "his mouth twitches and his frustration falls away. “I was tryin’ to make you breakfast in bed. Heard it was one of the top ten things you do when you eff up with your girlfriend.” I enjoyed this book it may not have been hearts and roses but it's Mav and Ember's story.

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Sustained by Emma Chase

Jake is a well-endowed man and his woman appreciates that aspect, “and . . . I was just thinking . . . what they say about guys with big hands is definitely . . . true.” I’ve heard similar compliments before. What can I say? When God was passing out ***k, he gave me extra." Jake really does have some of the best answers, “I’m a lawyer. Asking questions turns me on. Having them answered is pretty hot too.” I loved this book I seriously thought this was better than book one. It had more entertainment because of the kids and what they say and do and then there was Jake and his actions and reactions to them.

Dare Me by Joanna Blake

Kendall is one of those people you have to love, he's just so sweet and the first time he meets Jessica... well it's something, "Kendall Jackson was grinning down at her. "You're a cute little thing aren't you?" The simplest things make his girl happy, "pancakes? Really?" She nodded breathlessly. She really did want pancakes. And time to gather her thoughts. Mount her defenses. He kissed her forehead. "Okay pumpkin, let's go." I liked how sweet Kendall could be, "she rapidly blinked back tears. He released her abruptly. "Eff, did I hurt you Jess? I forget how tiny you are sometimes." Joanna's books are short but they always pack a punch.

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Sugar Baby Beautiful by J.J. McAvoy

Theo (his real name is Theodore  it I don't want to always spell it out) is interesting and entertaining, fell in love with him right off, “it looks like I’m going to have to financially care for you just to make sure you have time for me,” he replied." Theo he tries to be the gentlemen but when you got temptation sitting in front of you it's hard and ladies I mean that figuratively and literally, "he grabbed my waist and pulled me into him. My eyes widened as his bulge throbbed against me. “That’s why,” he answered, his hands wondering down to grab a handful of my a** before working their way up the length of my body. “I tried to be good, but you kept tempting me.” When Theo talks it's really sexy, “I’m not just going to eff you and let you run away from me again,” he whispered, kissing up my neck to my ear." I loved this book, I love all of JJ's book it's a one click for me when a new book comes out.

Beyond Promise by Karice Bolton

There are times a woman has to do what a woman has to do, and putting an idea in a man's head making him think it was his idea sometimes needs to be done, “maybe that tortilla soup you make, babe. Might be a little better for the moment,” Ayden called over from the couch. Mission accomplished." Of course Ayden remembers the naughty things his woman tells him, “forever in my debt? And something about taking advantage of me if there wasn’t a nurses’ station outside in the hall.” His brow arched. “I’m sure the girls would love to hear what you were whispering to your comatose fiancĂ©.” How can you not love Ayden, “the subject of us. In our suite.” He looked at his phone. “In twenty minutes. Naked.” It was great seeing all the characters again I've missed them a lot I love their adventures.

Every Love by L.K. Collins

I wasn't sure what I thought of Nate especially in the beginning where he's trying to get the girl, and he's doing extracurricular activities with another. That's kind of a red flag for me I rather have men work hard to get their women and not be doing extra activities on the side, don't get me wrong he wasn't cheating they weren't together yet but I still didn't like it. Once the little blip in the road is finished and things got to really going between him and Elaina I fell in love with him, “I’m not sure myself, but I like how you feel in my arms and how we are when we’re together.” I really enjoyed seeing the caring side of Nate, "tears fill her eyes and I grab her face, holding her cheeks in the palms of my hands. “Don’t cry, baby, I’ll take care of it.” Overall this was a good read, it was about time Nate got his story told.

Wanted:The Devil's Riders Trilogy by Joanna Blake

Wanted By The Devil:
Kaylie was just so sweet and innocent you couldn't help but love her, "I'm sorry… I've never… been with anyone else." He just stared at her, the look in his eyes making her shiver. "Did I do something wrong? Maybe you don't want to be with someone as inexperienced as me." Devlin surprised me yes he was rough and tough but he was really sweet and caring when it came to his old lady. I liked this book it was a quick and enjoyable read.
Still Waters:
Jack's body reactions to Janet were entertaining, they'd happen at the worst time, "Jesus, he hadn't had this many boners since he was 15. He didn't like it. It was disconcerting for someone like him who liked to be in control. He scowled and adjusted his package in his jeans." Jack appreciates his woman's assets, "Janet was wearing shorts today. Tight little denim shorts that hugged her hips and a**. And Jesus, what an a**." Jack was my type of man he was moody, arrogant, silent, bossy and alpha.
Safe In His Arms:
You could tell Sally had Donnie's balls in the palm of her hands and that's with their first few meetings, "so, do you want a beer?" She nodded shyly and he smiled, feeling much more at ease. A beer. He could get her a beer." Sometimes Donnie's woman has to keep her man focused:
"Not yet."
"Not yet."
"Donnie. Take your pants off."
He lifted his head and stared at her, his eyes dark with passion.
There's some coaxing involved when it comes to getting his woman on his bike while she has coffee, "I'll get a coffee maker." She clutched her coffee cup even tighter . He sighed. She was too cute. "I'll get it today." Donnie is my favorite out of these men there was something about him that made him entertaining.

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Bear Magick by Lia Davis

Anthony always looks at the positive side of situations, "he cupped her face, his thumb running over her bottom lip. “The first year, or maybe longer, is always about finding the balance. The good thing about it, is that there will be plenty of make-up sex.” Anthony can be bossy when the mood strikes him, "his chest tightened. Gods he loved that female. He swatted her on the a**, drawing a squeak from her. “Go shower.” I always enjoy these quick little reads Lia puts out. What they lack in pages they make up for in content.

PRE-RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Hot as Hale by Marie James

Title: Hot as Hale
Series: Hale #3
Author: Marie James
Genre: Erotic Romance
 Release Date: September 7, 2015


Innocent Joselyne Bennett loves her quiet life. As an elementary teacher her days include teaching kids then going home to research fun science projects to add to her lesson plan. Her only excitement is living vicariously through her sister Lorali and friend Alexa Warner.

Incredibly gorgeous police detective Kaleb Perez was going through the motions of life. His position on the force as a narcotics detective forced him to cross paths with Josie after a shooting involving her friend.

On more than one occasion Kaleb discretely tried to catch Josie’s eye. On every occasion he was ignored but when her hand is forced after a break-in at her apartment Josie and Kaleb are on a collision course with each other. Formerly timid Josie is coaxed out of her shell by the sexy-as-sin Kaleb who nurtures her inner sex-kitten in the most seductive ways, and replaces her inexperience with passionate need.

The small group has overcome so much in such a short period of time and just when they think they can settle back into their lives they are forced back into the unknown. Can Kaleb protect Josie from further tragedy? Can she let him go once the threat of danger is gone?

This is a standalone contemporary novel. The next book in the Hale Series: To Hale and Back is the conclusion of the series and in the point of view of all six characters.

Recommended for readers 18 and up due to strong language and explicit sexual content.







“How long do you think you can hold out, Mariposa?” I’m teasing her now, no way I’ll attempt to touch her again since she’s told me no.

She shrugs her shoulder and gives me a sly smile. “Can I hold you tonight?” I ask again, switching gears away from my desire to have her sit on my face.

“Please.” She answers.

I hold my hand out to her as I stand and grab her clothes off of the table. I tug her towards my bedroom, turning off lights as we go. I can hear Mia making her way behind us, knowing she will settle down again on her bed in the corner of my room for the night.

“I didn’t pack sleep clothes,” I inform Josie as we step into my room. “I guess you’ll just have to sleep naked.”

She steps away from me and just as I think she’s about to protest, she reaches behind her, lowers the zipper on her skirt, and lets it fall to the ground. She’s facing the bed and the sight of her beautiful back, narrow hips, and smooth legs make me groan.

When she bends over to pick her skirt up off the floor my cock jumps in my pants. Instinctively my hand reaches down and grips it. “That’s fine.” She replies as she walks her skirt to me and drops it on top of her other clothing in my hand.

I growl at her, drop her clothes on the dresser, and pull out a t-shirt. A very large t-shirt. One that ensures nothing will be peeking out once she has it on. “On second thought,” I say as I hand it over to her. She giggles and pulls it on over her head. It almost hits her at her knees. Much better.

She saunters back in front of me and reaches for the buttons on my shirt. “Josie.” I admonish mildly.

“Shhh, Kaleb. I heard what you said earlier.” She reaches up on her tip toes and kisses my chin. “You’re overdressed.”

I stand stock still and let her unbutton my shirt. She runs her tiny, warm hands up my stomach and over my pecs, causing my muscles to bunch. I’m thick and hard as steel in my pants, and there’s no sense in even trying to hide it. She knows I want her.


Marie James, full-time working mother of two boys and wife of 11 years. I've spent almost my entire lifetime living in central Texas, with only short stays in South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. I've always wanted to write novels and just recently had the gumption to sit down and start one. My passions include reading everything under the sun and sewing. I even listen to audio books while sewing. Coming to Hale is my debut novel and book 1 in the 4 book Hale Series. I have several other story lines worked out for other books once this series is complete. Reading and writing is my happy place.


Josie likes driving her man insane, “Josie.” I grumble, reaching down and pulling her up by her shoulders. “In the bed,” I tell her as she turns and I give her a light slap on her a**." Josie was a hoot when her man isn't prepared she just blurtswhat she's thinking, “oh!” She smiles, and then frowns. “You think I have STDs?” Before I can answer she continues. “Oh! You have STDs?” Kaleb is one of those men who wants to keep his woman unclothed, "...hear him hiss when he sees the back, or lack thereof, of my thong. I grin at his reaction and begin pulling my pants on. “Don’t get dressed on my account.” His voice is pleading." I liked this book Kaleb was sexy and Josie kept him on his toes.

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Consumed by You by Lauren Blakely

I think Travis is deaf at times, “so you want dog training and sex?” he asked, still sure he was hearing things—like, his wildest fantasies coming true." Cara knows just what to say to rev her man's engine, "she stepped closer, curled her hand through his hair. “I have this fantasy about walking in on you when you’re getting off to me.” His eyes widened. They nearly popped out of his head." I liked this book I love me some sexy firemen.