Sunday, March 29, 2020

Heired Lines by Magan Vernon

When we first meet Gavin I swear to god the man was such a stuffy person, “for a woman who acted so miffed on an email, I guess I should have expected this response.” Gavin really can read his woman like a book, "he leaned in, placing a kiss on my temple. “You’re cute when you’re pretending to be mad.” I liked this book, I liked Gavin.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Shy Queen in the Royal Spotlight by Natalie Anderson

Hester is a shy one, ‘you can’t swim naked,’ she said, scandalised.' Alek is always willing to tribute himself for his lady, ‘you know you can practise your riding skills on me any time,’ he said huskily.' I liked this book, I liked Alek.

The Highlander's English Bride by Vanessa Kelly

Graeme is often in wonder with the reactions his lady has "Graeme had the sense he was staring at her like a dumb ox. She truly didn’t seem the least bit disconcerted by their passionate kiss. “Er, fine?” The man is truly daft "he looked more puzzled than anything else. “I see. And just how do you expect me to respond to that?” Graeme takes things a little too seriously, “ there’s no need to grope me,” she breathlessly said. “I’m uninjured.” I liked this book, I loved Graeme.

A Duke by Any Other Name by Grace Burrowes

Nathaniel has some sweet in him, “please don’t cry. If you cry, I will go mad. You never cry and neither do I, are we agreed?” Althea is a ballbuster, "she kissed Nathaniel soundly on the mouth. Then, before he could react, she marched away... " I liked this book, I liked Nathaniel.

Lead Me Back by CD Reiss

Kayla has no problem sticking up for herself, “yup.” She laughed a little. “I’m not here to be your doormat. And if that means I’m a ****h sometimes, oh well.” I liked this book, I liked Kayla the girl didn't put up with Justin's crap.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Hate to Date You by Monica Murphy

Carter is just often times in shock with his woman, "his jaw drops open and he rests his hand on his chest, staggering backward a little. “What the hell, Stella? You don’t eat pizza? You’re a freaking Italian!” Carter is a true romantic, “I don’t need you to wear expensive lingerie to make me want you. You could be wearing that old Mystery Spot sweatshirt and a pair of torn leggings and I’d still jump you,” I liked this book, I adored Carter.

Bachelor Boss by Sara Ney

Spencer is a little fireball, “I am working, but your desk is so close you’re constantly up my a*****e. Forgive me for noticing when you take something out of your purse.” Phillip is a stickler with his rules, “do not bring his name up while I’m trying to get frisky.” I liked this book, I loved Phillip.