Sunday, August 31, 2014

All Bets are On by Cynthia Cooke

Hot cover equals me reading the book. Okay do Derek he's cocky obviously, "why not? You don't want to make love to me here in the back of this car, and I can understand that, sort of. I mean it does have imported leather seats and the best Persian carpet money can buy-" Jaclyn, I don't think she means to be but that girl can be a little temptress, "she took the cherry off the top and pulled the stem out in a most seductive way. He was going to come in his pants." I mean the questions that girl comes up with, "she cocked an eyebrow. "Are you talking about riding a horse or riding you?" I actually really enjoyed reading this book a lot and I wouldn't mind reading any other books the author comes out with. 

Inevitable Detour by S.R. Grey

The cover is so pretty! Farren that boy is something else and I fell in love with his sexiness right off the bat, "I'm rewarded with a knowing smirk when I glance back up at him. "And you slept with this man who looked like me?" he says." I don't think Farren is the type of man who takes chances on anyone looking at his woman half naked, "he reaches out and lifts the hem of my tee, exposing the waistband of my lime-green boy shorts. "Barely," he scoffs. "You're basically standing outside in your underwear." He's one of those men that love when his girl touches him, "he lifts my left hand and snakes it around his side. Placing my fingers right back on the scar, he says softly, "you never have to apologize for touching me, Essa." Essa she's so innocent in her own way that I found her really cute, "when he takes off his boxer briefs, I gush, "wow. You're like, really huge." Farren chuckles and lets me stare in amazement. "I can't wait to feel you inside of me," I murmur." Farren is also the type of man that doesn't like his woman to far from him, "Farren, though, stops my progress when he snatches up my wrist. "Hold up," he says. Haven released her hold one me and rolls her eyes. Farrne ignores her. His thumb caresses where my pulse is picking up. "I'll see you in bed?" he asks, raising a brow." Um... yeah Imma want a copy in paperback form.

Love Tussles and Takedowns by Violet Duke

Hudson is just one sexy beefcake, "no," he growled softly, pulling her hands up to circle his neck instead. "No covering up. If all I get is first base with you tonight, then your belly button is definitely fair game." When that boy is riled up it is sexy as hell, "tell me," he said in a near feral voice that did crazy things to her insides, "did you leave your door unlocked because you knew I'd be storming in here? OR because you just plain forgot that criminals like to have an easy entrance when it comes to beautiful women in isolated apartments?" He's also not one for being subtle, "he stalked over to her, his voice low and simmering. "Do you know what happens when you plan elaborate, twistedly romantic tricks on a man who's had a nearly two-month hard-on for you?" I loved Hudson and I think I'm going to love this series. 

Never Doubt me by S.R. Grey

Yay Chase's point of view, to me books are so much better in a man's perspective I'm not sure why, "she nuzzles my neck as I carry her over to the bed, and the whole way, I am telling her, "I love you so much, baby girl. You are my world." He is a man's man that boy don't like anyone looking, touching, or hurting his woman, "I want so badly to break his effing face, but I settle for just holding him place. "You better effing stay away," I growl. "Or the next time, we'll be doing more than just talking. Got it?" Chase has some damn good persuasive moves, "and though there's no chance of making a baby tonight, I insist we should practice. Kay giggles and agrees. "We should definitely practice a lot." She pulls me to her, whispering against my lips, "and I think we should get started as soon as possible." I loved this one just as much as the first one in the series. 

Dark Love by Claudy Conn

I loved Jethro, "Jethro sank his head into her shoulder. "Ah, lass, lass...forgive me. I... I shouldn't have done this to ye. I shouldn't have taken yer sweet kisses like this. It's not what I wanted." He's a playful little bugger, "Och, lass. Tell me that again. Say it now, tell me how hungry ye are while ye look into me eyes." Jethro's hand scooped up her butt and pulled her into him." Jethro made this book that's how much I loved him. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

London Loves by Theresa Troutman

*Breathe in, breathe out* Okay yea focus on the good things, one Sebastian and his brotherly advice, "then for God's sake, let her spend the entire night in your bed next time - or at least have the decency to make love to her in her room. You should be the one that leaves in the middle of the night." And then there's the cuteness that's Sebastian and Tess's relationship:
                "Darling, get up. We need to shower," Sebastian coaxed with a little nudge.
                "Hmm- together?" she asked in a quiet voice as she slowly opened her eyes.
For a reason I cannot say this book isn't my fave in the series book 2 still is.

Follow by JA Huss

Yeah I'm going to like this serial. Grace she was so damn adorable, "and then I look down. Not at his...package, which I also see because it's in my line of sight. But at his swim shorts. Which are a limey shade of green. "Oh my effing god," I say again. Only this time it's out loud. "You're to guy from the bar?" Vaughn he's a dirty boy there were some things I didn't like, like the dinner with his parents scene I thought he was rude, crude and just an a**, but other times his dirtiness turned me on, "I glance down at his key lime shorts and see his bulge and then glance up quickly to find him smiling again. "Because that's an offer. I'd be happy to play the part of soft tropical breeze caressing you bare p***y."  Grace she's not a submissive what so ever but I think she's going to be good for Vaughn, "well, excuse me for having an opinion about sticking a vibrator up my hole in a five-star restaurant in front of your effing parents!" Next book please.

As Long as You Love Me by Ann Aguirre

If there's one important thing you need to know about Rob it's he likes to take care of his girl, "Rob aimed a stern look my way. "Don't move." He ran around the truck and lifted me down. "Those shoes are sexy as eff, but you'll turn your ankle getting out." There's no BS with Rob he tells you how he feels, "only always. I woke up last night wanting you, and I still do. Since you came back, I've been hard so much that I'm thinking about seeing a doctor." He gets upset over certain things, "what the eff do you think we've been doing? I went to your work, remember, and set your boss straight, made it really clear that you're off-limits." I mean when he gets to his primal side it's so damn sexy, "the way he growled out the answer sent a shiver through me. "You're mine. I want to come on you." I enjoyed this book bunches, okay maybe just Rob but he has all the qualities I want in a man. 

Perfect Partners by Carly Phillips

Griff that boy knows how to hit below the belt, "he pounced without hesitation. "Next time you feel the need to mother, have a kid of your own. I'll take care of Alix from now on." Chelsie is a girl that goes after what she wants, "so," she said in a husky voice, "if I want to know how much you want me, all I have to do..." Her seductive voice trailed off at the same moment her hand cupped him through his briefs." This one was a little more emotional than what I'm used to from Carly but that doesn't mean I didn't love it. I honestly don't think I've ever read a book by Carly that I didn't love and this wasn't an exception.

Twice the Growl by Milly Taiden

Generally I don't read menage books but two things made me realize this one, one Milly wrote the damn thing, and two werewolves DUH! Okay on to the hotties of the story those boys sure don't mind showing Tally what she does to them, "she inhaled sharply. Her ragged breaths and almost inaudible moan made his c*** jerk. He slid a hand down her back to the curve of her and pressed her into him. He wanted her body cradling his c***." Theron and Connor are naughty boys that like to make sure their woman knows they want her, "baby, I more than like what I see. You've got me so hard." He gripped his shaft in his hand and stroked up and down in a bold move. "I can't wait to eff you." The way these boys explain things to Tally are just sexy and it's like talk to me like that, "our mating process isn't over until we've both had you. Every way possible." Theron licked his lips. "Once we have, then you can have all the warm baths you want. Until then..." He pulled her head toward his and kissed her. "We eff." This will be another series that Milly exceeds in. 

Tempting Her Best Friend by Gina L. Maxwell

Sometimes Alyssa just needs to spell things out for Dillon, "fine!" she said, throwing her hands up. "I'm horny as hell and wouldn't mind having someone around who enjoys my cooking and gives me the occasional mind-blowing orgasm, okay? Is that really so much to ask for?" Dillon is such a sexy boy, "it's your own damn fault. You're the one who turned an innocent sucker into an edible sex toy. I've never been so effing turned on in my life." Dillon and Alyssa are so playful when they're together, "baby, I'm a good foreman because I'm good at giving orders. Now, get your sexy a** upstairs." He punctuated his command with a slap on her butt." I really enjoyed reading this book, I loved Dillon. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Play Date by Kate Donovan

Holy s*** I love Bam he's hot, sexy, and well knows how to go a few rounds, "but he really was getting hard again, and she actually gasped in dismay. "You can't be serious. Put me down. Or at least..." Her libido staged a rapid comeback. 'We need to use a condom this time. That was completely irresponsible of us." Bam he doesn't beat around the bush, "I didn't call to check on you. I want to schedule a re-bang. Hopefully for next weekend. We can go anywhere you want. Hawaii, Cabo, you name it." He's not a bashful person either, "you want to see my junk?" he said with a grin. "May, you're dirty." He pulled off his pants and boxers in two quick movements, then discarded the used condom in a nearby waste bin and moved close enough to exhibit his half-erect pe**s proudly. "Here you go." He can be a tad bit bossy but I don't think Rachel minds, "yeah, I know. Story time, right? I'll just head over to your place." His eyes twinkled. "Come straight home this time. Don't stop for rubbers or beer." 

Burn for Me by Lauren Blakely

The play by plays that Smith gives are panty melting and sexy, "and then after dinner, when you're squirming under the table, all hot and bothered and as amped up as I am, you can come back to my place, and I can eff you senseless on the kitchen table, or up against the wall, or maybe just in the hallway because we'll want each other so badly we can't make it to the bedroom." I love friends to lovers books it gives us girls hope that our hot unattached male best friends will see us differently. 

Beyond Repair by Charlotte Stein

When Holden is worked up he's crude and really sexy, "are you serious with this? Are you seriously going to do that? I'm going to have to jerk off if you're going to do something like that. If you wanna give me a effing rim job I have to put a hand on myself. You understand that, right?" This book was alright I did enjoy Holden but I guess I expected more because of who the publisher is. 

All He Wants by Anna Cruise

Stuart hasn't changed one bit where is lady is concerned, "then what the hell is the problem?" he asked. "Get on the plan tomorrow and get your a** down here." I mean the boy is an animal when he and his girl has been apart for a long while, "I missed you," he whispered. "I missed being with you. And I missed effing you." I fell in love with Stuart all over again in this book, "I call them both." He nipped my ear with his teeth. Goosebumps sprouted on my neck, traveling down my arms. "They're practically deaf. And blind. They won't hear or see a thing. Besides, I've never effed a girl in my room," he murmured, his breath against my neck. "It's sort of been a fantasy of mine." I think Stuart is really great for Annika he brings out a side that is almost bearable for me to like, and Annika she brings out a side of Stuart that isn't just about helping people, "we need to stop talking about sex," Stuart said. he rubbed my fingers with his thumb. "You're giving me a boner." I want a book where it's in Stuart's point of view. 

Dire by Alyssa Rose Ivy

I fell in love with Gage like right off with his playfulness, "Mary Anne, I'm flattered you want to get me into a hotel room, but I'm kind of in the mood to get home." Total bulls***. My pants were tight just thinking about her in a hotel room, but it would lead to trouble." Mary Anne that girl is a go getter, "I want this." I reached down and grabbed him. He was already poking out of his boxers, so it wasn't hard." But once Hunter walked onto the scene I was like 'Gage who?' "Is he your first boyfriend? I find girls tend to sentimentalize the first man they're with and get unnecessarily attached." Yeah at first Hunter needs to grow on you but once he did I was mentally kicking Mary Anne yelling at her 'FORGET GAGE GO WITH HUNTER, WHAT ARE YOU STUPID?!" As you can tell I'm totally team Hunter I mean the boy is all that and a bag of damn chips, "I blinked my eyes - they were blinking again, and Hunter was standing in front of me in all his naked glory. "Mary Anne." He pulled me into his arms. "Who did this to you?" Yes in Alyssa fashion there is a damn cliffhanger but I didn't think it was all that bad. Next book like NOW Alyssa kay thanks.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tempting Mr. Perfect by Rebecca Rose

Dave knows how to push boundaries and get all up in Kathy's space personally I don't think the girl minds, "I liked seeing you getting all aggressive with me, Kathy. You've got more spunk than you let on. Very, very sexy," he whispered and brought his face closer to hers." I mean he doesn't allow his mother's phone interupt their naughty activities, "she's stuttering so I'm taking that as a yes...No, I'm not pushing her into anything she doesn't want to do...Mom, please don't do that..." He cupped the back of kathy's head and with the phone still his ear, Dave kissed her brainless. "What? Yeah, you were interrupting something...No,, I'm not being fresh." He's just a funny, easy going guy that you can't help but love, "really? There's nothing you want to share? Or do you randomly yell at people on the phone? Because if that's what you do, let me know. We could always use it as a form of foreplay." With a devilish laugh, he added, "Then have makeup sex." Yeah this book was entertaining and really good.

Her Journey by Rachael Orman

Saying Patrick is an egotistical cocky little s*** would be an understatement, "cause it's my bike. I like for people to hear me coming." My mouth fell open when he slowly dragged his tongue over his bottom lip and his tone dropped a few octaves deeper. "In more ways than one." I mean the boy thinks the ground he walks on is freakin' gold, "where you going, little one?" Wrench asked. My eyes flashed to his before returning to his c***. One of his hands wrapped around his length, sliding up and down it slowly. "What? Are you afraid of this? It's just a c***, baby." He can be sensitive if it's the right person to bring it out in him, "Melia. Don't cry. Please tell me why you're crying? What the hell is going on?" Also Patrick knows when his body needs a break but Melia that girl loves to test the waters, "she bent and licked across the head of my semi-erect c***. "I don't think he's going to get hard again so quick. I just came so hard I saw stars." I'm really enjoying this series and I can't wait for more.

Deconstructing Lila by Shannon Leigh

This book broke my heart at times well Jake broke my heart at times and Lila that girl takes things in stride and knows how to speak up, "so should I be banished from Hannington, never to return? Is that what you want, Jake? Do you want me to go away and never bother you again?" Lila is more mature when she returns to Jake and I think that it's great for their relationship they weren't ready before, "I had an orgasm, too. I'd like to think I was part of this afternoon delight." She said this with Jake still inside her." I enjoyed reading this book when Jake wasn't being a boob.

Scarred by Kaylee Song

Thane that boy sure has a damn temper, "I don't want your effing help right now, M. I just want to get these damn sheep and get going, so we can get right back here, so I can dump your a** off." He's very alpha male, "he gripped her tight as he wrapped his arm around the small of her waist. "I told you I had plans for you tonight. You are coming home with me." Thane peeled out of the driveway and set off down the dirt road." He also likes to make sure he gets his sugar from his woman, "he crossed the room and grabbed her, his strong arms pulling her into his chest as he looked down at her. "I ain't goin' nowhere until you look up at me and kiss me." I enjoyed this book a lot I loved Thane. 

Happy Pants Cafe by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

So much humor and laughter and love. Austin that boy is a not a force to be reckoned with, "furious as hell, Austin leaned over the table and tightly gripped the edges. "I don't eff women who lie. Not even if I'm attracted to them." I love how Austin explains things to Harper, "I didn't pack anything to come up here, so I stopped at Target along the way. That style happens to be the only one I can wear without restricting circulation in a very large and important spot on my body, and pink was the only color they had." I enjoyed this book so damn much. 

What a Lady Demands by Ashlyn Macnamara

Yeah so Lind he can be a boob at times and it seems he's always spurting out the wrong things:
           "No," he protested. "It's not as though I planned...That...That just happened. If anything, it was the port spurring me on." A bloody wretched excuse if there ever was one.
           She raised her chin. "I see."
           God, could he possibly make it any worse? "I don't mean to imply you're not desirable. That gown certainly isn't helping matters." 
Cecelia that girl doesn't sugar coat and personally I think it stuns Lind, "me? You want to marry me?" Her heart slammed into her ribs, hampering her breathing. Odd how she felt that when she couldn't even feel the tips of her fingers. "When I'm not even suitable to act as your governess, because I'm so scandalous and impure, but you're willing to marry me?" Sometimes a girl has to stick up for herself, it's hard competing with the past but Cecelia is a damn soldier, "who are you to me?" she repeated. "How much does this marriage mean to you? I've been trying to drive the notion through your head all blasted morning, and you still don't understand. And perhaps that's my answer." She moved toward the door. "I'll pack my things. If I forget anything, you can send it along, care of my brother." Sometimes I got upset for Cecelia Lind that man just doesn't know how to move on until something drastic happens and then finally does the boy get his head out of his a**. I actually enjoyed this book. 

Possess by Laura Marie Altom

Liam he just wants his woman to be happy, "unfortunately," his voice had softened, "you're right. Our problems aren't going anywhere. But until we're home, why not steal this time - these few days in heaven - to reconnect? To remind ourselves what we're even fighting for?" Liam he's always trying to ease the tension his lady is feeling and that's what I loved about him, "care to help me out? From where I'm standing, we've got reason to celebrate. Not-so-little Liam agrees." I cast her a hopeful grin." There were times where I had to force myself to continue reading the book and honestly that's never happened to me before, so to me the book was alright. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan

The thoughts in Drew's head are just entertaining as hell, "she clearly doesn't like it when I take her side. Hell, she doesn't like it when I join any conversation she's involved in. It's like I insult her just by speaking." I mean his thoughts are always on his girl, "Anna's t*ts, naked and in full light of day, drive me out of my mind. I can barely think, I'm shaking so badly." Drew he can be um... quite crash and mean at times, "I can put my d*** in you. You can suck me off,"  -I wince- "I can go down on you until you scream my name," he adds with a sneer, "But the very idea that I might try to kiss you in public is so horrific to you that you actually effing flinch away. " When these two are good they're so good and sweet and I loved it, "I push it all aside because she's here. I'm not alone, and I don't care if I have to down five painkillers, I'm having her tonight." I think Kristen will exceed very well in this genre like she does her paranormal books and I'm really excited that she decided to branch out and try something new.

Perfect Stranger by KB Alan

You know when you're standing in line like at the grocery store, bus stop or whatever line you happen to be in and get bored yeah, this book fills that time frame that's how short, sweet and to the point it is. Which I happen to like because let's face it I hate standing in line being bored out of my mind. Eric he's a different kind of Dom one that lives outside peoples expectations, "you should probably go home. But I'd like to see you again. When you're ready. Both inside the club, and outside." He wanted to see where this might go." I mean the boy has some brass balls, but he's just different and I liked that, "you're staring at my naked d***." I hope KB has some more little novella's like this to pass the time in those dreadful lines.

Wicked Thing by Angeline Kace

Dallas, that boy sure has some stamina, "a minute later, her legs slide down my hips, so I give in and pull away from her so she can sit up. S***! It's cold. My balls try to shrivel into my stomach. "Give me a second. I'll put on a new condom and we can go again." He's so gentlemanly as well, "but there's no way I'm going out there by myself. You're walking me out." He adjusts himself again and replies with a husky laugh before opening the door and leading me out toward the front." I enjoyed this book I really loved Dallas I want one someone get me my own Dallas. 

Sweet on You by Laura Drake

I like how Cam rethinks things when Katya is concerned, "the vision of Katya, standing in the doorway, proud, primitive and pi**ed had burned onto the backs of his eyes. Every time he closed them, he saw her. Now there's a woman. Maybe it was time to update his type." He's such a flirt, "his breath brushed her ear, making her shiver. "You can trap me in your room anytime you'd like." Sometimes Katya has to check some things on her own, "I'm not sure. let me check..." She skimmed the skin of his ribs and traced the curve of his hip to where he lay turgid, but not yet hard. His pe**s jumped under her hand. "I'd say it's getting better by the second." I enjoyed this book and Cam.

On the Record by K.A. Linde

To me Off the Record was so much better than this one but once Brady entered the scene it didn't matter because I missed him so damn much, "you don't call me crying in the middle of the night after not speaking with me for months, and then tell me I can't see you. I can't handle it, Liz," he growled. She gasped lightly at the way he said her name. "I said I'm coming to get you." He's not a force to be reckoned with, "goddamn it, Liz. Get in the car!" he yelled. "I didn't get out of my meetings for the night and drive thirty minutes out of the way for you to tell me to go home. Now get in the car." I did enjoy this book but only when Brady was on the scene other times not so much. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Red Blooded by Amanda Carlson

Yeah I totally focused on Rourke more than anything else, and I mean who wouldn't it's Rourke for crying out loud, "Jessica," Rourke yelled, leaping over several downed demons and moving toward me quickly. He scooped me up in a tight embrace, his hands covering my back and neck, his lips falling by my ear. "I'm so glad you're still in one piece." He smelled so god. My wolf howled in pleasure. It was hard not to attack him, but that had to wait." I love a man who can tell it like it is, "all bets are off the next opportunity we get to ourselves. Being connected to you is the most important thing I don't give a s*** about anything else." He held me tightly against his length. "I'm taking you." He leaned over. "Make no mistake about it." I slid my hand all the way down and cupped him, giving him a gentle squeeze. A low growl issued out the back of his throat." Obviously I focused on the romance more than the action adventure so this was an okay read for me I wanted more private time with Rourke and Jessica. 

Going Down by Elise Sax

Mack he tells it how he sees it, "you are skinny. You're got no a**, no boobs, and your collarbones are sticking out." Oh Mack and Marion have some funny moments: 
                 "You're really big," I note. 
                 "Oh, you have no idea," he says. To prove it, his hands slip under my a**, and he lifts me. He pushes me against his ever-growing bulge, which threatens to bust through his button-fly." 
He loves to demonstrate things, "this." He pushes me up against the car. His hands reach behind my thighs, and he lifts me up, fitting himself between my legs." And one scene killed me, "he furrows his brow. "I'm fine," he gasps, finally. "My testicles are tucked away next to my appendix now, but I'm fine." I feel guilty about kicking him. I hope the damage isn't permanent. I was planning on using that part of his anatomy." Short, sweet, entertaining and funny just the way I like my books.

Beast part 2 by Ella James

Our Beast of a man likes the keep momentos, " I move to tuck the thong into my bra, and he steps to me, snatching it away before I even pull the neckline of my blouse down. "mine," he says flatly." Our man is a crude one, "what kind of person aren't you, Angel? The kind of person who effs without a thought? Who spends half of the day flat on her back, being pounded to oblivion? Or is it me? You're not the kind of person who effs someone like me?" He also clears things up of Annabelle, "you're not a wh**e. You're my wh**e. If I want to pay you for your time, it's because I take care of what is mine." Ladies there is a bigger cliffhanger this time around so I'm anxiously waiting for part 3. 

A Thief in Venice by Tara Crescent

I adored this damn book so much and Antonio I loved that man hardcore, "she was so brave, so stubborn and so aroused, my sweet little thief. I was more than a little aroused myself." Lucia and Antonio's relationship is kinda unconventional but honestly that's what made this book fun, "I still want my painting back," she muttered under her breath. I laughed and reached for her again." Antonio likes to take care of his woman and his woman well she's an independent one, "you are angry that I took care of your dues?" he asked me. "You think this makes you my mistress?" A look of amusement rose in his eyes. "The position is currently vacant, sweet Lucia, are you applying?" I wouldn't mind a little update novel to see how their doing. 

The Rancher's Mail Order Bride by Nonnie Frasier

I loved this book and Patrick he's so playful, "a mischievous fire danced in Patrick's dark chocolate eyes. "Be care, woman, I don't want you mistreating my c***!" He's an all around good guy and he's caring, "good idea," he said. "I would hate to end such a perfect day itching with mosquito bites, especially in the more delicate areas." His eyes twinkled as he patted my naked bottom." Sometimes Ada has to coax her man into things but honestly I don't think her man minds one bit, "I stood, pulling Patrick into my arms. I drew my lower body into his groin and circled my hips so that I knew I'd hit the target. "How ya doing, honey? I know this isn't your first time," I whispered into his ear." I enjoyed this book a lot, I loved Patrick and Ada's relationship.  

BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Unforeseen Heartbeat & Bittersweet Catastrophe by Maureen Mayer

Title: Bittersweet Catastrophe (Second Chances #2.5)
Author: Maureen Mayer
Genre: New Adult/Coming of Age
Release Date: August 18, 2014

For•ev•er (fɔːˈrɛvə; fə-): without end; everlasting; eternally

It might have taken twenty-two years to find Liberty, but now that Shayne has her, he’s not willing to let her go without a fight.

Shayne and Liberty finally found their forever, leaving Shayne’s past indiscretions behind and moving forward to start a life together. But what if forever wasn’t truly in the stars for them?

What should be one of the happiest times in their lives as newlyweds quickly turns into a race against time. Liberty must choose between accepting her fate and protecting her family, and taking a risk that could ultimately end in more heartache.

Liberty’s decision will test the strength of their trust, but is it enough to keep Shayne from breaking down altogether and losing the woman he loves

Amazon / B&N

Maureen Mayer was born, raised and currently resides in Buffalo, NY with her loving and supportive family and boyfriend of 9+ years. She’s always had a love for the outdoors, and when the city isn’t buried under snow, she can be found hiking, fishing, camping or lying on the beach. She’s a sucker for off-color humor, but holds a sweet spot for sick and twisted horror films. When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up in bed with her kindle, diving into a steamy romance novel and falling in love with the latest book boyfriend.

Out of all the books in the series I loved this one, I just loved Hunter, "not right now, baby," he whispered, brushing his lips against my jaw and down my neck. "But one day I will have you just like this, with your gorgeous body spread across my car, in nothing but those sexy as eff stiletto heels you were wearing the night we met, while I worship every inch of you." Sometimes Hunter needs to just come out and ask what his woman wants, "baby," his voice lowered, deep and seductive, and a silly grin spread across his face," are you trying to say you want to have sex?" He's also so supportive of his girl's bodily actions, "babe, I was only kidding. You know I love when you dig your nails into me. It's hot as eff. Just try to avoid drawing blood next time." I'm hoping Brett is next on the docket of books.

*******************MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*************************************

Can I just say I loved Shayne's father, "oh man," he bellowed out, wiping the tears the brimmed his eyes, and stood tall with his hands propped up on his hips. "Son, I haven't laughed that hard since the first time you woke up with morning wood and thought your d*** was going to fall off." Liberty that girl is pushy when she wants something, "haven't you even heard the saying pregnant women have an increased sex drive?" she pointed down at herself, as if there were flashing arrows aiming directly at her sweet spot. "Um hello, uber pregnant woman here, dying to have her husband's d*** inside of her." I enjoyed reading this book, I liked seeing how Shayne and Liberty were getting on, I mean Marueen made my heart a stop a few times with couple of things, but I'm glad everything worked out.