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Elicit by Rachel Van Dyken

********************MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS************************************

I get Tex, I totally see where he's coming form but with that being said I think that he didn't need to be so bitter and well bitter toward Mo, "safe?" he snarled then threw his head back and laughed. 'Right, and you're so worried about my safety?" His eyes narrowed in on my hand. "Let go, Mo. I'm serious." I loved Tex, even if he was a bitter boy, I loved his sarcastic snottiness, "wow," Tex grumbled walking into the room. "Teaching my wife ways to torture me. Thanks Chase, but she does that by just breathing the same air and refusing to make eye contact with me." I love it sometimes when he gets riles up and a tad bit nasty, "why can't you just be a normal girl?" he raged pushing me against the wall, trapping me with his body. 'Why can't you go cry and spend money and drink wine? Throw darts at my face. Why can't you be normal?" Although I loved this book and Tex and Mo it's Mil and Chase that are still my favorite. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rogue by Katy Evans

I was so excited about this book and then I read it and it disappointed me a little. I mean I loved how alpha and sexy Greyson was, "I'm going to give you the effing of your life, princess." Don't get me wrong I loved reading the book but I felt something was missing, and to me it wasn't as good as Remy and Brook's story. I loved being inside Greyson's head that was probably my favorite part of the book, "eff me again, but she looks adorable, somehow vulnerable and playful. She makes me effing hot." He's also learning the ways of compromising, "you can do anything you want with my apartment as long as I get to do anything I want with you," he tells me in his most sexy voice." I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. 

Falling for Her Husband by Karen Erickson

Vince is one possessive man, "I wouldn't allow any other man to touch her, since she belongs to me." He says the sweetest things, "any time I have you naked in my bed, I'm happy, sweetheart." He took a step toward her, caressing her cheek before letting his hand drop. "Now go take your test. Let's get this over with."  He also has no filter, and he loves to show his woman his wild side, "you make us sound like a bunch of old folks going to the retirement home." He reached out and slipped his hand beneath the sheet, giving her toe a tug and making her yelp. "Give me a break, wife. If I want to eff you, I'm certainly going to eff you." I loved this book, I enjoyed reading it. I fell in love with Vince.

Outside the Lines by Bella Love

Johnny has met his match in Juliette, "you say eff too much." She turned to face the mountain. "You probably do eff too much. You should go to confession." Johnny he's a wild card, he's sexy and the boy doesn't like his boys not to have air if you get my drift ladies, "you like?" He shoved his jeans down a little way, revealing trim, toned buttocks. "You should try it sometime. When I'm around." He's a crude one but I have to say he takes crude to a whole new sexy, "he paused in grabbing his phone off the table. "Because I'm not done effing your brains out yet?" He looked over and added slowly, "are you done effing mine?" All I have to say is I want a Johnny of my own. 

Whatcha Gonna do with a Cowboy by Jodi Linton

Laney Briggs is back with her sexy cowboy and they're naughtier than ever, "I pinched his butt cheek and felt one big tent pole into my stomach. "I don't remember asking you for a backseat quickie." His voice wickedly smooth." Panties may be needed and I'm not talking about just for the naughty scenes but for reading about Gunner in general, "there's a reason you keep coming back for more." He tugged on my neck, closing the gap between our mouths. "Maybe it's time for a reminder." I loved seeing Laney and Gunner again those two are characters that you can't help but love and they sure aren't forgettable people. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Take Down by Mallery Malone

Either Gabriel has some major self control or the boy is just stupid when it comes to Kari, "the temperature's dropping," he said, taking a step back from her. "For both our sakes, we should join the others in the dining room for dessert." I loved how when Kari was feeling pain Gabriel wanted to do damage to the one that caused it, "she'd been crying. Anger swamped him as he took notice of the tears drying on her cheeks, the way she hugged herself as if trying to contain the pain. The urge to find her father and beat a lesson into the man burned through Gabriel but he forced the rage down." Kari can be a little temptress and can get Gabriel all flustered:
               "No. I mean, hell yes. I mean-" he broke off, thumping his head against the bed as she stroked him. "Eff me."
                "I'm trying to, but you keep stopping me." She cupped him again.
I really enjoyed this book and for a minute there I thought we were going to be left with a cliffhanger.

Texas Twist by Cynthia D' Alba

Alright I want Cash to be my damn cowboy, I loved him. I loved how easy it was for him to turn on the charm, "his gaze roved down her body and back up to her face. "Why are you in my house? And why don't you have on clothes? Not that I'm complaining, mind you." A wolfish grin spread across his mouth. "Nice T-shirt slogan." He also always thanks Jesus for his blessings, "the white wife-beater shirt was so thin that he could see the lace outline on her bra, but he muttered a quick, "thank you, Jesus" that she wore a bra." Paige is not a shy damsel and she works hard and I loved her, "here." She tossed the sheet on the leather sofa. "If you're that bashful cover up. Although I've seen a pe**s or two in my life." I will need to go back and read the other books in the series because I don't read a series in order. 

Rough Draft by Mari Carr

Jett he knows how to show how he's feeling, "cupping her hand in his, he forced her fingers around his c***. "Feel that, Rissa. That's yours. From now on, it's only yours." And his threats of punishment are just plain yummy, "he lifted his hips, coming back inside her with a fair amount of force. "You use that damn thing without me ever again and I'll flip you over my knee and spank your a**." Although I'm not sure what the cliffhanger was about. I thought the Eden books were stand alones but I guess some aren't.

Break Out by Nina Croft

I knew Ricardo and I would get along just fine from that boys snarkiness, "no, she's not bloody dead." Rico ran a hand through his hair. "Jesus, why does everybody think I go around killing people?" His uncanny ways of communication, "impotent?" His tone was incredulous, outraged. He flexed his hips, pushing his erection against her as if to prove his point. "I am no impotent. I have sex. Hot, sweaty, liquefying sex. And I have it often." Skylar is a cheeky little thing, and I loved how Rico knows how to use his body on his girl, "Skylar lost consciousness after her third orgasm. When she opened her eyes, it was to find Rico lying next to her on his back." I really loved the characters in this book. 

The Chronicles of Silver and Gold by L.L. Hunter

Lakyn he sort of redeemed himself in this book but surprisingly my eyes weren't on him, now were they really on Scarlett whose this book is really about but it was on Dystonn, and the passion, boy he sure is a passionate one, "losing control." And to prove it, his lips stole hers in the most passionate kiss they had ever had. His hands still held hers above, but his grip, loosened, letting Scarlett put her hands wherever she wanted." This book had action, romance, and I'm looking forward to the next one. 

Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie MGuire

Wow, this was sort of a let down for me, after Abby and Travis's book I was so excited to see that Trent was getting a book, but it was a tad disappointing. I mean Trent had some good qualities in him and I liked Cami, but their story just wasn't exciting like Travis's. Trent is like his brother Travis in some ways, they both treat their girls like queens, and they both love to see them get riled up, "I'm almost not sorry for making you mad. You're effing hot when you're angry." I'm hoping the next Maddox brother's book is more exciting and just more entertaining. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Miles by HJ Bellus

Willow may act like she doesn't care but deep down she does and I think Miles is perfect for her. I loved her attitude though, "I want a burger. You can have a beer. I'll let you stay here and eat." In a weird state Willow is a funny girl, "I have one last question. If I wasn't high as a kite or look like I've been kick boxed by an ape, you know, would you have shagged me today in that sexy a** car of yours?" Miles he's just sex on two legs I loved him right off the bat, "you have to quit nibbling on my ear while I'm driving. I'm positive that at any given moment I'll be going blind from this raging boner." I'm really hoping there's more to come from this series I'm just not ready for it to end.

The Zrakon's Bride by Linda Barlow

Kate's thoughts are sarcastic, "great, she though. I've been stripped by a sea dragon, and now the damn creature is trying to arouse me. Were the villagers watching this spectacle? Probably." The sea dragon is a bossy one, "also, you will remain at Mallochirn. You are mine. You cannot leave. Now lie down in the sand. Lie down and go to sleep." Kate I really liked her she was bold when she wanted something, "Ross," she said his name like a plea. "It doesn't matter who won the race. If you want to get naked right here in the maze, I won't say no." This book is different from other shape-shifter books I read and I found it really refreshing. 


It takes a special person to get you out of the darkness and revive you and Velvet is that for Nash. Nash he's just sexy, "you've no idea, baby. But I've got other body parts that are far more worthy of seeing, and anytime you're up for that viewing, you just call. Don't care what time of the day either." But with Nash's sexiness comes really bad demons, luckily, Velvet isn't one to shy away from speaking her mind, "eff you, a**hole." I turned my back and covered the distance to my locker to grab my bag. After I'd retrieved it, I turned back to him and spat, "and thanks for being a great friend and running off after you screwed me." After they work their s*** out I loved how they were together, "my a** hit Nash's erection and he groaned. "See what you do to me, sweet thing," he murmured, sleepily." Also I loved the texting they did with each other and how it always affected Nash, "you can't effin' send me a text like that and then ignore the eff out of me, woman." I love this series I love all the characters and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Levine, is an Aussie author who writes stories about hot, alpha men and the tough, independent women they love.
When she isn't creating with words, she loves to create with paint and paper. Often though, she can be found curled up with a good book and some chocolate.

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Taste by Cambria Hebert

Spencer takes his job to protecting Elle onto so many levels the first being he'd commit murder, "his hand covered mine and wrapped around it, squeezing my fingers. "Thank effing God," he said. "I thought I was going to go to jail for murder." The second being able to see Elle in compromising positions, "now is not the time to try and seduce me, Elle," he deadpanned. "I need to see how badly you're burned." The third getting to help her in those compromising positions:
             "Wait 'til you see the inside of my shower," he said, coming up and wrapping his arms around me.
             "And what is so special about his shower?" I asked. 
            "I'm going to be naked in it." 
And finally the fourth he wants her with him at all times, "Spencer held up his hand and spoke, his voice hard and cold, leaving no room for argument. "She is a witness in a federal investigation. She's in danger, and I'm pi**ed off. She stays with me."  You've got to love a man who has a soft spot for his woman and is a total alpha. 

Impulsively by Colleen Masters

Brooks is one assertive man, "yes," he growls, cupping my chin and forcing me to meet his gaze. "I am. And even if you won't admit it, I know you want me to. Denying that won't make it any less true, babe." He's just a carefree bird no matter what the situation is, "yeah you did," he laughs, shaking his head, "you party hard. I appreciate that in a woman. Relax, would you? We had a great time." Well there is one situation that he's not so care free about and that's his girl's safety, "I do think," I say. "He knows where I live." With a low, primal growl, Brooks darts across the room and pulls on his jeans. A sudden glint catches my eye as he produces a menacing switchblade from his pocket." This was an alright read, it had action, steamy scenes, but I just wanted more from the MC themselves. 

At the Billionaire's Pleasure by M.G. Morgan

David that boy is all animal in the bedroom, "I'm going to cum in you, Carrie. I'm going to flood your c*** with my seed. Mark you inside as mine." Carrie she's not some fragile little flower, well she is about her body issues but the girl still knows how to stick up for herself, "I looked up into David's face. "So that is all I am to you. A piece of property. Just another thing that belongs to the great and wonderful David Ashcroft." I enjoyed the book it was okay, I mean there's two other books after this one so I can't wait to see how their story develops. 

Arouse by Nina Lane

This book was an alright read, when I read some of the reviews and read that Dean was an alpha male I was excited because I love that quality in my men, but I just didn't see a lot of alphaness, I saw protectiveness, "Jesus, Liv." He closes his arms tight around me. His breathing is hard against my ear. "I woke up and you were gone. You cell was off." There was one scene I totally found funny, and I don't think it was meant to be funny, "I've got you. I don't need pron." He scratches his head, looking baffled. "Where are we going with this? Do you want me to look at porn?" The ending had a little bit of a cliffhanger but I knew that because there's two more books after this one. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Red and Wolfe part 4 by Ella James

Panties are needed for this one ladies, well actually panties were needed for all of them, but this one you might need an extra, extra pair. Red, she brings something out in Wolfe that I think he tried to long bury and that's well compassion, and actual feelings, "Jesus." He digs his hands into his hair and turns away. When he turns back toward me, I can see him coming into himself. "Effing Christ," he says. "I need to clean you up." Of course the boy is still a dirty one, but he's a dirty one with feelings and likes to get his girl excited, "you're asking for a thorough effing, Red. My c***, your pu***. Now." This one had more action than the others so it wasn't all about the sex, and you're emotions got involved as well as your inner organs. 

Red & Wolfe part 3 by Ella James

This time around Wolfe was more crude than he normally is, and I think he's trying to hide what he's starting to feel for Red, and like a typical man he doesn't want to admit it to himself, so he uses his crudeness, "I don't want to talk about art, Red. I don't want to hear you talk about it, either. What I want is for you to suck my d***." Did I mention the extreme measures the boy goes to, to make sure Red is alright and Red well she's a tad bit ditzy when things like that occur, "he stands, water sluicing down his chest and stomach, following his happy trail and dripping off his half-erect c***. I'm gawking like the pervert I am when his eyes find mine and widen. 'What the eff are you doing?" Next book please.

Red & Wolfe part 4 by Ella James

Panties are needed for this one ladies, well actually panties were needed for all of them, but this one you might need an extra, extra pair. Red, she brings something out in Wolfe that I think he tried to long bury and that's well compassion, and actual feelings, "Jesus." He digs his hands into his hair and turns away. When he turns back toward me, I can see him coming into himself. "Effing Christ," he says. "I need to clean you up." Of course the boy is still a dirty one, but he's a dirty one with feelings and likes to get his girl excited, "you're asking for a thorough effing, Red. My c***, your pu***. Now." This one had more action than the others so it wasn't all about the sex, and you're emotions got involved as well as your inner organs. 

Red & Wolfe part 2 by Ella James

Wolfe I just can't get enough of him and his dirty talk, "you look like you need a good effing. Is that true Red? Even from a stranger. You'll accept a thorough effing. Take the pleasure that I give you." Yes the boy is a tad bit crude but honestly that's what makes his character. Red her smart mouth needs some taming and I think our boy Wolfe is up for the task, "it was very nice, okay? You're a total stud. In every way. And I enjoyed myself. I'm not going to lie about it. I'm sure I couldn't if I tired." I'm ready for more. 

Red & Wolfe by Ella James

Oh yeah I'm totally going to love this series, that actually doesn't shock me because any book I read by Ella I love. Red, is something else, "God, this is so my luck. Some a**hole poses as my grandmother, and now you want to steal her island from me. You're like...the big bad wolf." These two had chemistry right when they first met and well Red she does a little investigating, "another glance up at Race's back and a**, and I'm distracted by the bulge I imagine is still straining against his pants." Now our boy may be an a** but he's a sexy a**, "I rock against her and groan my words. "Bad first impression, baby." On to the next one I go.

Undressed by Jen Frederick

Compared to the first time we met Noah and Grace the hot meter got way hotter. Grace I liked how she became more bold, to me in the first book she was timid, that is not the case this time around, "they sexy look made my semi harden further. Good thing the zipper was already down. "Maybe you need a different kind of massage." Grace pressed her hand more firmly against my, and I felt my d*** pulse in response." As you can tell we get Noah's point of view as well as Grace's. Noah is still caring but we see a more alpha side of him, "baby, you're cold. Let me clean you up." My girl needed to get under the covers. I pulled up one side of the comforter and then rolled off the bed, heading to the bathroom." We also see a more animal side to Noah, "her inner thighs had streaks of come on them and part of me didn't want to wipe them away. Part of me, the Neanderthal part, wanted to scoop every swimmer up and push them back inside of her." I'm hope Jen does a little novella with Bo and Gray in their point of views because honestly I love these boys, and maybe Josh can get a book to.

Wayward Fighters Box Set by J.C. Valentine

I think Jami likes to get a rise out of his woman, "sorry." Even slower than before, Alyson continued on her path easing the pack down the front of his shorts. She froze at the path or wiry hairs. "You're not wearing any underwear?" She hissed, her eyes widening on his." I loved the alpha-ness vibe Jami sent off it was really sexy, "he growled low in his throat and one hand slid lower, cupping between her legs. "Pretty young women who let me strip them naked in my gym and eff them in my ring." The ending gave off as there was more to the story, so on to the sequel I go. 
Alyson that girl can be shy but she doesn't like others into her and Jami's private business if you get my meaning, and Jami he just wants the world to know Aly's his girl so of course he doesn't care who knows they're having sex, "what? that we were going to have sex?" He took a step toward her. "That I'm going to lay you down on this bed and eff you. All. Night. Long?" I loved his reactions to her texts while he's away, "Jami's response was nothing short of expected. "Are you trying to get someone killed? Because I am this close to flying home right now and kicking the a** of every guy there just for looking at you." The ending was much better in this one as it didn't leave you wanted for more, well maybe more of Olivia and Spencer.

First and Forever by Alyssa Rose Ivy

It was great seeing where Levi and Allie began and in wait for it....LEVI'S POINT OF VIEW!! Anyone who knows me knows I love my Crescent Chronicle men! Levi is still taking the cake in my heart, "oh, I only noticed the one." Had there really been someone else with her?" He's a cocky thing, but we already knew that, "I've got to find her. She might even be worth a second night." Or a third." Even in the beginning he would do anything for Allie, "a wolf? As if she was dealing with something that tame. "Only if you're Red Riding Hood." I'd pretend to be a wolf if it involved her." The man is just horny, "Leviathan. But you can call me whatever you like." Hell, she could call me a wolf if she was doing it in my bed." I hope this is the start of like a little mini-series where we get into his mind more, as his relationship with Allie grows.
Forever takes off right where First ended, and Levi it was entertaining seeing him try to woo his girl, "those things? Our wings? Yes, we can put them away." If it was just the wings freaking her out I could take care of it. I retracted them." He doesn't like when others tell his woman that she should stop touching him, "she can manhandle me all she wants." I reluctantly turned back, I wanted her hands on me all night. "You ready to go home or do you want to see more?" I already spoke to Alyssa about how disappointed I was how at the end it skip through all the other books to their wedding, I really wanted Levi's point of view on two of my favorite scenes I think it would be a spoiler for those who haven't read the series to state what those two scenes were but Alyssa has got them. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Payback by Shyla Colt

This one I liked more than the first one, there was more content, and more depth to the characters, and we saw Ardy change into a beautiful woman that knew how to stand her ground, "it's bulls*** for you to come in here, demand we pack, snap at the kids and not tell me s***. I don't give a eff about the rules. If I'm not okay, how can I make sure they're okay?" Demon the boy still has a major hard-on for his girl and is all about showing her that, "Demon pulled away and released her. "Stop looking at me with those eyes, baby. We don't have the time. I need to get you to my place and then get back on the streets." He also likes to pretend he's in charge when really it's Ardy although there is one thing Demon is always in charge of and that's the bedroom, "one of two things need to happen. You need to get on birth control, or we're making a baby." I enjoyed this one so much better and I'm kind of hoping a story will happen between Lefty and Gia. 

Dual Desires by Shyla Colt

Demon he you know takes awhile to thaw out, "good, I hate it when a woman takes forever. The kids are going to be driving with Danielle. So, you're coming with me." I liked his sweet side that Ardy brought out, "but you have to be sure. Because once I start, I won't stop until I'm satisfied and you've sampled everything I have to offer. It could take awhile." Not a lot of notes or highlights as it's only 48 pages, even though it was short it had a beginning, middle, and sort of an end. I wish that there had been more content as to how Ardy was getting along with Demon because after one scene it jumps a few months I wanted the gap filled when it jumped. Overall I liked this book I was just wishing there was more content. 

Bite Me, I'm Yours by Stacy McKitrick

I thought John was just too compassionate as a vampire, I didn't really see the alpha side of him that I was hoping to see, "ah, Sarah. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm sorry I wasn't upfront earlier. But I'm not sorry for loving you. You're the best thing to happen in my life. Can you ever forgive me?" I mean there was some possessiveness there just not a lot of alpha in him, "he closed his eyes. Rage boiled inside him. That man had done nothing but hurt her from the day they met. "I knew I should have killed him." The book was an alright read for me.

Darkness Bound by J.T. Geissinger

Jack, she has a lot of balls, "looking him right in the eyes, she softly asked, "How are you going to eff me first, Hawk?" All the blood drained from his face." I mean the girl just doesn't seem to care when she's with Hawk, "she unzipped her jeans and shucked them off, leaving them on the floor. "Bathroom? Or do I just pee out the window?" The horror on his face made her giggles turn to laughs." This book was different from what I thought it was and was just an okay read for me.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Taste of Darkness by Katie Reus

For someone whose been in Hell a long time Drake sure catches on quick when it comes to his woman, "she snorted. "You two are so obnoxious but you're right, it will. If you're going to be my Valentine then I expect chocolates. Lots of them." He'd already planned to get her some considering how much the female ate chocolate." I loved how much he wanted to please Victoria no matter what her requests were, "he sighed. "Fine. I will meet other females if it makes you happy but I only want to kiss you. I only want to be with you. I just need time to be worthy for you." If I could have I would have highlighted and marked all of Drake's dialogue I just loved how he spoke, "Drake looked smug, pulling her close. "Growl all you want. The sound is...appealing." Not many of the heroes we read today are inexperienced so I thought it was refreshing to see Drake struggle with the concept, "I was worried I might hurt you during sex. I spoke to Conall this morning and he told me...he explained that..." To her surprise, his ears tinged crimson." I'm really going to like this series and I want Bran's story next.

The Soldier's E-Mail Order Bride by Cora Seton

Austin sometimes puts his foot in his mouth, "that's right. From here on in you're a rancher's wife. You could use a little meat on your bones." He bit into another chip, feeling heat climb up his throat. Had he actually just made that idiotic statement?" Ella she's the type of girl to go after what she wants, and what she wants is her man, "she got his belt unbuckled, pulled the button on his waistband free and slipped her hand inside. He was hard and ready. "How will I know how to act like your wife if you haven't effed me?" Austin he cheats at games, "hotter than this?" Austin tore off his shirt and flexed his muscles. Ella, in the middle of another pull-up didn't quite make it up. "Yeah, I didn't think so." I enjoyed reading this book. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Hot Streak by Cecilia Tan

I thought Tyler and Casey's relationship progressed a little too fast and then I thought that the problem Tyler didn't tell Casey had worked itself out too fast, I mean it also ended abruptly leaving you asking what happened with Tyler's situation? Tyler I loved his character, "he nuzzled in her ear as he spoke, as he stroked her. "Well, it is, but it usually refers to guys who are stingy with giving, if you know what I mean. I'm not one of those. If you want to come, just say 'Tyler, make me come,' or something like that." I liked the relationship Casey and Missy formed from the bonding at the ballpark. This was just an okay book for me. 

Once Perfect by Cecy Robson

I loved Mateo, "I'm not supposed to mess around close to a fight." His fingers skimmed my arm and his sizzling gaze traveled downward. "But you and that dress are making it hard." I loved the chemistry Evie and him had, "my nails skimmed the borders of his tats where they extended into his shoulders, then trailed down to his pecs until they dropped to tease his washboard abs. He watched my movements. "Do you like what you see, baby?" It's like he got all offended when she thought he didn't want other to know about them, but I liked how he straightened it out quickly, "he stopped eating. "No. I want people to know you're my girl." He frowned. "Do you think I want one of those punks always checking you out to put the moves on you?" I would love it if Sofia's book was next, there is a lot of potential there. 

Cowgirl Crazy by Becky McGraw

Some parts of this book were so entertaining that you almost pi** yourself laughing, "glad to be the comic relief, but my effing eyes are on fire, and my nuts are up in my throat. Think you could help a poor, dumb ba*****d out when you're done?" Ryan he's just dumb sometimes like seriously why does he have to make Twyla spell out obvious things? "You've never put a condom on a man?" he asked, then his eyes lit up, and his eyebrows raised. "Are you on birth control then?" I liked the playful side of Ryan the most, "don't you know better than to poke the bear darlin?" He shoved his hips forward to press his rock solid erection to the side of her thigh. "He might poke back," he drawled in a sexy, sleepy voice that did things to her insides." I really did enjoy reading this book and can't wait for more.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

His Games, Her Rules by Charlene Groome

Ty is a persistent thing and that boy just doesn't give up, "Ty leans over the ledge. "Okay, so maybe tonight's not a good night. How about tomorrow night?" he pushes. "Closer to the weekend. Friday night? Hold on, that won't work...Maybe Saturday night? What kind of food do you like? Italian? Greek? Chinese?" Ty is the type of man who at times can be a damn push-over which isn't always a bad thing, "so, where does this lead us? We can be more secretive if that's what you want. I'm fine with that. It could be interesting. Listening to people talk and us denying it..." He's also the type of man who knows how to take care of his girl, "Ty jumps up and says. "I have to check on dinner!" He gets out of bed and dresses as he races into the kitchen." I really enjoyed Ty and I can't wait to see what this author has to offer in this series. 

At Bluebonnet Lake by Amanda Cabot

I liked Greg, "say yes, Kate." Greg bent his head and whispered in her ear. "I know you won't be working on a Sunday afternoon. That's why I picked today for our outing." This book was okay, to me it was too cutesy, and too sweet. It also wasn't what I was expecting, I mean Greg is the perfect gentlemen and the book is in Texas I was hoping for a little cowboy action, but I think I misread the blurb. 

Fetching Love by Tamara Hoffa

This one was a little longer which means I liked it more, it had more of a story and more in depth of the characters. Chad that boy is something else, "yep. I'll take you anywhere you like. Maybe you could wear a dress for me and I could get a glimpse of those sexy legs of yours I've been dreaming about being wrapped around my waist." I just loved how he was with Megan, "I'm definitely hungry now," he growled. "Let's eat." Chad stepped back, but kept hold of her waist with one hand, guiding her toward the entrance to the restaurant." I also loved that he wasn't afraid to show his intentions, "does it have a bed? Because that's the only amenity I need right now. Well, indoor plumbing would be nice, but I'm willing to rough it." I really enjoyed this book. 

Roping Love by Tamara Hoffa

Damn I love it when a man admits he's wrong, well I meant he hasn't actually spoken the words but it's in his mind, "damn. He had really effed things up between them. Why hadn't he taken her calls again?" I love a woman who speaks her mind, "oh, please. Spare me the phony come on lines. What, is it a slow night on the circuit and you figured why not tap a sure thing? I don't think so, not interested. Go find some other woman to rope and ride. See you around cowboy." This was too short, I wish it was longer so the story could have been more in depth, and more background. I think everything happen too fast which is the reason I wished it had been longer. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Deep End by AM Hartnett

At the beginning this book was just weird to me, it may not be weird to others, but it was just weird. Jacques has to have control there is no room for negotiation or arguments, "the conversation is over, Miss Neely. You should be focused on what you can do for me, and right now you can show me how you finger-eff yourself." I don't think Jacques means to hurt people he just is brutally honest, "do you want me to treat you like some sort of wh***?" Out of nowhere, he suddenly sounded angry. "To bring you here like I do the others? To keep you and pay you so I can do what I want to you?" Deep down he is a caring guy he just shows it strangely, or actually he just doesn't know how to show it, "he slid his hands to her a** and cradled her as she started to rock. He squeezed down and she winced. His dark brows came together in a sharp line. "I did hurt you." Personally I think Jacques is a deep person and doesn't know how to really show emotions. I liked reading this book after it got over it's weirdness it had on me. 

Chase by Flora Dain

The big bad Wolfe is back and he's still not afraid to state what he wants, "his eyes darken. "Me too. But I need you. I need you here. And know what? I need you now." Sometimes I think he's jokes just aren't funny, "he grins. "Where do I start? A false call-out to a fake stalker, bed and board to keep you out of trouble both real and imaginary, the exquisite torture of having to watch your highly spankable little a** making it's way up my staircase and through doorways with no chance of me seeing to it. Shall I go on?" He knows how to let his woman know that she is surely wanted anytime, "allowed? You're essential. And I want to see you. Get that delectable little a** round here." He drops the phone and captures my other arm, pinning me to his chest." He gives strange reasons for wanting to fly her off where ever he is, "because I might fancy a eff. Or a blowjob. Or a poem. I might need you without warning, just for some intelligent conversation, or to watch me shave. How should I know?" Even though a third book is coming out this was a great ending where you wouldn't have to read the third book. 

Craving Absolution by Nicole Jacquelyn

Cody he was something else and I loved him for it, "shut up," he said in a low growl as he advanced on me, reaching me as my back hit the front door. "You were worried about me." His mouth was on mine before I could reply." He's just I loved him there's no other words to describe how I felt, "you want me to eff you so you'll go into labor?" he asked incredulously, reaching for the button on his jeans. "Well, s***, I'll just drop my pants and you can go to effing town then!" This is one author I always look forward to reading I love her series and I can't wait to see whose next on the docket! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Reject Me by Jennifer Foor

I loved how Jamey was trying to change his ways but at times I thought he was going about it the wrong way, "I jumped off the bed and grabbed ahold of her before she could leave the room. "Just wait a minute. I get that we're effed up, but ain't this what you want? Tell me it didn't feel good to be back in my bed again, baby. You know I'm right, don't ya?" I loved how Peyton finally voiced her opinion and stuck up for herself, "because you slept with them. Don't you get it? You've destroyed me time and time again. I feel like an idiot. You were out effin' girls while I sat in your bed waitin' for you. How many times did you come home and eff me right after them? How many?" There were some parts that broke my heart but I loved reading this book. 

The Alpha's Heart by R.E. Butler

Acksel may not be able to be with his woman but the thought of someone hurting her, is well pure murder in his mind, "Acksel barely stopped a snarl or outrage. Brynn had been hassled? Unacceptable! He might not be able to be with her, but that didn't mean that he wanted her to be harmed." I loved how he explained things to Brynn it was just sexy, "when I make you mine forever, Brynn, when I mark you fully as my mate, I'm going to sink my fangs into your beautiful neck while we make love." I also loved his reactions and his wolf's reactions to their woman, "his wolf was prowling under his skin, urging him to either hunt or strip their mate. "I feel like your mate, Acksel. But I already felt like that, since you sexed me up so well before we came outside." Growling, he kissed her, shoving his wolf aside for a moment longer to enjoy the moment." I either want Mal or Mia's story next those two caught my attention while reading. 

Shipwrecked with the Billionaire Rockstar by Victoria Wessex

Adam sure has one smart kitty, "Ozzy clung on even tighter, and hissed in my ear as if to tell me exactly what he'd do to me if I slipped and dumped him into the water." Adam he's not self conscious at all, "Adam was still equally naked, all powerful, rippling muscle and - I quickly glanced in the other direction. Something else had arisen early. Adam glanced down at himself. "I can't help it," he said in a low growl. "You have that affect one me." He's also one to give his woman what she wants, "if my girl wants a coconut," he told me, "she shall have a coconut." He was ten feet up, now, hugging the tree like a lover with his arms and legs." I enjoyed reading this book it kept me entertained. 

The Underworld by Lizzy Ford

For being the Dark One and not having any feelings he sure is angry his woman his missing, "my mate is newly blood bound. She will weaken quickly," growled the Dark One. "She doesn't have more than three days." Gabriel I missed him and I think the boy is coming around to his woman as well, "that's...good," he managed. She went to sheathe the blade and dropped it, point down, on the floor. "Oh, gods, woman, be careful with that s***," he grumbled." I love how Darkyn shows his affection, "he pulled her roughly into his hard body, and his fangs lengthening the way they did when he was preparing to feed. "I surrendered my power at the gates of the underworld, and I haven't eaten or effed in three days. What do you think, blood monkey?" He's also one that likes to think he's still the bossman when really his woman holds his balls, "he raised an eyebrow. "As long as you know there will be many, many heirs." He bit her again. "As many as there are stars, because I plan to eff you every time I see you." I can't wait to see what's next. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sugar on the Edge by Sawyer Bennett

Gavin is just one of those people who follows their own rules, who doesn't care what others think, "'s just. Maybe you should get dressed first before we talk." I blink a few times, trying to register what she's saying, and then drop my own gaze to casually peruse myself. Well, what do you know? I'm only wearing a pair of boxers with the fly gaping wide open, and my c*** is sticking out half erect." Gavin has brass balls and just says what's on his mind, "are you saying that you're okay with just a eff between us? You don't need a romantic dinner and candlelight? Soft words...slow seduction?" I loved what he thought about his woman, you could tell he was very proud of her, and she just always kept his interest, "oh, eff...she's seducing the s*** out of me and has no clue. The fact that my sweetly timid Savannah is demanding me to she can see my straining c***, causes my head to fill with a thick fog of primal lust." He's also not one to hold back the compliments, "Christ, Sweet," he panted when I was done. I crawled back up to lay beside him on the bed with a satisfied smile on his face. "You give amazing effing head." I loved reading this book. 

A Fighter's Desire by L.P. Dover

This book is HOT, but the first half just didn't do it for me especially the ending. So I'm going to focus on the second half, I can't wait for Tyler and Gabby to get a longer version book, because it was a great introduction to these characters. Now I may not liked how it ended BUT I know Leslie won't leave us hanging which means another book is on it's way. It was really apparent that Tyler has feelings for Gabby, "Gabriella!" Completely naked, I rushed to the door and grabbed the handle... but it wouldn't turn. "Goddammit!" I shouted. "Gabriella, stop!" I'm hoping all the characters we met in this book get their happily ever after, I'm certainly rooting for Gabby and Tyler.