Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crushed by Dawn Rae Miller

I really like the fact the book is told in Fletcher's point of view, it's a nice change from all the female perspective books I read. I really laughed at Fletcher and Ellie's first meeting, Mr. Suave-man sure knows how to piss a girl off! 
              "I could pay you."
              "I'm not a prostitute," she snaps. 
I loved Ellie the girl has a temper and knows how to speak her mind, "You practically beg me to tutor you," she points to my book on my desk. "And then, when I'm here, you have no interest in studying, but instead tell me about how the fight you got in was over Calista. And you can't keep yours eyes off my boobs." She gives a dry laugh. "Pretty frickin' unbelievable if you ask me."
Fletcher sure knows how to piss me off in some situations and I sat there as I was reading the book and kept asking myself  "what the hell is wrong with this boy?" He needs to get his crap together. I did enjoy reading the book though, I thought it ended a little to soon. 

Power of the Moon by Tina Carreiro

I enjoyed this book so much and I LOVED Mia's thoughts on first meeting Cole, "as she leaned back, she lifted her gaze slowly, from his boots to his eyes, not missing an inch. Oh. My. God. save a horse, ride a cowboy." I really do enjoy getting into Mia's head she amuses the crap out of me, "If I knew being interrogated was like this, I would have been a criminal." He smart mouth even amuses me, might not Cole but who cares, "Here Detective. I believe this is your property. The towel, that is - not me." But Cole that man sure has a jealous streak which I enjoyed reading about, "Your dance is over. Why don't you and your hair gel, go back over to your boyfriends and have a drink before I rip your head from your neck?" Needless to say I can't wait for the next book in this series! 

Taboo Kisses by Gracen Miller

Gracen warned me before I read this that it was very,very naughty, boy was she right, and it probably makes me weird but I enjoyed every second of it! Maximus I found I fell in love with him and his witty thoughts, "Take that and shove it up your ass you prick." Gabriel I fell in love with him right off as well. It made me happy to know Sameya has a jealous streak even though she's not sure if she wants to stay with the boys or not: 
                        "You ever sleep with them?"
                        The witch's eyes rounded. ""
                        Gritting her teeth, Sameya slashed her hand through the air in a 'stop' fashion. "Answer enough. Because you f***ed them, I can never be your friend." 
Gabriel has this protective side about him, well so doesn't Maximus but Gabriel's I think come out more, "Done. But so long as you understand I will guard you with my life, and I'll kill anything that even thinks of harming one hair on your head." I really did like this book Gracen kind of did scare me a little when she said it wasn't for the faint hearted which the book isn't, but I'm always willing to read and review ANY author's book especially Gracen's I really do love her writing, I can't wait to see what she writes next! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Focus by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Oh Levi I love you dearly, even when you're being a kind of possessive ass! "But it's not just any ring. It's my ring and plenty of people know that. Don't forget it." He's also a cocky boy which makes him VERY sexy, "It loos like I'm not the only one looking for a refresher. I could remove the shorts if you'd like." Then there's the honesty that I love about him, and he's not afraid to admit to Allie what he wants (do you know how hard it is to find that in a man now and days!) "You want me to tell you why I want to get you home? Not a problem. I want to get you home so I can undress you and get you into bed underneath me." I know the story was more about Allie trying to find out where she belongs in Levi's world and also trying to find out who she is but honestly Levi took over the book and I don't mind one bit, I love him to pieces. There were other characters that were memorable but Levi that boy sticks out like a sore thumb! I can't wait until the next book! 

Phantom By Laura DeLuca

Me loving "Phantom of the Opera" as much as Becca I knew I would love her right off, but it wasn't her that kept me interested in the book it was Tom and Lord Justyn who did with their banter back and forth and whose ego is bigger. "I'm sorry, Tom. I forgot a moment that you have a limited vocabulary. I'll make an effort to use only one-syllable words when you're around. What I was trying to saw was - maybe Becca's not interested in you." Well maybe it was more Lord Justyn who kept me entertained in the book then Tom he well he's ego his truly huge! Lord Justyn I really loved as he seemed so sweet and he knows the right thing to say, "Well, if you ever do decide to faint, Becca, I'd be more than happy to sweep you up and carry you away." There were a few heart stopping moments in the book which I liked but I don't think my heart did, but hey it made the book interesting. I can't wait for the second book to come! 


Monday, January 28, 2013

The Lonely By Tara Brown

This book was naughty, naughty and an emotional roller-coaster. Wholly crap was it emotional! Everything that comes out of Sebastian's mouth I love, "Now stop trying to scare me off with talks of having kids and area rugs and shit. I'm not going anywhere." There were so many memorable characters and normally it's the hotties of the stories I fall in love with or find the most entertaining but this time is was our female main character Em/Sarah (yes having two names is confusing, but if you read the book you'll understand why.) She was...well she stuck out and I really liked that, "Since you messaged me this morning and told me to stop being a pain in the ass? Good." Then there was Eli who at times I want to kill but other times I just wanted to grab hold of that boy and NEVER let go. He had flaws yes, but when he was sweet the man was oh so sweet, "Never again. This isn't me leaving you. This is me choosing you." Did I mention there is NO CLIFFHANGER! It is a for for Ms. Brown I assure you!! 

Cover Reveal: Crimson Flames by Ashley Robertson

I think this cover is pretty KICKASS!! 

Half-vampire Abby Tate is determined to learn more about the sorceress powers that were awakened inside her when she was turned into a vampire—making her a whole new hybrid species. There’s a group of rogue vamps banding together and forming a Resistance against the vampire governing body, The Head Council, and Abby’s newly discovered powers are the key to the Council’s victory. Now the Resistance will do anything possible to remove the hybrid threat, and with no other options, Abby is forced to rely on the aid of the Council, yet can she trust the very vampires that hunt for her human lover? And even worse, can she fight the unwelcome attraction that’s growing between her and one of those ancient vampire rulers?

MY STOMACH CLENCHED as I sensed the vampire’s approach. He was close. So close I could feel the thrum of his power vibrating along my skin. The hairs on the back of my neck rose, and I knew if I was going to use my power for defense, then I needed to bring it forth now. I closed my eyes, forcing myself to breathe as deeply as I could—which thankfully had gotten easier with practice. I focused on the energy inside me, willing it to the surface, and as I felt it swelling, building like an approaching storm, I threw out my hand, gripped Stone’s shirtsleeve, and urged him to the floor. “Get down! He’s here!”
Stone raked me with a look that told me he was not too pleased, but then fear swept over his face when he realized just how little time we had.
The wooden door to the pub suddenly burst open—bits of wood and dust raining down from the force. Even though Stone should’ve cowered behind me—since his gift of reading blood wasn’t something he could fight with—somehow he’d found some bravery and boldly stood by my side. Though I appreciated it, I didn’t like it, and desperately wished he had listened to me. But I couldn’t think about that and call forth the fire within me at the same time. So I pushed Stone to the back of my mind with the silent promise of dealing with him later. Then I returned my attention to the power building inside me. One last deep breath and my heart shuddered to life inside my chest, making a rhythmic pattern with my faux breathing. A tingling warmth spread from head to toe, then settled on my awaiting hands. Seconds later, there was a glowing orb of fire (about the size of a basketball) cupped inside my palms. And just as the vampire appeared through the settling fog, I called out, “Not another step, Tristan, or it will be your last!”
“I think you should reconsider your threat,” Tristan shot back. “We are on the same side.”
That I sincerely doubted, but I knew killing a member of the Head Council would definitely put me on the “Most Wanted” list. Which I might already be on, since I’d helped the human this vampire was here to claim escape.
“She’s not bluffing!” Stone said through a snarl. I wanted to glare him into silence, but I refused to take my eyes off of the vampire standing in the broken doorway, wearing a black Armani-looking suit—now lightly covered with dust. It was a custom for all members of the Head Council to wear black suits, but each of them would wear shoes and an undershirt of their own choosing. I guess it was a way to express their individual personalities. Yet this one seemed to express himself through his spiked, platinum blond hair, not the basic black undershirt and matching boots—which were much more boring compared to what I’d seen a few of the other Council members wearing. But this vampire was far from boring. He was a tracker for the Council—one of the best hunters on earth. And he was after my human boyfriend.
“You know why I’m here, Abigail,” Tristan bit out. “The human was here.”
I felt my gaze narrow as I carefully took a step forward, the ball of flames growing hotter in my hands. “Yes, he was. It’s my fault he wasn’t captured.”
“That’s not exactly true,” said Stone as he moved up beside me.
I stole a few deep breaths, fighting the urge to throw my fireball at him instead of the blond vampire in the suit.
“Please explain!” Tristan ordered with impatience. But as Stone attempted a reply, he was cut off. “Not you! I want to hear this directly from Abigail!”
“Abby,” I corrected, feeling sweat forming above my brows and pooling between my breasts.
The blond vampire smirked, folding his arms in front of his chest.
“I did not restrain him because I do not believe he will be kept safe once in your hands,” I went on. “And until I can prove his innocence in all of this, I feel it’s best that he stay far away from you.”
A tinge of red formed a ring around Tristan’s irises as he scowled. “That is not your decision. He must pay for his involvement with those rogue vampires, including Bronx. He cannot get away with helping them try to destroy our stronghold.”
“I made an agreement with the other Council members,” I reminded him. “Doesn’t that count for something? Your word is nothing if your actions do not back up what you say.” My voice was getting louder, my patience thinning. And the angrier I got, the more difficult it became to control the fire in my hands.
“Yes. We have a deal,” Tristan assured. “We will not kill him or harm him—just as we told you—but that does not mean he won’t be punished some other way.”
“I don’t believe you,” I snapped.
Stone put his hand on my shoulder. “Abby, maybe you should—”
In a flash of movement, the vampire closed the distance between us and held Stone in a headlock from behind with his fangs hovering over my friend’s neck. And since it wasn’t to drink Stone’s blood, since Stone was also a vampire, then that meant it was a threat to rip out my friend’s jugular. From there it would be too easy to finish Stone by ripping off his head. And that’s when my patience snapped. There were only two ways to kill a vampire—burning to death or decapitation—and he was about to find out firsthand just how very dangerous I was. Sure, he could threaten to kill my friend, but he’d be burned alive before Stone’s head hit the ground. I placed all my focus on the orb of heat in my hand, willing it to retract to half its size while intensifying, growing hotter, then I thrust it at Tristan’s face. In a blur of motion, he ducked, throwing Stone to the floor as the fireball grazed over his head, singeing the soft tips of his hair. A snarl erupted from his throat as his fiery gaze locked onto mine. There was a brief hesitation, burnt hair and musk filling my senses, then something similar to curiosity flashed over his eyes and he was airborne, plunging straight for me. My body shuddered as heat blasted out of every pore, radiating from me like invisible steam. Throwing his arms over his face, the vampire faltered midair and fell sideways, then jumped back once he landed and retreated by the door from which he’d entered. Satisfied I’d made my point, I pulled all the heat back inside me, then rushed over to Stone and helped him up. “You okay?” I asked.
He nodded by way of an answer, then ran his hand through his coffee-colored hair—which was completely messed up now.
My eyes narrowing, I fixed my gaze on Tristan across the bar by the door. “Do that again and I’ll kill you,” I warned.
Tristan brushed some of the dust off of his pants. “Abigail, I’d rather not have to repeat that again. Hopefully I’ve made my point by now,” he said, his mouth curling into an amused grin that nearly reached his eyes. The hints of crimson were gone—for now anyway. “I would not have harmed your friend, as I’m sure Mr. Rayver here is already aware.” He glanced at my disheveled friend, a smirk still pulling at his lips; then his gaze slid back to me. “Your powers make you far greater than just any other Enforcer. You are an equal with us. We should work side by side, you making the sixth, and final member, of the Council. But you must not argue with our protocol. If rules are broken, there are, and will always be, consequences. There are no exceptions to this. Ever. The rules of our kind are ageless. It’s been that way for centuries and shall remain that way indefinitely.”
Well that was news to me. I knew the Head Council wanted my services, but I’d thought they just wanted me to be one of their many Enforcers. Enforcers were gifted vampires like me. Well, kind of. A few months ago I’d been kidnapped by an evil vampire named Bronx and turned against my will, which awakened the sorceress’s bloodline inside me, unbeknownst to me. But Bronx knew all about it, and he’d planned to use my powers to defeat the Head Council. Only I’d killed him before he got the chance. Later on, I’d learned about my real mother being an all-powerful sorceress and how she’d used her magic to impregnate her vampire lover—my father. So I never really was just another vampire. Or even an Enforcer. I was always more than that. A whole new species altogether, a hybrid, and a hot commodity among the vampire world—since there was no other like me. Yet if the Head Council really wanted my partnership, then I just gained a whole lot of leverage. Anxiety curled through my belly. “If you want me to work with you, and of course the others, then I will need you to be more flexible. Rules are always in place for guidance, but we both know they are not in stone. Especially when I believe innocence is a key component.”
“When there is proof of one’s innocence, then we have a trial,” Tristan explained. “But there is no proof of that with this human.”
I thought about that for a moment. Sure, I didn’t have “proof” per se, but I had Tyler’s word. And though he’d lied to me about his alliance with Bronx, and the fact he’d known about my father’s death all along, for some crazy reason I believed him now. “Allow me the time to find the proof you require and I will consider partnering with you.”
Tristan shot me a lasered glare. His face softened but I had absolutely no idea what his thoughts were. Mind reading wasn’t one of my gifts—yet. Since no one could predict what other gifts I’d inherit.
“How can you possibly believe this human didn’t help those rogue vampires?” he asked at last.
Keeping my eyes on Tristan’s, I shook my head. “He was involved. I’m not saying I can prove that differently. He’s innocent of knowing what Bronx’s intentions were, what those rogue vampires’ intentions were.” I paused a moment to suppress some of the heat inside me, though I didn’t completely extinguish it just in case things got hostile again. “He thought he was helping them,” I went on. “He thought they were in trouble. He didn’t realize he was working for the bad guys until…until it was too late.”
Stone snorted in disbelief, but kept his mouth shut. Smart vampire.
Tristan’s eyes widened. “How can you possibly believe that? He must have you brainwashed!”
“That isn’t possible,” I told him.
“What are you speaking of?”—confusion in Tristan’s voice. “Bronx would have claimed you with his mind control had you not killed him first.”
 “No, it’s not possible to brainwash me,” I explained. “And that is how I was able to kill Bronx.” Saying that struck a pang inside my chest: I didn’t want to be a murderer any more than I wanted to be a vampire, err hybrid. “I have the ability of blocking powers.”
A wave of surprise flashed over Tristan’s face. “There is so much to learn about you, Abigail,” he said.
“So do we have a deal?” I asked, taking a couple steps toward him.
Tristan raised a brow. “How much time are you asking for?”
“As long as it takes,” I replied instantly. “I have a feeling you and the others will delay me, since we are all curious to learn more about my powers.”
Tristan closed his eyes momentarily, presumably using his telepathic powers to confer with the other members of the Council. I stole a moment to look at Stone. He was shaking his head slowly, azure eyes with hints of red wide with shock. I shrugged my shoulders warily, knowing fully that to keep Tyler safe, I’d break this deal and the neck of anyone who attacked him. Obviously Stone knew that too.
“We have a deal,” Tristan finally announced.
I smiled. Relief flushed through me as the remnant heat within finally extinguished. Moments later, my breathing slowed and my heartbeat completely stopped. Oh the joys of being a vampire hybrid. “I have one more favor to ask,” I said, a whole new confidence exuding in my voice.
Stone called out, “Abby, what are you—”
“Silence, Mr. Rayver,” Tristan stated. “I am very interested in what Abigail will ask for now.”
“I want to speak to Madelaine. Will Elliott do that for me?” My real sorceress mother, Madelaine, had died long ago, and I’d never even had the chance to meet her. My father and one of his female blood donors, all the while believing she was my mother, had raised me. And though I’d love for Elliott to connect me to my father, I simply couldn’t risk giving away the fact he was dead too. Who knew how that little piece of info would affect the deal I’d just made, or the innocence I wanted to prove for Tyler. Bronx killed my father. But it was because of Tyler’s gift of premonition that Bronx was able to find my dad in the first place. So I guess you could say Tyler did carry some of the blame. But he’d sworn that he never thought Bronx would’ve killed him. And I believed him, hopefully not foolishly. So far I was taking the news of my father’s death okay. Maybe my estranged relationship with him was helping me through the mourning process. After all, he’d left me when I was ten. Fifteen years later, I’d finally gotten a phone call from him, warning me I was in danger. I never had a chance to thank him for trying to help me…or see him again.
“Abigail,” Tristan said, bringing me out of those thoughts. “You’re going to make a great addition to our team. You’re already very good at negotiations.” He chuckled lightly. “It will be our pleasure to call upon Madelaine for you and an honor to introduce you to your real mother.” Holding out his hand, he moved closer, giving me a good view of his violet eyes speckled with the deepest of cobalt, not a trace of crimson in them, which calmed me further. “So we have a deal?”
I nodded, taking his hand inside mine. “We have a deal.” Then I asked, “When do we leave?”
His answer was one simple word: “Dusk.”
I felt my chest tighten as he said it, even though I’d somewhat expected that to be his answer. Moving to where Stone was behind me, I threw my arms around his neck and buried my face against the softness of his tee, yet I could feel the ridged lines of muscle just beneath. “I know I just got back here, but I promise we’ll have more time once this is all over. I will miss you,” I told him, my voice muffled.
He gently grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back, just enough for him to look at my face. “What in the hell are you talking about? Do you actually think you can get rid of me that easy?”
“What do you mean?” I asked, feeling confused.
“I’m coming with you.”
“No, you’re not!” Tristan shouted from behind me.
I shrugged as a plan formed in my mind. “Wait a second. I think it’s a great idea for Stone to come.”
“No,” Tristan repeated.
“Actually, sir,” Stone said, “I can be of help to both Abby and the Council. I can help look for the information Abby seeks to clear her human while she is tied up with business affairs with you. It would make her that much more available.”
I felt my eyes widen. That was actually better than my plan. “But you hate Tyler.” And he did—with a passion.
“Oh I still hate him, but I think the world of you.” Stone gently gripped my chin, caressing it between his thumb and forefinger.
A lone tear I hadn’t felt before dripped from my eye as I smiled. Stone let go to wipe it and I glanced over at Tristan. “Please allow Stone to come with us. He would be a true asset. And he is my friend. Please.”
Tristan was quiet for a short moment, face hard, eyes studying us intently. “Very well.”
“Where are we going exactly?” I asked.
“Boston,” Tristan replied. “We have a few stronghold locations, but we are operating out of Boston right now. It’s good to move around. Staying in the same place for centuries can get quite boring. And it’s not as safe.”
I nodded. I’d never been to Boston before, but I’d heard it was an interesting place. A huge part of me was looking forward to seeing it, checking out all the historic monuments, buildings, and the statue of Sam Adams, if there would be any time for sightseeing. With Stone coming, we would certainly accomplish twice as much, twice as fast. I trusted that he would work diligently on finding a way to prove Tyler’s innocence. Though Stone despised Tyler, I was certain that he cared enough about me to do as he said he would. Yet Stone wouldn’t be upset in the slightest if he was unable to find the proof we needed to clear Tyler’s name.
There was also the uncertainty over what kind of situation I’d be getting myself into with the Head Council. Learning vampire politics and more about the new species I’d become when Bronx turned me…well, that could take more time from me than I could ever imagine. Plus meeting my mother for the first time and finding out more about her set my emotions swirling with anxiety.
I closed my eyes and let out a deep, long sigh. Just take one thing at a time, Abby. One thing at a time. Quit worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. Bronx was dead. Tyler was alive and pardoned for the moment. Lily, my closest human friend and old blood donor, was okay. Stone was here with me now and would stay with me at the Head Council’s stronghold. And I’d gotten pretty good control over my amazing, awesome, and insanely strong powers. I’d say my life, afterlife, whatever, was going pretty darn well at the moment. Yet, at the time, I had no idea just how quickly everything was about to change.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Private Duel with Agent Gunn by Jillian Stone

Oh Mr. Gunn you, and your sly sexy ways, "I want you to keep an eye on the young woman who lives here." Finn handed the card over. "Raven-haired, blue eyes, tall and attractive. She takes long graceful strides..." You make my heart go thump, thump Finn, and I'm glad you've met your match in Cate. I'm kind of sad that the book ended because I think this was the last book in the series as I haven't met any more of the Gentlemen of Scotland Yard. I really did enjoy the series and I can't wait to see what Jillian has in store next. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Lesson in Chemistry with Inspector Bruce by Jillian Stone

FIRST OFF let's talk about the sexy man on the cover oh my! Anyway I'm telling you what The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard are truly desirable so far Mr. Archie Bruce is my favorite, and Fiona what a little hellion she was when you got to know her, I loved the scene where they kissed it gave me butterflies! And Mr. Bruce is truly just irresistible:
                             "Kiss me again, Fiona."
                             She taunted him with a narrowed gaze. "If I kiss you now, we won't be able to keep our minds on school work."
                             "If you don't kiss me now," his breath buffeted softly against her lips, "concentration will be impossible."
There was one scene I was embarrassed for Fiona although I didn't think she was embarrassed but curious and I'm so thankful I went to school and they had sex ed. I really am:
                                     "It happens when we are together - when you kiss and caress me." Her cheeks flushed as she looked him in the eye earnestly. "I am wet." 
                                     "And where, exactly, are you wet?" 
Honestly Archie why make fun of the poor girl like that and yes I can't wait to read the next book in the series!  

Mark of the Mage by R.K. Ryals

From page one the book gripped me and never let go, some of the parts in the book reminded me of Narnia: The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, "I have never heard of a Mage who spoke to trees." (get why I think of Narnia?) Oh sweet lord I loved this part of the book, "Oran sat back on his haunches, "you accept talking to trees, but you deny my speech?" He licked his paw, the move sulky. "Wolves are wiser then trees, you know." Poor Drastona it's like she went down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland. I like it! I was so frustrated, I really wanted some smooches between Drastona and Kye and then talk about a cliffhanger! Can't wait for the next book in the series! 

RELEASE DAY BLITZ/Giveaway: Without Consent by Bev Irwin

Bev Irwin

What an exciting day! And a contest too!

Another release day. Today is the day my medical / police thriller, WITHOUT CONSENT, comes out. So thrilled, I’m doing the happy dance. Glad you could come and join me.

What type of dance would you do? Jive, polka, rumba, or would you be refined and do a graceful waltz? 

I’m doing a rock and roll. This is the fifth book in just over a year to be published which leads me to the today’s topic.

What to do while you are waiting for the train to stop at your corner? 

The first thing you need to do is decide where you are going?

Do you have a specific genre you love to write and read? Or are you like me and like to genre hop? 

I guess it’s my ADD but I like to multitask and I also like to flit from one writing project to the next. Not the most effective way to get the job done but it does keep things interesting.

Usually, I have several projects in varying stages of completion. Right now, in the romance genre I have a contemporary, a medical, and a suspense manuscript nearing completion. Another medical thriller with the same characters in WITHOUT CONSENT is partially written. I have three young adult novels in progress, one of them a sequel to my paranormal young adult, GHOSTLY JUSTICE with Daria and ghost, Amanda.

Now to just get them finished. But I have been so busy with edits and promotion for the books that came out this year that my writing time has been limited. I’m not complaining. It has been an amazing time. I’m so glad I’m ADD and had so many projects to pitch once the train stopped and let me get on.

So how did my journey begin? 

It started with a pitch session with Savvy Authors in the summer of 2011. I pitched my medical romance, WHEN HEARTS COLLIDE to Debby at Soulmate Publishing and that book came out in December of the same year. At the same session, I pitched two books to Lauri at Black Opal Books and she contracted me for both of them! The first, my paranormal YA, GHOSTLY JUSTICE, was released in April, the second, a suspense with romantic elements, MISSING CLAYTON, came out in July.

Then, in October, Black Opal Books published IN HIS FATHER’S FOOTSTEPS, a middle grade/ YA, adventure. This book is about a boy’s survival in Northern Ontario while he searches for his missing father.

And, now today, (I’m doing a drum roll) my medical / police thriller, WITHOUT CONSENT, is being released. Wow! What a ride it’s been.

Now to get back to writing and finishing all those other projects and pray that they also find homes.

But I’m digressing. The point I’m getting at is that while you are waiting for that first amazing contract, you need to be writing, revising, writing, revising... It’s always good when you get a contract to be able to say, “Well, if you like that one...I do have...”

And there you go, possibly not only published but multi-published.

You write, you write some more. Keep that pen moving. You take courses, learn your craft, join on-line groups, go to conferences, meet other authors, network.

Go to conferences in the genres you like to write in. There are a ton of them out there and at different prices and lengths. You can find some that are an afternoon, a day, or even a week. Remember they can be a tax right-off when you do get published.

For myself I really enjoy a good mystery or thriller so I tend to go to conferences like Bouchercon (for writers and readers), Sleuthfest, Book Passages.

Network at the conferences. You never know what will happen. For me one of the most thrilling thing was chatting with Lee Child and him offering to read my manuscript and giving me the book endorsement: “A fine medical thriller.” Now how cool is that?

I’ve met so many wonderful writers at these conferences. You don’t harass them, you chat about life and interests. Respect them and their privacy, but don’t be afraid to approach them and say how much you like their books or their characters.

Do all the prep work so that when the train stops you are ready to leap on board with your bags packed with a variety of the best you can write manuscripts.

And keep dancing. I know I hope to.

You can get Excerpt and Author Bio here
Enter the Giveaway Below for a chance to win an eBook of your choice of one of my novels. 

You can check out my other books and an excerpt of each one on my website:

Bev Irwin Website
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COVER REVEAL/SNIPPET: The Lonely by Tara Brown

When we can expect this bookie: January 30th, 2013

The truth is subjective, to what the lonely lets in.
Emalyn Spicer has lived with the lonely for a long time. She thinks it goes back further than her memories do. She knows it goes back further than the OCD.
When she arrives at college, her OCD's and the lonely refuse to let her have her wish to be normal.
Her wish to get away from them both.
But how to you get away from something that is inside of you?
How do you escape yourself?
Just as she gives up, succumbs to the lonely, the unthinkable happens.
She finds herself once again in the dark, once again held against her will.
But there in the darkness, she meets the lonely head on. She discovers there is more to her world than she ever imagined.
She discovers the lonely was there for her, protecting her from herself.
How far would you go to find yourself?
This novel will be rated 17+

His lip trembles, making his voice unsteady. "You have always been the girl who took my hand and trusted me to save her. The girl who saved my sister from a fate worse than any. The girl whose sadness matched my own. The girl whose face has haunted me my entire life. You saw Emalyn's eyes, well I saw yours. You are the bravest girl I have ever known."
I'm trembling and scared as he draws closer.
"I have thought of no one but you for fourteen years. I can't have a regular relationship. It isn’t you I'm punishing, it's me. I don’t deserve the kindness of love. I failed her and you. I should have fought harder and saved you both. I never should have left you. I'm so sorry. I never should have left you. You ended up there because of me."

A Dangerous Liaison with Detective Lewis by Jillian Stone

I'm sure I just ought to just get a tape recorder because I say this over and over again but I really do love Jillian's books, I love going to an Era where there's no drugs, abuse and all the other negative things this one has. It's really quite an escape! The two main characters Rafe and Fanny have a history together so it was nice to see that Rafe (okay well not nice but Rafe is a typical guy) and admires women. "You've filled out nicely yourself." A slow gaze swept up and down. "In all the right places." The once scene that really got me going was when Fanny was taking a bath and Hugh was assisting her:
              "Why do you continue to believe Rafe cares for me?"
              "For one, he threatened to rip my balls from my scrotum should I dare scrub your back."
We also find out that Mr. Rafe has a secret well a couple but I would have NEVER seen one coming so I myself was as shocked as Fanny when she found out. I can't wait to read the next book in this series, these men are just desirable! 

Infinity by Sedona Venez

I loved Infinity right off, that girl sure can speak her mind, "And what type of trouble are we talking about? Trouble like my hair stylist broke her leg right before the concert and I'm reduce to have Zoe do my hair? Or BIG trouble like I might not make it to the concert due to death? And when that girl is pissed woo boy her mouth gets more crude and blunt (which I liked) "So you rough me around. Try to kill me. Press your freakishly big penis against me, and I'm supposed to smile pull down my panties and let you have at it?" Then there's a side of her that only Boulder can bring out, which I think is seriously cute! 
              "We were just making out like some horny teens. Have you no shame?"
               He widened his stance watching me frantically fix my hair and makeup. "None when it comes to you."
I didn't like the ending I thought it well ended to soon and I was sitting on my bed going WTF that's it!! Let me tell you what I cannot wait for book two to come out in this series as shit will be hitting the fan.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Moonstone and Miss Jones by Jillian Stone

Well I must say I cried in the end as it wasn't the ending I wanted, but a cliffhanger instead! I loved when Phaeton and America were reunited: 
            "And while we were separated, did you...think of me?" 
            Phaeton rose from the chair. "Every minute." He strode toward her slowly. "Of every hour." He caught her up in his arms. "Of every bleeding day." His gaze fell to her mouth...
I also didn't realize Phaeton takes alone time with America VERY seriously, "If we're going to be rooming together, there's something you should know before barging into my bedchamber. When America and I are engaged in...private matters, there will first be a series of moans and cries - perhaps a few naughty demands in french - hers. Those lovely utterances will be followed by a second set of grunts and bellows. Those...would be mine." Phaeton raised a brow. "Did you hear any grunts and bellows?" There better be a third book in this series as I didn't like the ending, and I can't say why as that would entail me giving spoilers and we wouldn't want that.  

Dazzle by Amber Garza

I loved Delaney right off she just wants to be normal, and I love that passion about her. "But that's just it. I don't want to become friends with her just because I'm allowed to. I'm sick of other people dictating who I can and cannot hang out with. What if I don't like Ariel?" Well Delaney I didn't like Ariel so yea... Also at times I really didn't like Micah either he pissed me off in some instances, like how he treats Delaney after he finds out her secret I mean doesn't best friends forever mean nothing to anyone anymore? I mean I know Sam (kind of disliked him at first but he grew on me) is doing something to gain something (talking in code here people can't give away anything) but I see he truly does care for her just like she cares for him. They have good chemistry and that really made me happy "Yeah. When I'm with you I forget about everything else." The cliffhanger wasn't expected but then I realized there's another book coming out in a month about the second part of the story. I can't wait to get my hands on it to read it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Autumn Dawn by Lizzy Ford

Lizzy always writes a novelette to go with a certain book of the Witchling trilogy (which I am super grateful for by the way) as her cliffhangers really kill you with unanswered questions. "Many have tried" the air continued. "your mind and you face were hidden from you. You lost everything even the use of part of your body. To pass the trial, you must start with a blank slate." I love the two brothers Beck and Decker FINALLY getting along, it really made me happy. I can't really say what else really made me happy as it would totally be a total spoiler but I can say I screamed and giggled like a little school girl. My joyous moment was when a certain someone said this to another certain someone "I do want you. I'm keeping you." Dawn is still a total bitch and really needs to die, so much aggression I have toward her its not funny. 

An Affair with Mr. Kennedy by Jillian Stone

This is the second book I've read by Jillian and each time I enjoy them more and more. I love how she writes, I like the historical fiction, and the books she writes have more then the romance perspective there's action, suspense, and adventure oh and sex but you know you get frustrated with the character's and yell at them throughout the book to hurry up and get it done with! Well at least I did anyway. In this particular book there is Zak Kennedy (all sorts of yumminess) "GoodGod, he had forgotten flowers. How had this happened? "In keeping with my woeful lack of charm I seem to have forgotten a corsage of some kind." Such a charmer that man is. I think he and Cassie are perfect for each other, Zak has a way with words that even made me want to swoon, "Yer wearin' a skirt, lass. I willna' get ye naykid, although I wouldna mind it." I really can't wait to read the rest of the books she has. 

The Seduction of Phaeton Black by Jillian Stone

What captivated me most about the book was one the cover (GORGEOUS) and two were the usage of words, they really amused me (no I don't mean that in a mean or hurtful way) "I need you back on the job. Murdering hobgoblin, vampire - whatever or whoever the killer turns out to be." America I love her, I really did. "I had no idea a man could get up a shag with a knife at his throat." Was that a smirk or a lopsided grin from him? "That wasn't a compliment." I really loved the witty banter back and forth between Phaeton and America. Jillian has done a superb job of writing memorable characters that you can't help but love and hope all the best for them. I can't wait to get my little hands on the sequel!

Forever my Girl by Heidi Mclaughlin

Talk about an emotional roller-coaster from page one! Josie is not only protective of her heart but her son as well, "Yeah I expect you to go walk out the door, get on your fancy bike go back to your celebrity girlfriend and back to wherever it is you came from. There's nothing here for you and I don't want you hurting my son. I don't want him to know you just so you can can walk away and out of his life for the next ten years." I love Liam and the passion he has for Josie and Noah, "Move in with me? You and Noah move here and we'll be a family I want you to call this your home. I want to do normal things with you like go grocery shopping and meet you for lunch at work." I really enjoyed this so much once again another book I can't describe how much I've enjoyed in words. I can't wait to see what Heidi has up her sleeve for the next book in the series!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Up to Me by M. Leighton

Sweet mother of Cash, you naughty, naughty boy! 
                  "Vaguely? Maybe I didn't pound it into you hard enough."
                  "Oh, I think you pounded it in plenty hard." 
This book had a lot more action then the first, which I liked. I also liked seeing Olivia's claws come out protecting her man. "Why would you not be? You got off easy. You have a law degree that you didn't have to study for, a job you didn't have to work for and a life you didn't have to earn. Sounds like Cash has done the hard part." When we were introduced to Gavin I fell in love with that handsome bloke! I really hope Ms. Leighton writes a book on him. Nash needs to be whacked for the last comment he made at the end of the book, but I can't wait to read his story none the less.

Dust by Devon Ashley

I really enjoyed the spunk Rosalie had, even throughout all her torment she fought for her right of freedom. "Jack, is it?" He nods. Your faerie buddies stole me from my Hollow. Shot a dart right into my neck. I woke up in this hole with broken wings and a number inked on my skin." I pause to show him the sixty-eight on my wrist. "I was abandoned and starved for four days, dumped into a pit and forced into slavery at the brink of death..." I really didn't like Jack at first, but when he started to show his true colors I fell in love with him. "Yeah. Both days. Finley made me leave the day they broke your wings, but I came back the next morning and put it on you. And again yesterday." Hated the cliffhanger it was truly brutal so no I'm impatiently waiting for the next book in the series.

Monday, January 21, 2013


I think it's GORGEOUS!!! I love Lizzy's bookies so when I saw that she had a new cover for this book that I absolutely LOVE I knew I had to share as she's done so much for me!! 

Bitter Kisses by J.A. Lynch

Once again Julieanne's stories grip you from page one, and once she told me the story was about Antoine (yes the one from "Within the Shadows" and "Escaping the Shadows") I knew I had to read this twelve page novella, as I loved him in the other books she's written. Yes, I love him just the same or perhaps more then I did before, "I assume you are expecting other company!" Antoine blurted out as he casually rested his back against the trunk of the willow. "Bizarre how all this works isn't it. Here I stand, smack in the center of some kind of war between you, an angel and him, the dark one. This I cannot miss." He laughed as the chariot came in full view of them." Yep still just as cocky back then as he is now. Cocky S.O.B. I actually cried at the end of this one I don't think any of Julieanne's books have made me cry and yet this one did. 

Up in Flames by Nicole Williams

Oh baby, Cole I freakin' love you and your smart mouth! "We were brought into the world naked and it's a damn shame somewhere along man's way he felt the need to cover up." Those eyes of his sparkled. "Because bodies like yours make clothing a real tragedy." Yep first meeting with Elle and he's all sorts of cocky. I love it. Did I mention that boy is also all sorts of hotness? "That I rocked your world," he inserted his smirk jacking up a couple notches. "That I made you cry out so loudly I'm worried you might have woken half the town." I can't really tell you in words how much I enjoyed this book! 

Release Day Blitz: When Silver Moons Rise by KaSonndra Leigh

Release date: January 20, 2013 
Genre: Young Adult 
Blitz Host: Lady Amber's Tours 

Book Description:
Facing an unstable future, Chela Prizeon leaves Castle Hayne and crosses over to enemy territory in pursuit of Faris--the boy of royal blood who is cursed by a bitter rival. But soon Chela learns that he has been taken deep into the treacherous frozen prisons--a majestic, but deadly place where people enter and are never seen again. To find the boy she loves, Chela must join forces with one of her greatest enemies. And even though she pulls strength from the good in her powers, she finds herself drawn to the dark side's temptation as well.

Narrated from both Chela's and Faris's point of view, this enchanting sequel to When Copper Suns Fall will take them on a voyage into unknown lands, where the dark, twisted, and revengeful wait to make this their most dangerous journey ever.

Please Note: This book contains mature content including profanity, drug/alcohol use, and sexual situations/language.

Author Spotlight: Stacey Rourke

First Author spotlight I'm doing and since i LOVE Stacey and her books and how they make me laugh I thought what a way to thank her then having her pop my Author Spotlight Cherry!! I know I know I'm excited to! Where to begin well how about with her AMAZEBALL bookies here is some info on them (just in case you've been living under a rock and haven't read them yet) 

The Conduit

All 18-year-old Celeste Garrett wants is to head off to college and make those fun, yet ill-advised, choices college kids are known for. And maybe to spend some time with the hot cameraman she just met. Instead, because of a pact her ancestors made in the 17th century with a mythical creature, she has to save the world.

While normal kids are slamming energy drinks and cramming for exams, Celeste will get her adrenaline rush fighting a fire breathing dragon. She wants to meet friends in the quad to exchange lecture notes, but first she must exchange blows with a shapeshifting demon on the rooftop. Life isn’t always fair for a superhero, but at least she doesn’t have to do it alone. With her brother and sister as sidekicks, they alternate between saving lives and getting on each others’ nerves. Together the trio encounters unspeakable odds, mystical forces and comes face-to-face with an image that will haunt them forever—their grandmother in a leopard print bikini.

"Okay, little side note here. If a psychopathic killer asks if you want to see a trick, say no. That’s the smart thing to do. I, on the other hand, responded, 'Bring it'."
-excerpt from THE CONDUIT


Whether she likes it or not, eighteen year old Celeste Garrett has come to terms with being the Chosen One. She knew having a “normal life” would be tricky, between intense training sessions and epic demonic battles, but she didn’t know at what cost it would come. That is, until a dear friend is harmed by the malicious forces hunting her. 

Now, she’d like nothing more than to retreat into a hermit lifestyle to prevent anyone else from getting hurt. But startling revelations, amazing new abilities, and mortifying moments in front of insanely hot guys won’t allow time for that. Soon, Celeste finds herself surrounded by darkness and wondering who she can trust—if anyone.

The Sidekick Chronicles
Celeste isn't the only member of the Garrett family whose life changed when destiny called. Every sidekick has their tale and in this Gryphon Series short the spotlight is turned on Kendall, Grams and even Gabe. Get an inside look at the hilarious stress that goes along with being a...sidekick. 

Sidekicks...ya can't live with 'em and you'd probably die horribly without 'em.

Hey if you guys read any of her books please make sure to post a review a Amazon and Goodreads, Stacey  loves to hear what her fans/readers think.