Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pretty Remedy by S.E. Hall

I loved Reece right from when we met her, "I shrug and plaster on a tight grin. “Nothing much. Your brother ditched me ‘cause my legs didn’t fly open fast enough and he landed himself right between the very accommodating pair of Ms. Parsons. But don’t worry, I got to hear the whole thing. It was”—I place my hand over my heart and sigh dreamily—“magical." Rhett I loved him as well, "you felt the answer to that, just rubbed yourself all over it.” I grab her thighs and pull her back to me. “Don’t play coy with me. And don’t act like I’m the only one on this bench thinking about my d*** sliding inside you right now." He sometimes has great ideas, "okay, well, I think it’d be nice to hear you say you’re done with all that”—I nod toward the kitchen—“and what you’d really like is to eff your man senseless before we have to meet them for dinner." I love this series i can't wait for the next book.

The Devil Wears Spurs by Soraya Lane

I liked the spunk and sass Chloe had, "seriously, Ryder, put some goddamn clothes on,” Chloe said, eyes narrowed . “I’m not just going to jump into bed with you because you’re half-naked if that’s your plan." When Ryder tries to be funny, he's just not, "sweetheart, if you’re not warming my bed then someone will be. I appreciate what you’re doing for me, but I’m not a effing monk." The accent and southern charm the boy had was just plain hot, "Darlin’, if I was winning, you’d be butt naked and riding me right now." I really loved Ryder he liked to take care of his girl, "just tell me they didn’t talk you into strip poker ,” he asked, talking straight into her ear before nipping her lobe. “I don’t want either of them seeing my girl naked." I enjoyed this book so much I can wait for the other King brothers to get their books.

Delicious Temptation by Sabrina Sol

When Eric gets a booboo he has one remedy he wants Amara to give to him, "are you going to kiss it and make it better?” he asked, his voice low and husky." He's always locked and loaded when his girl is around, "his c*** jerked to attention . “Sounds good to me. I’m ready to go." He says the most romantic things, "God, I want to bend you over and eff you right here,” he growled." He's always looking out for his girl, "careful now. I’d hate to see that beautiful a** get burned.” Amara nearly dropped her trays at seeing Eric standing in the doorway holding a mini-tower of pastry boxes." I enjoyed this book, I enjoyed Amara stepping into her own skin and finding herself.

How to Marry a Royal Highlander by Vanessa Kelly

Alec is a jealous sort, "the notion of Edie in another man’s arms made him want to commit several acts of mayhem. “Did he hurt you?” he growled." He likes to point out things to his woman, "you seemed to care a great deal the other night, when you called me a great Scottish oaf and stomped away from me. And you’ve barely uttered two words to me since." He's not shy, nope not at all, "she crossed her arms over her chest. “Of course I’m not! But in your case, one could hardly fail to miss it . . . that.” Her words, coupled with her reluctantly fascinated gaze, had the predictable effect. Repressing a sigh, he turned his back to her and adjusted himself." He's quite the suave man, "mm, you on the floor isn’t such a bad thought,” he said, ignoring her objection. One big hand curled around her thigh. “Especially if I’m there with you. Even better, on top of you." Edie doesn't listen to her man she puts herself in harms way to save him, "what the hell are you doing here?” he growled, his free arm going around her waist. “I told you to wait in your room." I enjoyed this book I loved Alec and Edie.

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Hard by Eve Jagger

Title: Hard
Series: Sexy Bastard #1
Author: Eve Jagger
 Release Date: April 30, 2015


Strong. Arrogant. Hard.

Ryder Cole is the King of Atlanta’s nightlife — and the one man who can erase my past.

I’m running from secrets that could destroy me and there’s no room in my life for someone like him: too damn cocky, and sexy as hell. I should keep my distance, but smart goes out the window the minute he looks my way. And when he puts his hands on me…

A girl could forget her own name. But what happens when the past catches up with me, and all the things I’m hiding from tear our lives apart again? I can’t keep running forever, and Ryder always wins.

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Author Bio

Eve Jagger is a native of Georgia and is a true southern girl at heart. A stay at home mom to two kids, she's married to a sexy man who doesn’t mind being used as research for those naughty scenes.

Eve cut her teeth writing in high school and college, but it wasn’t until recently that she got the itch to write a full length novel. She loves complex, emotionally-charged characters and wild, sexy leading men. Hard: A Sexy Bastard Book releases at the end of April 2015 and she can’t wait for you to meet her characters that occupy her mind 24/7! Eve loves to talk and meet people on social media, so be sure and touch base with her on Facebook or Twitter

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I loved this book Cassie is the perfect girl for Ryder she challenges him and entices him, "because as I recall,” I say, my muscles tense, my jaw tight, “your erection didn’t seem to need too much convincing.” Ryder’s blue eyes widen. He nods his head, and runs a hand back through his dark hair. When he looks up at me, he’s grinning." She's such a little temptress when it comes to him, "well, sure. Why else sleep with the boss?” I said, running my hands underneath his soft t-shirt, feeling the tightness of his abs. “Other than the fact that he has a perfectly shaped c*** that makes me come til I can’t breathe.” I slid my hand to the front of his pants, over his erection. “I guess there’s that." I can't wait for the other boys to get their stories.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Say Anything by Audrey Harte

The ups and downs of dating with Erin, Mike I had an eerie feeling about him as the book started to get going so of course I disliked him. Traver he seemed like a good guy and I was reading and the book ended I feel like Traver and Erin aren't finished I'm hoping for another book or a novella to see how their relationship progresses or even if it lasts.

Caught Up in the Touch by Laura Trentham

When in the outdoors and needing to go to the bathroom Jessica needs to get creative, "it’s… it’s… my panties.” He opened and closed his mouth a couple of times. She threw her hands up in a what-the-hell gesture. “Guys pee and they jiggle it, right? Women don’t have that luxury. It’s a lot more complicated." When his woman gives him the go ahead the boy goes ahead, "of course, I want you. I wanted you before I knew who you were. When you were rough and filthy and my Mountain Man.” His rumbling growl vibrated through her body . He dropped a hand to her thigh and rucked her skirt higher." Logan is always giving his woman attention and splatters her with love, "getting feisty again? I don’t think I could get it up even if the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders pranced through here buck naked and high -kicking, but I’d be happy to take care of you again." I enjoyed this book I loved Logan.

London Bound by Amy Daws

I loved Leslie that girl kept entertaining me, "of course? Of course? Oh my God! This has been very enlightening Frederick, whatever your name is. I’m sorry to tell you, I am a woman. Not a man. Never been a man. Never had a d***. Never had balls, though it sounds like a blast— I’d helicopter all the time I think. But truly, truly thank you for assuming I once had them though… that’s fun." Theo he was quite the character as well, "I'm going to eff those thoughts out of your head, Leslie." I loved the playful side of these two, "you better not have done anything to my hotdog,” I growl as I crawl on top of him, straddling him." I enjoyed this book both characters were entertaining.

Miss Match by Laurelin McGee

I enjoyed this book Andy and Blake are complete opposites Andy doesn't have a stick up her a**and well Blake does and he's quite blunt, "turned out he didn’t need her confirmation and felt it was relevant. “I have plenty of sex. When I’m in the mood, so to say, I simply go find what I need." Andy can be bossy in some situations and well Blake enjoys that, "never in his life had Blake been given orders during sex. It was the most goddamn sexy thing he’d ever heard." Andy is spunky and entertaining and has quite the temper, "she waited until he poked his head around the door to fling the magazine. She narrowly missed his cheek. Dammit. Why was she such a bad aim? He flung the door open. “Jesus, Andy. That was close." I really loved this book.

The Last True Vampire by Kate Baxter

Mikhail is seriously sexy, "your scent is maddening.” His voice was a ragged, desperate growl in her ear. “And I want nothing more than to taste you." I loved how honest he was about his intentions, "I’m going to eff you until the sun rises.” His breath was hot in her ear." He says the hottest things with what he intends to do, "feeding and sex are closely tied,” he said as though he knew her thoughts. “Which is why there is nothing better than having my fangs deep in your throat while I eff you." He'd give his girl anything, "I sent Alex out for a few things,” he murmured, placing a light kiss on her lips. “We’ll go out shopping together soon. When things have settled. Whatever you need. Want. It’s yours." I liked this book and I'm looking forward to Ronan's book.

Stepbrother Charming by Nicole Snow

Ty is quite the dirty talker, "I try to edge up, but he grabs me, and pins me down on his waist with a growl. “Don't you egfing move, babe. That's my job." I liked that Ty couldn't wait to get his hands on his woman, "I've been waiting to pick her up and haul her back to my cave since I sent her off to work with a kiss and a slap on the a**." I think he likes it when his woman is all eager, "yeah, I can kinda tell with the way you're squeezing my c***. Keep your panties on a little longer. There's something I gotta do here before we eff." I liked this book Ty was seriously a dirty talker.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sweet by Tammara Webber

I really liked Boyce, "his brow relaxed and his mouth pulled up on one side. “I’m not exactly a subtle guy.” He has those qualities that makes you swoon, "his eyes sweeping over me, and I shivered despite a heat index that topped a hundred. “Guess I’ve always been distracted by your more… visible features.” He likes to go above and beyond to thank his woman, “I’m serious! I’m surprised—so bonus points for that. Not that you’ll need ’em.” I winked. “I aim to show you my sincere appreciation any damn way you want it.” In certain situations he worries about the wrong thing, I choked a laugh. “Boyce, you idiot. Your man parts are fine.” I liked this book not as much as Lucas's but I still enjoyed Boyce.

Protective Instinct by Katie Reus

Ryan is quite the jealous wolf at times, "instead all he could do was picture that GQ-looking b****** with his female. “How long will they be gone?” he growled." He gets all giddy when his woman holes him, "her eyes widened just a fraction as she raked her gaze over him. He was pleased when she paused at his c***— which was already rock hard for her. He figured that wasn’t going away anytime soon." This was a quick read and i really liked it and I loved Ryan when he got his head out of his butt.

Art of Cunning by Steffanie Holmes

A cliffhanger seriously that not cool, but anyway Ryan is a strange one, "why did you let this ... this... woman into my home? You know I'm not to be disturbed in the studio." In times of duress Alex sure loses focus easily, "stop trying to watch me undress," he growled, moving behind a tree. "Take those clothes back to the house with you. That's a nice jacket. I don't want it ruined out here." I liked this book just not the cliffhanger, it was a quick read which I liked. Did I mention the cliffhanger?

Grit by Margaret McHeyzer

I loved this book the back and forth between Phoenix and Jaeger was entertaining, "look Red, this whole pointing guns at me thing, it’s wearing thin ,” I say as I take a step closer to her and reach for the pistol that’s pointed at me." Jaeger gets turned on at the wrong times and it fires up his woman even more, "you’re truly demented. You’re sitting there getting a damn hard-on.” She points to my crotch, “and all I want to do is throw you and your stupid little gang out of here so I can figure out what to do." Jaeger has no issues talking dirty and telling his woman things, "it's not a crime for me to tell my woman what I want to do to her." I really loved this book I'm hoping Sarge gets a book.

Hate F*@k: Part Three by Ainsley Booth

Cole and Hailey are quite the handsy couple, "he can, and she’ll like it, but that was extra squeezy.” I slide my fingers under his shirt and stroke the bare, tight skin of his abdomen, tracing the ridges of his six pack as he flexes for me." Cole has quite the temper when his woman sneaks away from her bodyguard, "fine is the last effing thing it is. Scott’s lucky if he doesn’t get fired for not noticing that you dodged out of there, and what the hell were you thinking?" I liked when Cole was down to earth and relaxed he liked to show off for his girl, "it's hot out there.” I prowl toward her, pulling off my shirt. I maybe flex my abs a little— anything for my girl." I'm glad that there was no cliffhanger and things ended the way I wanted.

A Highland Knight to Remember by Amy Jarecki

Sean is quite the charmer, "a feral growl rumbled from his throat. “God help me, you are the most beautiful woman on earth." His woman is sometimes impatient , "Gyllis?” Sean reached for a plaid and circled it around his hips as he slid out of bed. “What are you doing in here?" He's not shy either, "absently, his hand snuck down and he stroked himself. “I want you, lass." I liked this book I love any book with highlander.

Breach by K.I. Lynn

There was a cliffhanger I wasn't pleased with that and Nathan has some serious issues and he's so romantic in his own way, "I’ll eff you so hard, you won’t be able to walk.” His voice was low and rough. “You make me so hard; you better be ready to work your a** off for my come." Nathan is quite possessive and jealous when other men approach his woman, "Nathan’s fingers dug into my thigh, and I could swear I heard him growl. “I can take her home." I liked this book I can't wait for the next book in the series to see what goes on.

Chaos and Moonlight by A.D. Marrow

Taris is a tortured man, and he can be quite broody I fell in love with him though he sometimes just spits things out because he doesn't know how to say things, "because I want to touch you, Sarah, and by that I don’t mean just lying in this bed and holding you.”  Other times he has no problems saying what he wants, "his fingers tightened in her hair just enough to tease her with a lick of pain. “I’m about to eff you until you can’t stand, and I’m going to bite you while I do it." I liked this book I'm looking forward to the other characters getting a book of their own.

Marcus: Hell Squad by Anna Hackett

Surprisingly in really enjoyed this book mainly because of Marcus he was all alpha, "his deep voice was pitched only for her to hear. “Quiet. Otherwise I’ll strip those fatigues off you, turn you over my knee and spank you right here." Once he loses his inner battle with staying away from his woman he becomes quite honest, "I’ve dreamed of you naked in my bed— hell, naked anywhere—since the first moment I saw you." He also becomes naughty and I really enjoyed that, "he glanced down, his lips twitching. “I just spent all night effing you senseless. You can’t be ready again." I can't wait for the next book in the series.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Monster Chef by Margaret McHeyzer

I liked that Holly gave Pierre hell at times, she was a challenge to him, "she dared to question me. And to question me in front of the wait staff? Who the hell does she think she is?" He's quite the bossy one, "next Tuesday, Holly,” he says as he removes his mouth. “Next Tuesday , you’ll come to my home and I will cook for you." He's protective and possessive, "I am not happy . He is a human octopus and I do not like it when he touches what belongs to me." I liked this book Pierre was dominant and Holly challenged him.

Wolf Trouble by Paige Tyler

Xander is quite the protective boy, "did he hurt you?” Xander interrupted before she could get to the part about her nails bleeding." I liked that Khaki could surprise Xander, "he’d walked in on his one and only female teammate, gawked at her almost naked body for who knew how long, and she didn’t seem the least bit upset." When the truth came out I was jumping for joy, "probably, especially since I’m your squad leader,” he said just as softly. “But if it makes you feel any better, I’ve been thinking about doing more than just dancing with you.” She laughed, wiggling against the bulge in his jeans." Khaki for being a new werewolf has quite the control over her teeth and body, "he chuckled. “I seem to remember you having pretty good control over it when you were giving me a blow job. Trust me, I noticed." I loved this book I loved that Khaki wasn't a damsel in distress and gave as good as she got.

Punctured, Bruised, and Barely Tattooed by Jade C. Jamison

Sometimes Kory needs to persuade her man, "I need you to eff me, Stone, more than I’ve ever needed anything in my life.” She searched his eyes. “Please,” she begged." Stone is a better understanding guy in fact he's a perfect guy, "he shook his head. “I don’t blame you. If some guy was cozying up to you, it would take every civilized bone in my body not to try to knock his teeth out." I liked this book I loved Stone.

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Desolation by Bella Jewel

Title: Desolation
Series: Jokers’ Wrath MC #4
Author: Bella Jewel
Release Date:  April 27, 2015

The girl you all know as damaged. Quiet. Broken.
She doesn’t fit in. Nothing in her world feels right. She’s trapped in a spiral of darkness that seems to be consuming her day by day, until she sees nothing but an empty, black hole.
Her world is a broken place she can’t escape.
She has people around her who matter. Who love her. But it’s not enough. Not enough to break her out of the bitter despair she lives in.
Until Tyke.
He knows pain. He knows darkness. He’s sweet. He’s kind. But most of all…
He understands her.
Combining their demons doesn’t seem like the best plan. Everyone is against them. He deserves better. She deserves better. They’ll never work. They’re too broken. Too damaged. It’s a destructive combination that will only end in heartbreak.
He’s a biker. She’s a broken angel.
But in their desolation, they will find peace.
With each other.


#1 Precarious

#2 Melancholy


#3 Anguish


Bella Jewel is a self published, USA Today bestselling author. She’s been publishing since 2013. Her first release was a contemporary romance, Hell’s Knights which topped the charts upon release. Since that time, she has published over five novels, gaining a bestseller status on numerous platforms. She lives in North Queensland and is currently studying editing and proofreading to further expand her career. Bella has been writing since she was just shy of fifteen years old. In Summer 2013 she was offered an ebook deal through Montlake Romance for her bestselling modern day pirate series, Enslaved By The Ocean. She plans to expand her writing career, planning many new releases for the future.




Amazon Author Page:


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Tyke doesn't take well to others harassing whats his, "did someone call you that?” I look away. “Who?” he demands, his voice like steel. “Who called you that, Pip?" Tyke talks himself into things like he needs to give himself a pep talk, "eff it. Eff all of it. I’m takin’ what’s mine, what’s always been mine.” Then he strides— well, more like limps— towards me." We got to meet a couple of new characters and I can't wait for their books although they're not in the Jokers Wrath MC I'm still excited about their stories.

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Heath by Chelsea Camaron

HEATH Banner1
Title: Heath (A Roughnecks Short, #2)
Author: Chelsea Camaron
Release Date: April 20, 2015
“One day, I will be more than an item to be bought or sold, won or lost.” At fifteen, she was helpless. At eighteen, she was ruined. LoraLeigh Riffel fights every day to hold on to herself as she is tossed from the loser to the next winner, time and again. Heath ‘Hitman’ Thomas works hard and plays even harder. From tripping pipes to winning fights, his world is in his hands. When a battered and unstable woman is left at his doorstep for payment on a fight, every-thing changes in an instant. She is the prize, but is he willing to accept the payment?  
Copyright © Chelsea Camaron 2015
~LoraLeigh~ “Once upon a time…” my mom begins reading. The softness in her voice is a lullaby all its own. Sweet memories of a moment in time, these small blips in my existence are a silent torture all their own. “Lora—” She stops abruptly, most likely pulling her own hair out at the roots. “Fucking twat, where are you?” I listen as she continues to screech. “I know you took them. You took my candy, you little cunt. When I find you, I’m gonna claw your eyes out!” Did I imagine the bedtime stories? Is my subconscious playing tricks on me? Is this all some game, played in my mind? Where is the mom I had in my little girl dreams? The woman who once braided my hair and read me stories about castles and princes on white horses now lives to torment me. The last time she thought I hid her stash, she pulled my hair so hard it came out in a big chunk in her hand. Absently, I run my fingers over the still healing scratches on my face. Two days ago as she was tweaked out on God knows what, she attacked me, saying I was a zombie trying to eat her flesh. Rigging the string to the attic access door, I settle into my little nest. Today is the twenty-third. Any time after mid-month is when the stress level escalates. The welfare and food stamps have certainly run out by now. As soon as the first of every month comes, she trades the grocery card for cash. That very cash then pays for her stash while I live off my free breakfast and lunch at school each day. Tears fill my eyes. Summer is coming, and I know I will spend my days hungry and my nights hiding from whatever scumbag hangs out while she lives from one high to the next. “LoraLeigh, where did you put it?” she cries out desperately. “Please, baby girl, Momma needs her medicine.” The walls bang as she begins hitting them with her arms and head, trying to draw me out of hiding. “Dear God in heaven above,” I whisper as the tears fall down my face, “my friend at school, Tawnie, told me to believe in you. She says you protect little children. I need to be protected. Send me someone to take it all away. Please take me away.” I look to the darkened ceiling above me, hoping on some miracle there really is a God, and he will save me from my hell on earth.  
Purchase the Roughnecks today!
Maverick - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Heath - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Coming May 18th!
Lance (Roughnecks Short, #3)
Value, worth—these are things I don’t have. College degree, great job—none of that matters if you look in the mirror and can’t find anything to love. Structure, dedication, and determination are the traits that Candace Jones has survived and thrived on. When no one cares at home, it takes her self-drive to push and work her way through college. Life is funny while you’re growing up, and adulthood isn’t any easier than childhood. Little girl dreams are often destroyed before they can even begin. Lance ‘Rush’ Miller works hard and plays even harder. He lives life from one adrenaline rush to the next, from working as a roughneck to trick riding his street bike. He has it made and knows it. Two complete opposites are thrown together when Candace finds herself in need of a quick escape that Lance is all too willing to give her. What happens when firm resolve crashes into wild abandon?  
About the Author
Chelsea Camaron - author
Chelsea Camaron was born and raised in Coastal North Carolina. She currently resides in Southern Louisiana with her husband and two children but her heart is always Carolina day dreaming. Chelsea always wanted to be a writer, but like most of us, let fear of the unknown grab a hold of her dream. She realized that if she was going to tell her daughter to go for her dreams, that it was time to follow her own advice. Chelsea grew up turning wrenches alongside her father, and from that grew her love for old muscle cars and Harley Davidson motorcycles, which just so happened to inspire the Love and Repair and Hellions Ride series. When she is not spending her days writing you can find her playing with her kids, attending car shows, going on motorcycle rides on the back of her husband’s Harley, snuggling down with her new favorite book or watching any movie that Vin Diesel might happen to be in.

No more than I start the book I'm finishing it this series is a quick read one that you can read when standing in a long line and actually finish it. Heath is different from the other boys he seemed more gentle but at the same time he was ruggad, "you think you can manage to cover up with that towel and climb off me. I’m sure Wendol is wondering where we are by now." When his woman is threatened he doesn't fart around he gets down to business and his words get mean, "eff you, eff your cash, and eff your ***. She’s mine." I can't wait for Wendol's book.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Double Dare by R.L. Mathewson

Darrin he tends to take things to the extreme, "with a glare, he turned to face his brother. “Just for that, you’re out of the running for position of godfather when she finally starts popping out my precious babies." Marybeth sometimes has to coax her man, "no, that’s an offer to make you a home cooked meal, watch a bad horror movie followed by a night of sex,” she reminded him." She likes to get creative when answering her man, "is this an acceptable answer?” she asked with a teasing smile as she slowly stroked his c***." This book took place the same time Jodi and Danny's did so I saw familiar scenes. I liked this book but I didn't enjoy it as much as the others Darrin just wasnt funny as the others.

Fighting for her Dragon by Julia Mills

One thing about this series is the women aren't little maidens who need rescuing they kick a** and fight. Emma is quite the firecracker when passed, "over my dead body will you lock up my mate, Aaron O’Brien! You spineless ba*****! Come in here after all he's been through! No effing way! All of you get the hell out of here. I swear to the Heavens I will tear apart anyone that dares touch him. Get out! Get OUT! GET THE HELL OUT NOW!! This book was alright I generally like when the couple's spend time together there wasn't much of that in here but seeing as this was Andrew's story I think it was more about redeeming.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Asa by Jay Crownover

Asa doesn't mince his words, "if you move it’s all gonna be over and I don’t have a condom on.” His eyebrows furrowed even further over his nose. “I’ve never had sex without protection before. No wonder condoms get a bad rap. I’m about to lose my effing mind." He was just so Damon sexy, "I pulled her closer so that I could whisper into her ear, “You wanna have my babies?" I liked this book I enjoyed reading Rome is still my favorite Marked man.

Savor by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Jared and Vera's relationship is interesting neither have a modesty bone in their body they're perfectly comfortable being naked around each other:
             He undid his shorts and stepped out of them. Followed by his boxers. “Are you sure?”
            “You’re good looking.” And huge. I kept that part to myself, but I’m sure my expression gave me away.
The conversations these two have are just intriguing:
           "Big d***s?” He grinned. “Glad you approve.”
           “Shut up. My mom’s coming.”
           “You are the one who brought up my d*** first.”
            “To make a point."
I think these two thrive off the comfort they give each other and the attention Jared sometimes a little too much, "her eyes ran up and down my body. I didn’t mind one bit. “I don’t generally want to have sex with my friends." I love this series I'm always eager for the next book.

Pucked by Helena Hunting

There is so much love between brother and sister, nothing is off limits with these two, "what do you want, douche-wh***? Haven’t you ruined my night enough by interrupting my mouth effing session with your effhot teammate? Now you have to disturb my masturbation session, too?" Violet likes to compliment her man, "This is like a porno d***. I realize it’s not like a foot long or anything, thank Christ. The girth alone is staggering. There’s no way . . .” Have I been deprived of oxygen?" Alex has sense to make sure his bottom half is covered when answering the door, "he smacks my bare a**. “You’re cute.” He nabs his boxers from the floor and tugs them up his legs. There’s no hiding his semi. He reaches inside and does some rearranging as he saunters out of the room." Sometimes Violet and Alex's naughty time is just hilarious, "I slide his pants over his hips. His c*** pops out, nearly smacking me in the face. I bob and weave to avoid getting poked in the eye by his swinging d**k." The conversations they have:
          "My c*** in no way resembles a fuzzy, make-believe elephant.” I take care of my s***.
           “It’s uncut, so it’s a snuffie , and it’s like a mythological creature, being so monstrous and all.”
          “You’re not nicknaming my d*** Snuffie, just so we’re—” I yank her shirt over her head
I loved this book and I can't wait for the other team mates to get their stories.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Falling for Cade by Ra'chael Ohara

Cade is a man that doesn't beat around the Bush, "I can’t stop thinking about you. I haven’t since you smashed into the back of my truck. You’re obviously beautiful, and all that effing sass turns me the hell on and makes me want to spank you." He has a big heart and is so caring, "not good, baby. You made me worry. I don’t like to worry. Did you make you two make it okay?" There are times Cade has no shame, "I see Cade reach down and adjust himself, completely unashamed." I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to Grace's.

My Highland Spy by Victoria Roberts

Ruairi sure knows how to make a point and get to it, "ye are my son’s governess, but I would take ye verra willingly to my bed." The man is like an animal where his woman is concerned, "with a primal growl, he returned her kiss with fervor. “I cannae get enough of ye." Who knew an afternoon romp and a man getting re-dressed could be so sexy, "Ruairi chuckled as he fastened his kilt. “I would think so. I have to admit, I’ve ne’er had so much fun in my study before." I'm coming back for more in this series I really enjoyed the book.

True Devotion by Liora Blake

I loved this book there was humor and Simon who can be cocky, "no need to crucify me just because you got caught eating me up with your eyes, baby. I didn’t mind one bit." He's one of those men that don't like when their women sneak out of bed in the middle of the night, "which required you to get dressed and leave? Maybe you didn’t notice, but I have running water. You just needed to trot your a** out to the kitchen and turn the tap on. Then get back in bed with me." He's a take charge kind of guy when it comes to protection , "are you on something? We can’t have any little Simons and Devons running around yet." He doesn't mind asking the hard questions, "on a scale of one to ten, how screwed up is it that all I want to do right now is eff like mad until we’re both dizzy and covered in sweat?" He can be a little kid at times, "with a little grin, he waits for me to give him a nod. “Can I screw you over the back of my dirt bike sometime?" I really loved this book it kept me entertained.

Find Me in Manhattan by Shealy James

Lana I liked her she was a great friend to Sarah, "I’m sure you do. You all right? You want some ice for your face? Whiskey? A punching bag? What do you Southern girls do when you get pissed besides shoot things?" I liked Michael although he was slow to opening up, once he started to little by little I fell in love with him, "who hasn’t? Have you seen your a**? Shake it like that on the stairs again, and I won’t be held responsible for my actions." There were no naughty bits in the book. I really enjoyed reading it.

Brando by Marita A. Hansen

Brando he tries hard to make a relationship work, "favorite foods, colors, TV programs and sex positions are safe territories, my past isn’t." I enjoyed Brando so much when he let go and was goofing off with Ivy, "okay, I’m game.” He whipped his towel off and sat down on the bed, giving her a cheeky grin. “I sleep naked. Now, give me a kiss,” he said, puckering his lips." I enjoyed Brando more then I enjoyed Ricardo I think it's because I enjoy broody a**holes.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ricardo by Marita A. Hansen

I liked this book, there was lots going on and Ricardo well he doesn't mince words, "I just asked you to touch me, not to eff me, and I haven’t felt someone like this in eight years, so please, Bianca , touch my face. I want to see if I can feel that too." His reaction to his woman and his brother talking about a piercing amused me, "Ricardo’s gaze shot to Bianca, his eyebrows quirking. “You were talking about his Prince Albert?" There were things left undone in the book like does his mother accept Bianca? And a couple of other things but overall I liked this book.

Aflame by Penelope Douglas

Jared is quite confident in his abilities, "I said I would be back for you. You know there’s only me, Tate,” he pushed. “No one else can give you this." Jared wants to give his girl romance and a bed while Tate just wants Jared, "two years, and you’re going to make me eff you in a car, aren’t you?” I damn near pouted." These two are just as passionate as ever not caring where they are, "Tate was devouring my neck, and my goddamn hands could barely stay steady on the road. “Baby, damn,” I gasped, taking her lips and kissing the s*** out of her as I tried to drive." I love this series and I think this is the last book which makes me sad.

His Defiant Princess by Kathleen O'Brien

Ronan grew on me, he slowly got his head out of his butt and manned up, "Brenna, don’t.” He leaned forward again. “Don’t pretend… Surely you know that I care. I have always cared." I really did like him, "the door? I don’t give a damn about the door.” He was laughing at her. “Aren’t you listening, sweetheart ? I’m asking you to be my wife. Blast it. I knew I should have concocted something more elaborate." I liked this book I enjoyed the story.