Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dragon Storm by Katie MacAlister


These dragons are something else I love them, "Constantine, being a male, and having natural instincts and urges common to those of his gender, couldn’t help looking, but he realized almost instantly that congratulating Bee on her nice breast wouldn’t be appreciated, and instead pretended not to watch when she swore and wrestled herself into what was admittedly a very feminine bra." Constantine is so full of himself, “your jealousy pleases me, although it is not necessary. I will not betray you to another woman, or even a pair of women, no matter how comely they are.” Constantine amused me, “again with my a**,”he said, trying to capture one of my nipples in his mouth. “I am beginning to think it is an obsession with you. You may admire my a**. You may touch it. You may even rake your fingernails across it, because that is pleasing, and does not make me uncomfortable. However, that is all. Please accept the fact that I do not desire any further action therein. And while you’re at it, stop squirming so that I can love you the way I wish to.” I loved this book the men are always demanding and bossy and the women give it right back to them.

Friday, October 30, 2015

With Every Breath by Lia Riley


I really liked Rhys, “although saying ‘Yes, good,’‘Right there,’ or ‘Rhys, you are a effing god’ will be acceptable.” When it comes to Rhys and sexy time, if his woman wants it Rhys is eager to oblige, "she traces a circle on her thigh. “Can you take off your shirt? It does all the things to me.”I fist off my shirt and drag my hand through my hair a few times." I loved this book, Rhys was so damn sexy.

Sweetest Scoundrel by Elizabeth Hoyt


Asa can be quite a tease, "he spread apart the placket. “Ah, that’s better.” Her eyes jumped to his face. He was smiling, watching her. “Gets tight when I’m big.” She bit her lip, unable to keep her gaze from returning to his lap. His white undergarment showed there, a thick column outlined beneath. “You want to see it, don’t you,”  The way Eve describes her man's body parts was funny as hell, "...ran her finger over his balls. Then she giggled. He could only glare at her— he’d lost the power of speech many moments ago. “They’re so hairy,” she said in explanation . “And wrinkly. Like prunes in a bag.” Asa will give his woman anything I loved their relationship, "he rolled his eyes. “Then come here and kiss me properly.” She cast a forlorn look at his p***s. “You can play with my p***k later.” I loved this book the characters were entertaining and lovable.

Dukes Are Forever by Anna Harrington


Edward was a sexy man, "he leaned over her, his mouth temptingly close to hers. “Angel, that sofa is the second-best piece of furniture in this house .” He pulled her skirt up past her knees and hotly murmured, “After my bed.” in really enjoyed this book I loved Edward.

An Improper Arrangement by Kasey Michaels


Sometimes it's good for a man to learn a thing or two from his woman, “not anymore,” he said, and meant it. “Forget today’s lesson , Thea , because it was wrong. I’m the one who’s learned something, and I doubt I’ll soon forget it. Be an Original when you get to London.” Being interrupted when he's with his woman isn't something Gabe likes "he got to his feet, already straightening his neck cloth, and called out none too pleasantly, “Who’s idiot enough to be disturbing me at this hour?” I enjoyed this book, I thought the back and forth banter between Gabe and Thea was cute.

Tempted by a Vampire by Susan Griscom


Cian finds his woman entertaining when she's pi***d, "I stood in front of her, gawking at her adorable exhibition of a temper tantrum. Her hair was a tangled mess , and mascara was smeared below her eyes, but she was still beautiful." I loved this book I'm hoping Lane, Elvis and Tanner get their own books as well.

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Cowboy Endings by Kasey Millstead

Title: Cowboy Endings
Series: Down Under Cowboy #7
Author: Kasey Millstead
 Release Date: October 30, 2015


Join your favourite Australian couples for one last goodbye.

Life is wrought with ups and downs, and if we are lucky, we will have the one we love to relish the joys and to navigate the rough waters of heartache.

Cowboy Endings takes place ten years after the end of Cowboy Redemption and comprises of six novellas. There will be joy, heartache, laughter, sorrow and love from your favourite Australian couples, as they deal with issues that plague many marriages.

Join Jackson & Edie, Jeremy & Ava, Clay & Jules, Luke & Laura, Zeke & Sienna, and Kye & Kennedy one last time before they say goodbye.

**Cowboy Endings should be read as the final book in the Down Under Cowboy Series. It is not intended to be read as a standalone**

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Author Bio

Kasey Millstead lives a quiet life in country New South Wales, Australia, with her husband and their four young children. She enjoys baking, singing (ridiculously out of tune) & spending time with friends and family. Kasey has always harboured a deep love for reading and writing, and she is now lucky enough to be living her dream of being an Author.

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Part 1 - Eden & Jackson
Jackson is always ready for his woman, “mmm, got the place to ourselves tonight.”  He rubs his crotch against my arse suggestively.  “Maybe I’ll eff you against the kitchen wall for old time’s sake,” It was great seeing these two again and all they accomplished.
Part 2 - Ava & Jeremy
Ava she brought her 'A' game she was strong for her man, “having a weak moment doesn’t mean you are weak.  It takes a strong man to admit when he is down.  A weak man wouldn’t.”
Part 3 - Jules & Clay
Clay is the most sweet out of all the boys, but at the same time he's still a manly man,  "he shakes his head.  Stubborn arse.  “Don’t want to take them if I don’t desperately need them.”
Part 4 - Laura & Luke
Luke that boy has his woman's number down to a 't', “what are you thinking about, baby?” he asks, his voice turning husky and I know he knows exactly what I am thinking about." This is one of my favorite eplogues in the book.
Part 5 - Sienna & Zeke
Zeke is very supportive of his woman, “you’re hilarious. My balls,” he mutters. “Now, go. Let me know if you want me to come in help you out,” he says, squeezing my behind." Zeke is still such a good man.
Part 6 - Kennedy & Kye
Sometimes a man just needs his woman, "Kye takes my hand and walks back over to the table.  He sits down and then tugs me into his lap. “I just need you close, darlin’,” he tells me." I really enjoyed seeing all of our couples again.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Behind the Gate by Renee Adams


I loved Damian he was an alpha man, “I like carrying you, then I know you’re safe. That’s all that matters is that you are safe.” Damian may not be a hearts and flowers kind of guy, but he is a raw man and that is sexy, “I can smell how much you want me, how much you need me. Don’t worry, baby, the feeling is mutual. That ache you feel? That ache will go away soon, I’ll make sure you get your fill.” I enjoyed this book I wasn't expecting the ending, no there wasn't a cliffhanger, I meant the twist in the plot. I can't wait for the next book in this series.

A Gypsy's Kiss by Susan Griscom


Hawk has a way with words, “you have such a beautiful **s,” he breathed in between kisses. “I want to kiss it. Will you let me kiss it, Gypsy?” Hawk is a gentleman he takes his woman's suitcase for her, "he shook his head, grabbed the handle of the bag and then grabbed my hand. “Only you, Gypsy. How am I supposed look macho pulling a purple suitcase?” I loved this book it had my two favorite things paranormal and a sexy hunk of a man.

Sabin by A.M. Hargrove


Sabin is an interesting man and I fell in love with him right off, especially the way he compliments his woman after sex, “he’s under my command. He will do as I ask. And Serena, have I told you how magnificent you were?” We’re still embracing each other. I tilt her chin up with a finger and smile at her. “You pleased me very much.” Then I kiss her." Serena is not a shy girl:
                       “Finally. I’m famished.” She plops down on the side of the bed and grabs a fork.
                       “Are you going to eat naked?”
                       “Yeah,” she answers, her mouth full. “Is that a problem?”
                     “Yes, it is.” I glance down at my ***k and her gaze follows mine.
                       She sets her fork down. “Did I do that?”
Sabin can be sweet at times but other times the boy can be a tad bit forceful with his words, “of course I like you naked! Christ, Serena, I’ve effed you every way but sideways. No, I take that back. I’ve effed you sideways, too. I can’t think straight when you’re naked. Now put on some effing clothes!”  I loved this book I can't wait for the other boys to get their stories, their personalities made for an interesting time.

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Resentment by Nicole London

Title: Resentment
Author: Nicole London
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: October 29, 2015


Re•sent•ment (noun)

The act of hating – no, fucking loathing Dean Collins. (Yes, I’m well aware that’s not the actual definition, but it might as well be...)

It’s been ten years since we've seen each other and the feelings are still as strong.

I’m not going to bore you with all the details of how our love was once intoxicating, consuming, and perfect.

Because it was . . . until it wasn't.

I've been fine without him. I haven’t missed his cruelty, his coldness and his spite.

And after the ugliest breakup in the history of breakups, I forced myself to move on.

Year by year, the feelings I had for him slowly drifted away, but one encounter with him recently changed everything. One encounter made me realize how the heart doesn't forget shit, and how my mind is going to have to work overtime to make sure I never forget my definition of resentment.

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“Are you coming to the pep rally tonight?” he asks.

“Probably not.”


“School spirit isn’t really my thing. No offense, but…football isn’t either.”

He laughs, and I suddenly realize that the two of us have never talked about football during our sessions together. In fact, whenever I’ve brought it up, he’s changed the subject to something else.

“Well,” he says, letting my hand go. “You should come for me instead.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“I mean, since you’re not into school spirit or football, but you’re clearly into me, you can make an exception and come tonight.”

“You’re getting quite presumptuous lately.” I put on my best poker face. “Do I need to help you with that definition?”

“Not when I know the true word you’re looking for is cognizant.” He grins, stepping back. “I hope to see you tonight.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“I’m sure you always do.” He gives me a look so sexy that I almost melt into the floor.

Goddamn, Dean Collins…

Author Bio

Nicole London is an aspiring author who is currently trapped in a terrible 9 to 5 and wishes Starbucks actually made decent drinks. She recently discovered her passion for writing after reading a ton of amazing indie books, and she plans to publish her first book, Resentment, October 29th.

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Dean doesn't mesh his words around, “it sounds like you want to have sex again and again, but I’m not sure.” He takes off his shirt. “That’s why I’m asking. Is that it? Do you want to eff me again?”’ Dean is a blunt person, “there’s really only one thing on my mind right now, Mia, so excuse me if I don’t want to stand here with a goddamn hard-on and have a deep, thought-provoking conversation.” I enjoyed this book I loved Dean.

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Unlawful Seizure by Baylee Ros

Title: Unlawful Seizure
Series: Filthy Florida Alphas #1
Author: Baylee Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: October 29, 2015


Ruthless, Demanding, Wicked and Running from the Law.
He takes without asking. He doesn’t need to.


It was a routine parole hearing, until I get caught in the middle of a prison break.
Now I’m property of Max Kincaid, Florida Correctional Inmate Number 91428

I should be terrified.
I should be demanding my freedom.
Instead I’m begging him to deliver on all the wicked promises in his eyes.
The longer I’m with him, the more I need him.
His touch answers cravings I never knew my body had.
Now, all I crave is him.


My life ended years ago.
I have no right to touch Tessa. I should let her go.
I can’t. Instead, I lose myself in her body.
I’m living on borrowed time.
But when the devil comes to collect his due,
It will be with her taste on my mouth.
My brand on her body.
And her name on my lips.

This Book is a standalone containing one hot alpha and the woman who wants him even more than the cops chasing them both.
Contains Adult Situations and Not intended for readers under the age of 18. Guaranteed Happily Ever After inside, because every woman should have one.

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“Fuck,” he groans before he slides his fingers inside of me.

I want to say that woke me up, that I’m no longer in some lust-filled haze where I’m allowing a total stranger, an escaped criminal who is holding me hostage, to finger fuck me out in the open after just having spanked me. I would love to say that. I can’t. My head goes down and I groan at the feel of him sliding his fingers inside of me and stretching my walls. I haven’t been with a man in well over a year and just his fingers are tight, but it brings back memories of skin against skin, hot breath on my body, being filled by another person and being close to someone. They are all things that I’ve missed in the past year and none of those things my vibrator can bring me. Still, I shouldn’t be finding any of those things with Max. I should stop this before it goes any further, but I don’t get the chance. His fingers slide out of me and then his hand cups my pussy as he bends down to whisper in my ear.

“For however long this lasts, you will listen to what I say and obey me,” his harsh voice rumbles in my ear and it should scare me. It should infuriate me. Why do I feel the urge to do everything he tells me?

Author Bio

Baylee Rose is a small town country girl who loves everything about living in Florida. You will most likely find her on the beach watching the sunrise and letting her toes play in the sand.

She loves being surrounded by her husband and two children and spends her free time searching for a creative outlet, whether it's crafting, reading or writing. Baylee loves to hear from readers. You can always find her on her Facebook page.

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Max has an efficient way to shut his woman up, “when you grab a lady like you just did, you kind of promise her something...” My lips crash into hers, stopping her words and swallowing them." Max can be a bossy man, “take that shirt off. If you’re going to suck me, you’re going to do it without hiding your body from me.” Max is a good supporting man at times:
                     “Pretty much. Now if you’d just get busy and do what you need to do.”
                     “Throw away my birth control?”
                   “Well that too, but I meant ride your man.”
I loved this book, it kept me entertained and it was easy to fall in love with the characters.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Crave by JC Emery

Diesel has a way with words,  “glad you’re talking, sharing, trusting me. ‘Bout time for it too, but I gotta say it, babe. Your head is effed right now.” He can be a light hearted guy,  “either you’re thinking about sucking my ***k or you got something to say I’m not gonna like.” I flash her a wide grin that I’m not certain she can even see. “If you wanna suck my ***k, baby, you don’t have to ask.” I love this series I can't wait for the next book.

Testing the Boss by Mallory Crowe


Luke can be a sweet guy, “I want you. I’m not hiding that. But you had a rough day. You need to rest and relax and heal. And once you’re all better, then you can come into my bed any time you want, day or night.” Luke knows what to say to get his girl going, “we have time. Make a list and I’ll let you do whatever you want to my body.” Her eyes darkened with desire and his ***k was rock hard. “Evelyn?” he asked." I really loved this book the men are always sexy in this series.

Operation Foreplay by Christine Hughes


A sleeping Jared makes for an entertaining scene, "he was talking about me. Feeling awkward about intruding on his subconscious, I backed out of the room but not before he rolled onto his back, complete with a saluting soldier, and mumbled, “See you naked.” Jared is just really sexy, “no worries.” Jared leaned back and whispered, “You bite that bottom lip one more time and I’m going to blow a load in my pants.” This book was funny and entertaining, I loved it.

Next to You by Julia Gabriel


Phlox is a good woman with a big heart, "why didn't you tell me?" she pleaded. "God, Jared." Her voice fell to a whisper. "I could have been there for you." I don't think Jared likes seeing his woman in magazines, “although that Vanity Fair shoot was a little too personal,”he growled. “Every time I pass a bookstore or a newsstand, I buy up every copy they have.”  I really enjoyed this book, it had a lot of heart.

Society's Most Scandalous Viscount by Anabelle Bryant


I think Kell is intrigued about his woman's thoughts on things, "she felt his grin against the back of her ear. “You’re very curious about my tattoo, aren’t you?” His woman is not a shy thing, she can voice her opinions, “why are you dressed like this?” She attempted to separate from his body, all hard muscle and tight sinew, but he placed his hand at her hip, locking her in place, partially straddling him. “I prefer my pirate to a superfine coat and buff breeches.” I really liked this book.

Hell's Geek by Eve Langlais


Dex he was funny he was always entertaining me no matter what situation he was in, “no, this is my way of saying your knee is uncomfortably close to my manparts.” Dex knows how to make his girl all warm and fuzzy, “don’t worry,” he muttered. “I can’t seem to take my eyes off your a**.” Being a warrior didn’t mean she didn’t feel a spurt of warmth at his words." Dex's mom was a hoot, “what’s wrong, baby? You sound upset,” his mother said, perusing him with false innocence. “If I’m going to have to tolerate you taking up with a heathen, then I should know what shenanigans you’re getting into so I can properly brag to my woman’s group. Do you know how jealous Bettina is going to be when she hears about this? You do a mother proud,” his mom said, dabbing at the corners of her eyes with her apron." I love this series it always entertains me.

BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Catch Me by Jennifer Probst


Today we are celebrating the release of CATCH ME, the 1st novella in the Steele Brothers series. This is an adult erotic romance series, and a new book from this series will be releasing each week. Check out the links below for each book, and a giveaway for some signed books from Jennifer Probst!


CATCH ME (Steele Brothers, #1)

CATCH ME Synopsis:

Rick Steele has avoided relationships since he caught his fiancĂ©e cheating, but when his friend refers him to the exclusive agency, FANTA-C to experience the night of his dreams, he's not prepared for his emotional and physical reaction to his date. Tara shows him a raw passion and honesty he’s never encountered. For the first time, Rick wants more than one night, but he needs to catch her first... Tara Denton escaped a brutal past and needs one night with a stranger to get beyond her sexual and emotional limitations. On the brink of recovering her strength and independence, she wants nothing to do with a relationship. But Rick Steele does more than rock her body…he rocks her heart. Tara has to make a choice, but is she ready to get caught?



PLAY ME (Steele Brothers, #2)

Re-releasing November 3rd

PLAY ME Synopsis:

Professional gambler Sloane Keller is tired of dating weak willed men and longs to meet a man who challenges her dominant personality and forces her to submit. As the Queen of Cards, she’s used to making her own rules and craves the excitement of Vegas. But her inner heart cries out for someone who can be her match, both inside the casino and in the bedroom.

As the new dealer in town, Roman Steele is burnt out on women looking for a quick penny and a man to follow. He craves a woman with fire in her soul and a keen intellect who can challenge him. When his brother recommends the exclusive agency, FANTA-C to give him one perfect night, Rome is amazed at the complicated woman who challenges both his body and soul. But when the evening is over, will she be gutsy enough to offer him forever?


DARE ME (Steele Brothers, #3)

Re-releasing November 10th

DARE ME Synopsis:

As a military leader back from the war, and the youngest of his two dominant older brothers, Rafe Steele struggles with a secret. He craves surrender in the bedroom under the controlled hands of a Dominatrix. When his brothers offer him an experience through the exclusive agency, FANTA-C, he jumps at the chance to experience one perfect night. After one experiment, he’s sure he’ll be able to move on. But he never counted on Summer Preston to strip down his walls and make him want more so much more...

An elementary school teacher with a girl next door, fresh face, Summer is constantly barraged by men who want to take care of her, but she longs to meet a strong man who can handle her dominant ways in the bedroom. Trapped in her own storybook life, she books a one-night stand to finally experience her fantasy. But she never counted on Rafe Steele to push her boundaries in both the bedroom...and her heart.


BEG ME (Steele Brothers, #4)

Brand New Release - Coming November 17th

BEG ME Synopsis:

Remington Steele comes to Vegas to be with his brothers and try to get over the one woman he's never been able to forget. As childhood sweethearts, she hadn't been able to handle his Dominant tendencies, choosing to run away without a good-bye. But when he's suddenly face to face with Cara Winters, all grown up and finally ready to be his, Remington needs to make his own choice. To leave the past behind forever, or forgive and be with the woman he's always loved?

Cara wasn't ready to be the type of woman Remington needed in his life, so she disappeared and broke his heart. But she's changed, and is ready to embrace the woman she always craved to be. She begs him to take her for one night, and Remington finally agrees. Will they get a second chance at love, or are the scars from their past too deep to heal?



CATCH ME (Steele Brothers series, #1)

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PLAY ME (Steele Brothers series, #2)

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DARE ME (Steele Brothers series, #3)

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BEG ME (Steele Brothers series, #4)

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Jennifer Probst

Jennifer Probst - Bio: Jennifer Probst wrote her first book at twelve years old. She bound it in a folder, read it to her classmates, and hasn’t stopped writing since. She took a short hiatus to get married, get pregnant, buy a house, get pregnant again, pursue a master’s in English Literature, and rescue two shelter dogs. Now she is writing again.

She makes her home in Upstate New York with the whole crew. Her sons keep her active, stressed, joyous, and sad her house will never be truly clean. She is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of sexy and erotic contemporary romance. She was thrilled her book, The Marriage Bargain, was ranked #6 on Amazon's Best Books for 2012. She loves hearing from readers. Visit her website for updates on new releases and her street team at


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Rick is a very passionate man, “damnit to hell, stop thinking!” She jerked back. He lowered his voice and spoke through gritted teeth. “You almost made me come with the first lick of your tongue. But that's not what I'm looking for. I'm not ready to come until I'm deep inside you, making you mine. Understand? Now get that d***wad out of your head and come back to me.” This was a quick read but I loved it.

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Renovation by Kim Loraine

Title: Renovation
Series: Golden Beach #2
Author: Kim Loraine
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Women's Fiction
 Release Date: October 28, 2015


Valerie Peters is done with bad boys. She’s ready to start living for herself. When sexy firefighter Donovan Miller rescues her from near-drowning, she quickly realizes he’s everything she shouldn't want.

Donovan’s reputation has kept his nights interesting and his ring finger empty. One night stands have served as a way to distract himself from the terrifying flashbacks of the fire that killed his partner.

When one night isn’t enough for either of them, Valerie has to choose between keeping her heart safe and loving the bad boy.

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Donovan Miller braced his arms on the side of the pool as he pushed himself out of the water. His limbs trembled slightly from exertion. He reached for his towel and caught sight of the swimmer a few lanes away. She was tiny. Her body moved smoothly through the water, mesmerizing him as she rotated back and forth. He could tell she was an experienced swimmer by the consistency in her strokes. As he toweled off, he admired the curves of her body. Alarm bells rang in his head when he realized she was rapidly approaching the wall and showed no sign of slowing.

"Hey! Hey! Watch out!" he shouted as he ran toward her lane, hoping desperately to intercept her.

With a dim thud, her head hit the side of the pool. He watched as her eyes rolled back and she sank under the water.

"Shit! Shit!"

Jumping into the swimmer's lane, he pulled her to the surface, attempting to immobilize her neck as much as possible. He assessed her pulse and checked to make sure her airway wasn't compromised.

"Call an ambulance," he barked at the dumbstruck lifeguards headed in their direction.

She floated in his arms, eyes closed, bleeding. He took a moment to feel thankful he'd seen the effects of blood mixed with water before. Even a small amount of blood can look like a murder scene when water is added. He held her while they waited for the ambulance. He stroked her hair and checked her pulse again, disconcerted by the feeling of her soft skin under his fingers. Her eyes fluttered open, affording him a concerned glance before she winced in pain.

"What happened?" Her voice was thin and raspy.

"Shh, don't try to move, sweetheart. You slammed into that wall pretty hard."

"I . . . mmm . . . lost my count."

"It's gonna be okay."

She frowned, eyebrows pulling together. "Can I get up now?"

"There's an ambulance on the way. They'll be here in a minute. We need to wait to move you. I want to get you on a spine board and in a neck brace." He smiled and locked eyes with her. "What's your name, sweetheart?"

"Valerie. Valerie Peters." Her face pulled into an adorable frown again. "Don't call me sweetheart. I don't even know you."

Author Bio

Kim Loraine is the author of the “Golden Beach” series, including “Restoration” (2015) and “Renovation” (2015). She started writing at a young age, scribbling down song lyrics, short stories, and poems she was too afraid to share with anyone. Busy working as a music teacher in her Pacific Northwest hometown, it wasn’t until her family of four picked up everything and moved to beautiful Japan that she decided to finally take the plunge and send her characters out into the world.

The central theme in Kim’s books is self-discovery, whether that is found through taking risks, breaking down walls, or admitting mistakes. Kim likes to write characters that seem like someone you actually know, who find that life is a journey not without its challenges.

When not writing Kim spends her time with her husband, chasing around their crazy kids, exploring Japan, and binge-watching Doctor Who on Netflix.

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Yoga is not for everyone as Donovan finds out, "yeah," he grunted, pulling in his legs toward his torso. "I'm fine. I just need to walk it off." He got up and limped to the door, leaving his borrowed mat. Jesus Christ, I killed my ***k. His crotch hurt everywhere, even breathing hurt." When his woman comments on how she wished she had one of his shirts to sleep in when they don't share the same bed Donovan jumps into action, "he rifled around in a drawer until he pulled out one of his old fire department T-shirts. "Take this. And you can sleep with me anytime you want." He winked as she slipped it on and inhaled." An out of it Valerie is an entertaining one:
                     "Mmm-hmm. And we can spend our lives making babies."
                     He choked on a laugh. "And just how many babies are we going to make?"
                     She leaned into him, brushing her lips over his jaw. "I don't know, five or six. We'll have to practice a lot."                        "It would seem like it."
                      She gave him her best, come hither glance and whispered, "Should we start now?"
I loved this book it was entertaining and Donovan was just so hot.